December 07, 2011


When I signed into blogger, I noticed that my "followers" number was the same as my starting weight--253. I don't know why I felt the need to point that out! ;)  I hate that number.

I started today with my Wednesday Weigh-In, and I was thrilled to see another loss!
Down 2 pounds from last week
I really need a pedicure! I had to remove my nail polish for surgery, and then I couldn't bend over that far to paint my nails post-op--so my nails are looking really shabby. I haven't asked Jerry to paint them--I'm sure he would if I asked!--but I'm afraid they might look worse than they do now ;)

Down 0.4% body fat from last week
At 136, I'm only THREE pounds away from my goal weight of 133! And right now, I'm only 8 pounds from my lowest weight of 128 in December of 2010. I don't think I'll wind up in the 120's again, but I would be thrilled to be at 133 or less. I chose that number because that is when my jeans were very comfy. At 134, they felt a little snug at the waist. I know it's only a pound, but at this weight, I feel EVERY POUND.

When I was over 200 pounds, I could gain or lose 15 pounds without even noticing it in my clothes. But now, every little pound counts. And it makes a difference in my running, as well. Once I get over 135ish, my pace is slower. I run best in the low 130's.

I haven't really been "dieting" since my surgery, so I will just keep doing what I've been doing and see where I end up--hopefully it'll be in the low 130's or less. 

I'm also thrilled that my body fat is almost in the teens again. I was worried it was going to go up and up since I'm not running right now, but thankfully that hasn't happened.

Something that people e-mail or comment about most frequently is that I should write a book. About a year ago, I actually did write one, but I never did anything with it. By now, pretty much all of the info that I wrote is somewhere on my blog, so I was thinking of starting over from scratch with a different approach.

But for those of you that said I should write a book about my weight loss, I have a couple of questions. What kind of book are you thinking of? What would interest you? A memoir about my experience? An "advice" kind of book? A day-to-day journal from when I was losing the weight (which I still have)? I have so much info, but I don't know what people would be interested reading about.

I love memoirs in general, so I was leaning toward that--but my life is SO not interesting, I'm afraid that it would be horribly boring. Doing an "advice" book has been done ten thousand times before, so there wouldn't really be anything special to write about.

Something that I had in mind that would be kind of different would be to turn my old blog (my weight loss blog) into a journal-like book--editing the heck out of it, of course--and then throw notes or chapters into it sporadically, talking about things that helped me or things that I learned along the way. Does that make sense? I spent all day today going through my old blog (with Estelle on my lap--she loves the heated blanket).

So basically, I just need some input on what would be interesting to read!

Jerry's co-worker gave him some of this Starbucks peppermint hot cocoa--and he brought it home for me, since I've been kind of hooked on hot cocoa lately!
I'm kind of tempted to mix it with decaf coffee to turn it into a peppermint mocha-like drink. I still haven't had coffee since the end of October. I don't even miss it anymore, really. But when Jerry drinks it, I really love the smell of it. I think I might get some decaf to have around when the craving hits.

Tomorrow I actually have plans!  I'm going to lunch and to Cabela's with Renee and Jessica. It's Renee's birthday!


  1. Katie, I absolutely think you should do a book. It could be a mixture of all the things you mentioned.

    Congrats on your weight loss this week!

    Remember....Teechino chocolate mint!


  2. I actually think a book at a mix of all 3 of those would be great, a section describing your journey, a section devoted to FAQ's and resources that helped you and a section with like a day to day view maybe of what you eat, what workout you do, etc. I love having books that are relateable where I can see myself in the persons shoes but where there is also so direction as to how I too can achieve the same thing...does that make sense? Anyhow good luck with the book, I'd definitely read it :)

  3. I love reading your blog every day. I seriously check in the AM, around noon and then when I get home in the evening for your posts, always hoping that a post will be there each time. I look forward to hearing about your running, kids, tips, progress after surgery, etc. I would definitely read your book! memoir, advice, and journal all wrapped into one would be great!

  4. I love your blog, too! My thought is that you could do a book of 365 daily tips/reflections/bits of wisdom for people on the weigh-loss journey. You could have a section for each day where people could journal thoughts on the daily tip/reflection and make it their own. A memoir would also be interesting.

  5. I think your ideas for the other blog is SO exciting! You know I would be reading everyday!!!! Man I should buy me some hot cocoa, I forgot how yummy it is! I love mint, I'm sure it's so yum!

  6. I like the idea of a combination of it all. You are so inspiring. I think you could easily build SlimKatie/Runs for Cookies in to a brand. I hope you have trademarked both of those names!

  7. I love the idea of a book too. I think for me the best part is your honesty. A lot of people want to hear what miracle pill or diet you used. The black and white truth is the best. Keep it real; you have already inspired so many that way.

  8. I think a journal type book would be really interesting. Your site and video are what inspires me. Something in the format of ten pound chapters, just a basic journal of the highs and lows from that weight range, the first chapter starting at 253 lbs and ending with where you are. If you use your blogs, including normal life stuff along with the weight loss...struggles and advice mixed in, it would be one I'd love to read. Your blogs are perfectly entertaining and addicting!

  9. I would love to hear more about what led up to your highest weight and what led up to your decision to lose weight as well. Your list of 100 things you love about having lost the weight is great, too, maybe here and there sprinkle in some things like that!

    P.S. I have always wondered, what is the tattoo on your toe?

  10. lunch at Cabelas??? What kind of food do they serve??

