December 08, 2011

It doesn't get much better than this!

I've had such a great day today! It always seems like good things happen all in the same day and then everything will be boring again for a while.

I started today by trying on some jeans that I was hoping would fit (my goal jeans)--and they did! Then I went a step further, and tried on the one pair of jeans that I never in a million years thought I'd be able to button and zip and actually wear in public--they fit too!! Remember the Lucky brand jeans I bought this summer? They were super low cut and I never thought I'd be able to wear them, even with a tummy tuck. But I tried them on for shits and giggles today, and...

Ta da! And I don't even have a muffin top, so I can wear them with fitted shirts. Before, I couldn't even get the jeans up all the way, let alone buttoned. Sorry I keep posting so many comparison pics--I'm not fishing for compliments, I'm just in total AWE at the results of my lower body lift!

Speaking of which, I got my XS compression garment in the mail today. When I took it out of the package, I just thought, "Holy crap, how am I supposed to fit into that?!" because it was so tiny. Here is a pic of it on top of my goal jeans (which are a size 4, so they're small as it is):

You can see why I was worried about putting that thing on!  After some wrestling and holding my breath, I managed to get the hooks and zippers done, and now it's on. I can't really take a deep breath, but I'm compressed ;)  I have to wear this for 3 more weeks. I actually kind of like the compression feeling.

I also got something VERY exciting in the mail today from Lindsey at JavaMuser... When I opened the envelope and saw a Trader Joe's bag, I knew it was going to be good...

It felt heavy and cylindrical, so my first guess was some sort of nut butter. But it was BETTER, Friends. What could possibly be better than nut butter, you ask?

I did what anyone would do, and opened it immediately. I ate a spoonful right from the jar, and my kids must have heard my Oh-this-is-so-good moaning, because they wanted to try it too. I gave them a tiny little taste and they loved it of course. I told them sorry, but this is going on Mama's special shelf in the pantry ;)

It tastes like Snickerdoodle cookies or something. So yummy!  I've only been to a Trader Joe's once, and that was when I went to visit my brother in St. Paul, MN.  We don't have one around here, unfortunately. Thank you, Lindsey--you know me well!

Today was Renee's birthday, and we went out to lunch four other girls (six of us total). It was so fun! We went to a restaurant called La Fiesta, which I'd never been to before. I ordered a lunch portion of shrimp fajitas, and unfortunately, they weren't very good. Actually, they were the worst fajitas I've ever had! But the company was good, so that made up for it ;)

After that, Renee, Jessica, and I went to Cabela's for Christmas shopping. I didn't need to buy anything, but it was fun to look around. I stopped at Kroger for a few things on the way home, and didn't get home until almost 4:00 when the kids get home from school.

About the cookie socks giveaway... I wrote down everyone's names and then used a random number generator to pick a winner. It ended up being #2, who was Susan Snyder--congrats, Susan!  I already have your address from sending you the Gocket, so I ordered the socks and had them shipped to you :)


  1. OMG that cookie butter looks divine, so nice of Lindsey! Trader Joes is awesome, I should make a point to head that way in my city ;) Size 4 jeans HOLY SHIT! That's AMAZING!

  2. I think that cookie spread is their equivalent of the Biscoff cookie spread. YUM!

    Congrats on fitting into awesome jeans!

  3. That is so GREAT!!! I must say, IF I ever lose this extra 70 lbs I'm carrying around.. I would really like to get that lower body lift. The results are very impressive. You did the hardest part, which was losing the weight. So happy for you!!! Size 4!?!? FAB-U-LOUS!!!!

  4. OMG my husband works for Trader Joe's and this is the first I am hearing about Cookie Butter. I just might have to kill him : )

    Congrats on the jeans and your hair looks great btw!

  5. Yay! Thanks for the socks, Katie. Congrats on the goal jeans. You look fabulous.

  6. The before and after pics are jaw dropping incredible. Wow.
    A few random questions:
    -What did you think of the marathon on BL, and the winner? Who are you rooting for in the finals?
    -How is the Garmin thing going, is it still going?
    and 3- Are you going to go back to logging your food in your blog entries?
    Thanks, Taunya :)
    p.s. One more, Do people tell you they are mailing you stuff or does it just show up? lol

  7. I have a pair of goal jeans right where near a size 4, lol, but I'm excited to lose the weight to finally be able to wear them :D

    You have come such a long way! Reading your blog is a huge part of what helps keep me motivated. I even started running and signed up for my very first 5k in February!


