October 08, 2012

Consistent pacing

I had a GREAT run this morning, and boy, did I ever need that!

I've been feeling so burnt out on running lately (two back-to-back marathon training plans will do that, I guess), that I've been dreading my runs. Today, I had six miles on the schedule, and I really didn't want to do it. The treadmill would have been the best option for my knee, but I just couldn't stand the thought of running on it today.

It was freezing cold out this morning (in the high 30's!) so I wore my Under Armour Cold Gear running tights for the first time this season. I also wore a long-sleeved tech shirt. I decided that my main goal for today's run would be to run a consistent pace by feel (without looking at my Garmin). I didn't care whether my pace was fast or slow, I just wanted it to be consistent.

So I pressed the start button on my Garmin and didn't look at it again until I arrived back at my house over six miles later. When I started running, I just tried to take the focus off of running and let my mind wander, and hopefully forget I was running. I was listening to the Half Size Me podcast, and I ran on the shoulder of a pretty busy road.

I normally look at my Garmin every mile, when it beeps to signal a mile-split. Then I either speed up or slow down to try and hit my target pace. You can usually see the ups and downs on my pace chart. Today, I was tempted to sneak a peek, but I never did. I also usually pick up my pace the last half-mile or so, to finish strong. Today, I could feel myself trying to do that, but I was really trying to focus on NOT doing it. It was hard!

Before looking at my Garmin, I decided to try and guess what my overall average pace was--I guessed it was about a 10:35/mi pace. I was surprised to see that I was actually running a 10:09/mi pace, so I was running faster than I thought I was (I will have to be careful about this during the marathon, so I don't go out too fast).

Even more surprising to me were my splits--they were VERY consistent!
I went a little too fast on the last mile, but it was hard not to. Other than that, I did awesome at maintaining a consistent pace!

The best part about today's run, however, was how good it FELT. My legs felt good, my lungs felt good, I wasn't tired or achy or anything like that. I just felt really, really good. I am hoping and praying that I feel like that on the 21st!

I don't have a specific time goal for the marathon, but I really want to finish in under five hours.
That would be a pace of 11:27/mi. Since I've been training at a 10:30/mi pace, the only reason I would have any problem with a sub-5:00 time would be if I have serious problems with my knee or stomach issues, or something like that.

If I happen to be feeling good, and decided to try and run my training pace of 10:30/mi, my time would look like this:
A finish time of 4:35:00. I highly doubt I'm going to want to run that pace, however. I'm SUPER excited to run with Rik, and I would much rather run slowly and be able to chat than run faster to get a better finish time. I just want to enjoy it, because I'll never be doing this distance again ;)

A couple of people have asked me recently what I wear to run in when it's cold outside. I've mentioned my Under Armour Cold Gear compression tights (there is a link on my Favorite Things page). When it's cold, but not freezing cold (like in the high 30's, and 40's), I wear a long-sleeved tech shirt (I have a couple of long-sleeved race shirts). If it's really cold, like low 30's and below, I wear a tech shirt with a fleece jacket over it, plus those cheap $1 knit gloves and a headband for my ears.
Under Armour Cold Gear compression tights,
long-sleeved tech shirt plus fleece jacket,
ear warmer and (I did have) gloves

My favorite part about running in the cold--no need for a hydration belt!

When it's cold, but not UBER cold, I wear my compression
capris or pants, plus a long-sleeved tech shirt, and possibly a
headband (I'm pointing at bird poop, in case you're wondering)

With the exception of my Under Armour compression bottoms (capris or pants), I'm not picky about brands. Any old brand will do.

I got my Halloween costume finished today. I'm not thrilled with it, but it will work. At least I hope so, because I put a lot of work into it today! I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up something for my costume, and I saw Renee in there--she was also picking up something for her costume! I'm excited for Winers on Friday--it's been a long time since I went to a Winers meeting.


  1. Thanks for answering the running the cold question! The temps are dropping pretty quickly here so I'll have to figure out what's best for me.

  2. I don't know if you watch the Shaytards, but this video made me think of you.


    1. My kids LOVE Shaycarl! They've been following him for a couple of years.

  3. I had my $1 gloves on for a few miles yesterday, then put them in my pocket when I could feel my hands getting pruney. Great job on running just by feel!!! I'm definitely not there yet.

  4. So glad to hear about your good run! Those are so important and valued!! And great (not looking/trying) pace to boot!

  5. That consistency for 5+ miles is awesome!

  6. reading your blog just puts a smile on my face. =)

  7. I'm trying to get back into a comfortable pace w/ my workouts. I was doing so well earlier in the summer, but then I had a stress fracture in my foot and I've had to wear a walking boot since September. I usually do the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and I really like it! It's the only workout video that I've ever done more than just a few times. I had started to see some change when I had to start the boot and I was really bummed about it. I've gotten to the point now where I still have to wear my boot, but I make an exception for 20 mins to do my video...it's been very hard to get back into my routine! Reading your posts about how you've had a tough time w/ your runs and have finally gotten a good run in makes me feel better about how my workouts are going!

  8. I confess. My favorite posts are about your running attire.


  9. I am so inspired by your post today. I've been thinking about getting into running for awhile now but the idea of it seems to be so intimidating. I like how you said you set a small goal (of not looking at the Garmin) and just going for it. It seems like those goals always end up surprising you! Keep the posts coming, I hope to be able to earn my running badge soon too!


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