  11. Do you not drink caffeine? Were you ever into caffeine, as a dieter or as a runner? I'd be interested in your caffeine use for a blog post, since I know a lot of people take caffeine pills (Stay Awakes or No Doz) or drinks to make them eat less or exercise more.

  12. I love french vanilla hot cocoa (Swiss Miss). :)

    I love all your ideas for a book! I would definitely buy it.

  13. You say your life is so not interesting... yet here you are with 253 followers. :) One of the things that keeps me coming back here is that you are normal. You aren't a movie star who just dropped 100 pounds. You are a stay at home mom. I can relate to that, and if you can do it, I can do it. (I HOPE I can do it!!!) If you wrote I book, I would totally read it. Editing your old blog sounds like a great idea.

  14. It's amazing that you lost 2 pounds in one week and you're so small already! Congratulations! You are almost there!

    I love your story because it is real. You didn't live on carrots or shakes and you didn't have your stomach removed or go into isolation. You did it all while being a stay-at-home mom with all of the distractions that we all face. You prove it can be done. Whatever style book you choose to write, if you keep it as real as your blog, it will be a fantastic read.

  15. What is your old blog?

    I gotta say, I've heard time and again that you can lose weight on high protein. I wonder if this is contributing to your loss? Because I'm so surprised with being swollen and not active that you are losing so easily.

  16. I agree with the PP!!!! I would buy your book for sure!!!!!
    Congrats on the weight loss this week!!! I am thinking of asking for a body fat monitor like you have for Christmas. My scale has body fat %, but it jumps all over the place, it even said I was 50% fat this AM (it was 25% recently at the gym!!)
    I am getting closer to my goal and I think trying to get my body fat% down will be my next goal!!!!

  17. @Losing Lindy

    LOL, What I actually said was "lunch AND TO Cabela's"... I'm sure if they served food at Cabela's it wouldn't really appeal to me! I'm sure it would be fresh meat, though, haha.

  18. @Sage

    I was never a huge caffeine person, but I used to drink 1-2 cups of coffee every morning. I realized it was giving me anxiety (on top of the anxiety I already had) so I quit drinking coffee, and feel a million times better! I still have a little caffeine with tea or chocolate, but not nearly the amount in coffee.

  19. @Jen

    My "old blog" is the blog that I kept while I was losing weight, and actually before that even. 2006-2011. I made it private when I started this maintenance blog.

    About the protein... it's possible that it's helping me lose weight, but I tend to lose weight very fast when I'm not exercising. I know that sounds strange, but my body has always been that way.

    I also haven't binged in over three weeks. When I don't binge, it's not unusual for me to lose weight easily. I'm still having plenty of carbs, so I don't think that the higher protein right now has much to do with the weight loss.

  20. I love the anonymous said about doing it journal style every 10 pounds. That's exactly the kind of book I would buy. An honest account of how it went and what the author did every ten pounds or so and how they honestly struggled and succeeded along the journey and then a FAQ's section at the end type thing.
    So I guess to echo what others have said.. A journal style memoir with tips! I would buy that asap. I read the "French women don't get Fat" book and loved it because it was an honest account of the authors struggle with gaining weight in America and what she did to change it. Never underestimate the power of honesty, it's never boring!

  21. I think any mixture of the types of books you mentioned would work well. I'd be careful doing an advice book though - without some sort of authority or degree or letters following your name, I'd fear being open to lawsuits if your advice was wrong... Not to mention the number of disclaimers you'd have to write to go along with that kind of book.

    I'd love to read a memoir or journal style book from you though!!

  22. You said at 134 your jeans felt a little snug at the waist but now after surgery it will be different. :)

  23. I'm late with my comments, been under the weather for a few days, my computer gave out, I was busy (need any more excuses?).
    As you know, I'm a huge fan of your blog. I love to read about your everyday life, it's not boring at all. I think your idea of writing a books is GREAT.
    I like the diet books that are memoirs. I especially like your idea of using your journal as the basis for your book, so people could follow you as you lose weight. Those are the kinds of books I read when I was losing weight, Both Shauna and Jennette
    put out weight loss memoirs based on their blogs and they were both wonderful. They inspired me almost as much as you did. It's fun and very motivating to read about a person's progress as they drop pounds and get healthier.
    I have also entertained the idea of writing a memoir, just wish I could write as well as you can. Good Luck!

  24. I think a book would be great! I have never been overweight (except after having my kids)... But I love reading your blog. You make your life relatable. The husband, kids, daily struggles. It's all interesting. I'd also love to read more about how and why you gained the weight, what it was like to be heavy, and what it was like to change.

  25. Hi Katie.......I think a book in journal form would be great. I think you should include what it's been like to maintain your loss too. I am finding it much harder to maintain than lose! Congrats on your goal jeans fitting.....You inspire me!

    TerryT55 from SP

  26. AnonymousMay 15, 2017

    Ok I swear I'm not a creeper, I'm reading all of your old blogs though and I wanted to ask if you ever still think about writing a day-to-day journal from when you were losing the weight. I think that would be so awesome to read. You're a really fantastic writer so I think it would be great if you wrote a book!

    1. Hey there! I had to re-read this post, because I wasn't sure what I had written about it! ;) I had actually completely forgotten about this! I've written a memoir that has sat untouched for four years now, so I clearly won't do anything with that. I do like the journal idea that I wrote in this post. Maybe something for me to work on this summer! I'm going to my sister's property for a week and won't have internet, so maybe I'll use that time to get started. Thanks for the reminder! :)


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