October 02, 2012


Today was a rest day, so in the morning, I decided to go pick up some stuff Jerry asked me to get at Sam's Club. He wanted to bring the stuff for chili dogs to work for he and his co-workers (about 12 people total) to eat. The running store is fairly close to Sam's Club, so I planned to stop there on the way, so that I could buy a patella strap.

I got on the expressway, and about 20 minutes later, I got to the exit I was supposed to take for the running store. The exit was closed, so I had to follow the detour signs. They had me get off a couple of exits later, and then go back on the expressway in the opposite direction, taking me to a different exit. It was very odd, but I'm terrible with directions, so I didn't know any other ways to get there.

I kept following the signs, and still had no clue where I was. Eventually, I got to another road block, and got so frustrated that I just decided to skip the running store and go to Sam's Club. It took forever to find my way back to the expressway, and 40 minutes after I had started following the detour signs, I arrived back at the exit where I had started. I had spent 40 minutes driving in circles!

I finally got to Sam's Club and picked up the stuff Jerry asked me to get. And of course, going in for "just a couple of things" turned into way more than I'd planned. I was so tempted by these enormous cookie cakes loaded with buttercream frosting--cookie cake with frosting is probably my all-time favorite treat--but I restrained myself.

By the time I left Sam's Club, I was starving. I hadn't been planning on that 40-minute detour, and it was 1:00 when I got home. I threw together a quick lunch (turkey sandwich and grapes), then finally got to work on cleaning the house, just like I promised.

When Jerry woke up, we actually just sat on the couch and let ourselves be entertained by the cats. Estelle was chasing a fly (again). She was running all over the place, jumping up in the air, and crashing into windows. Last week, we were at my parents' house and my mom was cleaning some stuff out of the attic--one of the things she brought down was a table that Jerry made in woodshop class in high school! I didn't want to get rid of it, so I brought it home. And now Estelle has claimed it as her "perch" to see what's going on outside.

We were making fun of Paolo, because he clearly has no idea what his name is, but anytime someone makes a clicking noise with their tongue, he starts looking around for the source of the noise, so that someone will pet him. We were both calling Paolo, and he was looking back and fourth, and couldn't decide who to go to.

We had the most fun watching Chandler, however. He was in our bedroom, and the door was open just a crack. All of the other cats know how to open the doors by sticking their paws in the crack and pulling the door toward them. Chandler seems to think the only way to open the door is with his face. He was looking at us from the crack under the door, obviously wanting to get out, but he didn't think to just open the door by pulling on it.
Jerry and I started calling him (he always comes when he's called), and he was trying to squeeze out through the crack in the door. I even tried "showing" him how to open the door, but he didn't understand. So I finally rescued him, and then he wouldn't leave us alone.
Chandler is always the one to let us know when the cats are out of food in their dish--I mean, look at him, he's obviously starving to death. We know they've run out of food when Chandler crawls on our laps, rubbing all over us, being extremely affectionate. He lets us know the very second the food dish is empty.

Phoebe was outside all day (it's impossible to keep her in unless it's snowing or raining), so she wasn't part of the entertainment.

I love that cats all have very unique personalities. Jerry and I always talk about what our cats would be like if they were people. If we had named them for Friends characters after we'd gotten to know their personalities, they would all have different names.

Anyway...hoping for a good run in the morning! :)


  1. My cat would be a horrible person. She likes to be petted only if she can't see your hand, she HATES hands. When she's out of food she starts hitting people. She'll slap the backs of your legs, but won't use her claws (thank goodness!). She also likes to scare the dog by waiting at the door if she hears him coming down the hall, then jumping out and hissing at him when he gets close enough.

    Oh and she can't stand children. Doesn't matter the age, or how soft and gentle they are with cats. She hates them ALL. :/

  2. I love watching my cats! They are definitely entertainment. Sounds like you had a nice, mostly relaxing, day. I feel ya on the "not good with directions". I like to say I am directionally challenged

  3. I miss having a cat. I grew up with cats, so having a dog as an adult was a new experience for me. Molly can be pretty entertaining, and stupid, like the rolling in her poop fiasco on Monday.

  4. Your cats are all so cute! I wish I still had one, but I'm becoming more and more allergic to them :(

  5. Like I have told you before, I get my cat "fix" from reading about your "Friends" and always love the pictures! That Paolo is one gorgeous cat. He sorts of fits his character from the show. Pretty but empty-headed evidently, since he doesn't know his name.

    My husband was complaining, he had the day off yesterday and was trying to "winterize" things. That involves putting away summer stuff and getting out winter stuff I guess. He said our almost 5-month old bulldog, Lola, would not leave him alone. She wanted him to play with her. I told him I wanted to stay home today and babysit with Lola(he's taking another day off since they're not busy at work and he has vacation time to burn), but I have commitments here at work, and at 11:30 I am leaving to substitute in the 3rd and 4th grades as a reading specialist. Should be interesting. I have lots of vacation time too, but when I retire I will get paid for all my unused time, so I'm hoarding it, so I get a big check then. I'm going to take a short trip and pay off a credit card bill. At least that's my plan. I have about a million things I would like to spend that little windfall check on: re-doing my wood floors, new drapes in the family room, new counter tops in the kitchen, but I better pay off the bill, so I don't need so much $$ coming in every month to pay it. I think retirement will be nicer than new floors, drapes or counter tops anyway!

    Good luck on the run today--hope it goes well!

  6. im glad someone loves cats as much as i do. :) i discovered recently that kreacher (my just around 2 year old boy cat) does not know how to open doors, i figured this out because i had to give him a shower and normally i hold the door the shower stall shut but with him he just sat there and meowed and tried to disappear.
    Pepper only tells me she loves me when she is hungry (my cats food dish always has food in it if we are home, they are not on a schedule other than they dont eat when we are at work cause the dog eats their food for them) Pepper is the master of opening doors, enough that we have baby proof looks on our pantry and under our sink. i dont like coming home to everything ripped out of the pantry and half eaten and dog puke/poop everywhere. stupid dog.

  7. This may sound sarcastic/smart and I don't mean it that way, but doesn't your iPhone have a navigation feature? My Droid does, and it has helped me multiple times when I've gotten twisted around because of detours (or simply taking the wrong exit).

  8. Paolo is GORGEOUS!!!!

  9. I came across your picture of Chandler doing a Google search. His expression, and your description match, to a tee, our Whitten. The similarity in size, expression, and famine make them fraternal twins!


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