  8. I am so glad you posted the before and after pictures of your goal jeans. Now we can see why you were so bothered by your extra skin. When we see your before surgery shot, we can see you have some excess skin, but can't tell the problems it caused you. That picture perfectly illustrated what you've been so frustrated with!

  9. Wow Katie!!!! You are looking HOT!!!!!
    OMG!!!! Trader Joe's is my favorite store EVER!!!!! I wish we would get one on the west side of the state!!! I think that you are a lot closer to a few of them than I am!!! I am about 2 hours away!!!! I love to stop at the one in Livonia or AnnArbor on the way home after visiting my mom!!!! I could go on and on about that place!!!:-)
    Thanks for sharing the before and after pics!!!!! WooHoo!!!! Goal jeans!!!!!

  10. So happy for you!!!! -Veronika Smith

  11. What exactly do you do with cookie butter...besides eat it out of the jar? You always have the most unusual food products/snack ideas.

  12. Your results are amazing! You should be so proud of all you have accomplished!


  13. You look awesome Katie! And so happy!

  14. You look stinkin' awesome!

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I love the comparison photos. With all the work you've put in, you have definitely earned bragging rights!

  15. OnceUponADreamDecember 09, 2011

    YAY!!! You look so fabulous. <3

    As for the cookie butter.. it came home with me a few weeks ago as well. I HATE peanut butter (I know, right?), and when I looked at the back of the label it seemed like a good alternative. Course, there is no protein or fiber.. but.. eh! :)

    I've been eating mine on an 80 calorie english muffin. I spread half a table spoon of sunflower seed butter on one half, then one half table spoon of cookie butter on the other. Because the english muffin comes right out of the toaster, the cookie butter seems to melt over the sunflower seed butter and make it seem much more "rich".

    And if I wanna be all rockstar like, I'll slice some of a banana to go ontop of it.

    I've also used some of it in the alternative cookie dough recipe instead of nut butter.. so you can maybe consider that too. And I bet it would taste awesome in a smoothie..... *drool*

  16. Glad you like the cookie butter!! Today I made a Graham cracker cookie butter sandwich, so good!!

  17. That pants comparison shot is AMAZING. And definitely pushed me back over the edge to saying yes to a tummy tuck, haha.

  18. You look fantastic! I can't get over how tiny you are! I saw that cookie butter at TJs and actually thought of you, I wasn't so sure you would like it though.

  19. I've looked at a lot of before and after photos of tummy tucks and you're 's looks amazing! It most be because you had lost all of the weight and your surgeon is very good. That's the part that scares me the most, is picking a surgeon that you can trust!
    You must be so happy that it's all behind you and it was so successful! what motivation to keep the weight off forever! I can't even imagine what that would be like.

  20. Katie--You look fabulous. SO TINY! I am so jealous of you for being able to eat intuitively (or whatever you're calling it), and still lose. I know you're still resisting the temptation of sweets (cookies & such), so it's not like you're just relaxing or anything. But I thought I would try just eating what I wanted, but small portions and try to stay away from sweets for the most part, and I just keep gaining. I know I need to get back to walking--NO EXCUSES! I don't want to start the new year with a 15 or 20 lb. gain, so need to STOP IT RIGHT NOW.

    Keep up the great work. I can't believe you great you look in those jeans and that cute form-fitting top. One thing I've noticed with even this 5-lb. gain is a bigger muffin top than before. I've got to get this under control NOW.

    It's so disappointing to waste perfectly good calories (and money) on food that doesn't taste great. I hate when that happens. Sometimes, if I think something has a lot of calories and doesn't taste all that good anyway, I just don't eat it. But usually I'm slogging through it, thinking THIS SHOULD TASTE GOOD--even though it doens't! When will I learn??

  21. You look teeny tiny and smokin' hot!

  22. You look fantastic! I'm so happy for your "never thought would fit" jeans! And OMG at the no muffin top, awesome! That Cookie Butter looks A-MAZING!!!! They are talking about opening a Trader Joes nearby, I'll definitely have to try some if they do! Although I think I'd have to be awfully careful, it definitely looks like something I would binge on!

  23. Somehow I missed this post. Must have had a crazy day. Anyway........I too am in complete AWE of your results. Your surgeon could definitely use your photos to promote her work. :) I want a flat belly too!!

  24. I am from Livonia.. but moved to the Netherlands a couple years ago to be with my boyfriend. "Cookie butter" or "Speculoos pasta" (in Dutch) is used sooo often here! It's practically a staple. We eat it on sandwiches or put it in baked goods. To be honest though, I put it on a a sandwich with banana or I put it on celery (I'm allergic to peanut butter).
    I'm so excited that they have it at Trader Joes now!


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