October 27, 2012

Halloween treats

The Halloween festivities have begun. And so far, I've managed not to eat a single piece of candy.

Last night, I took the kids to Renee's church for a Halloween party--pizza, games, crafts, and trick-or-treating throughout the church. The kids had a blast, but by the time we left, I was really looking forward to a glass of wine when we got home! It was pretty chaotic, and my boys always get rowdy in those situations when they are with their friends.

I ate dinner before I left the house, so that I wouldn't be tempted by pizza or other stuff that was there. They had doughnuts, cupcakes and other treats, but I just avoided the food table altogether. The kids brought home lots of candy, but I didn't even dig through it like I usually do--asking them to give me what they don't want! ;)

This morning, I was drinking tea in my pajamas, reading e-mail and Facebook stuff. I saw a post from Jessica about a theater that had a free showing of Ice Age 4 this morning at 10:00. It was 9:00 when I read it, and I made the split-second decision to take the kids to the show. We all threw on some clothes and got to the theater at about 9:35, just after they opened.

I was thinking that since it was a free show on a first-come first-served basis, that it would be wise to get there early. I was wrong. We went into the theater, and we were the only ones in there, among hundreds of seats!
The kids asked if they could run around in there, and I said sure, until someone else comes in. They had a blast running up and down all the stairs and across each aisle--no idea what is so fun about that! Eventually, someone else did come in, so they had to sit down. But I think that wore them out enough to sit through the movie.

I have to admit, I loved Ice Age 4! It's very rare for me to laugh out loud at the movies, but I was laughing throughout the whole thing. Now I want Jerry to see it, because I know he'd love it, too.

I was tempted to take the kids out to lunch while we were out, but we're really broke right now (we finally bought our tickets to Florida, and we had to pay for two nights of the hotel up front), so we went home after the show. I've been having the same thing almost every single day for lunch, and I'm hooked on it--an English muffin with cheese, egg whites, bacon, and caramelized onions, with a side of grapes (of course).
 Normally, I use whole eggs instead of egg whites, but since this has so many other flavors going on, I decided to cut back the PointsPlus and use the whites. The whole breakfast is only 4 PointsPlus.

This afternoon, one of the neighbors asked me to watch her son for a couple of hours, and then my mom's neighbor said her son would love to play, so I invited him over as well. Four boys, all between 6 & 8 years old for the afternoon... fun! :)  No, they were actually really well-behaved.

Tonight, I'm taking them "trunk-or-treating" at my parents' church. That's where a lot of the church members (usually in costume) back their cars up to a decorated pavilion, open up their trunks and pass out candy. It's basically just trick-or-treating without all the walking. In the past, it's been hard for me to resist the food there! They have apple cider, and cider doughnuts, popcorn, and tons of candy. I'm going to avoid everything there, and then maybe stop at McDonald's for a vanilla cone on the way home.

If I really wanted, I could plan on having a doughnut and popcorn and all that, and just count the PointsPlus for it, but I have a feeling that would lead to me getting out of control and gorging on candy. I would rather avoid it altogether, and then have the ice cream.

The winner of the Sweaty Band giveaway is:
Congrats Mel! Please send me an e-mail at SlimKatie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com with your mailing address, and I will send it out to you. Let me know how it works for you, because I'm curious :)


  1. Katie, when you write your posts it seems like you're surrounded by candy all day! I think it might drive me a little batty! Then again, I don't have kids so I don't have to worry too much about it ;)

    Hope the kids have fun!

    1. Ugh, the kids are constantly bringing stuff home from school or invited to places where I have to deal with it--it's hard, but I usually give myself an incentive to make it through (like the McD's ice cream!)

  2. I feel you- $800 for the flight, $800 for heating oil, $300 for my hubsand's car to be inspected, 2 bridal showers, 2 weddings, a sweet 16, my parents' 55th wedding anniversary coming up and Christmas... those fundraising campiagns' success would've taken a bit of pressure off.

    1. Eh, I'm not upset by it at all. When we first started this project, I knew I'd be paying for it all out-of-pocket, so nothing has changed. It's expensive, but we get to run in KEY WEST! I'm so excited I can't stand it!

  3. I broke down and had 2 pieces of candy...so far...hopefully I won't have too much more.

    1. Two pieces isn't bad! I have such a hard time stopping when I have even one piece, so I wish I could have two and be done with it :)

  4. Could you come to my house and fix me one of those 4 pt. Egg McMuffins? That looks delicious. Do you use low-cal bacon, cheese & English muffins? I made non-fat pancakes for breakfast and had two small sausage patties that were definitely NOT non-fat, but were yummy!

    Sounds like the kids are getting lots of chances to wear their costumes and collect candy. I'm having some trouble this year avoiding the candy I bought, and I tried to buy stuff I don't even like. This is in stark contrast to all the years when I only bought candy that I loved, cause we get so few Trick & Treaters, there was always lots of candy left over. Just you mentioning Halloween candy, made me think, maybe a little package of Skittles???? Doesn't take much to get me thinking about food....

    And yesterday at the grocery store, they were giving away little sample pumpkin spice donut holes. SO GOOD! I always justify it by saying, "I'm only having ONE!" I also had a hunk of that fake crab meat with some cocktail sauce, and a cracker that was loaded with crab dip. To say I had a bad day yesterday is understating it. Back on track today....hopefully!

    1. I use the Healthy Life English muffins (they are only 80 calories, and they're really good), Kraft 2% American cheese, and Hormel bacon bits (not "fake" bacon, but cooked, chopped bacon bits).

      I could take or leave Skittles, but anything with chocolate is SUCH a temptation for me!


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