December 31, 2011


I took a break from the computer yesterday to spend some quality time with Jerry. He only had to work a half-day (midnight to 6 AM), so we had the afternoon and evening to hang out together. But first, I went to lunch with my mom, a couple of my aunts, and some of my cousins. My cousin Kaitlin just graduated from nursing school, and we went out to celebrate.

We ate at TGIFridays, and I think I only ate there once before--many, MANY years ago. I ended up ordering "Wildfire Chicken", which was just okay (I really wanted the Wildfire salmon, but it was like $4 more than the chicken). The sauce tasted exactly like the sauce from my General Tsao's Chicken, which I love. I ended up scraping most of it off, though, because they sprinkled cilantro on top--and I can't stand cilantro!

We ordered two desserts with 12 spoons, so that everyone at the table could have a couple bites of dessert--a great idea, I think. We had an Oreo dessert and something called a Brownie Explosion. The Oreo dessert wasn't anything special, but the Brownie Explosion was ORGASMIC. Warm, gooey brownie with ice cream and whipped cream.

Later, when I told Jerry about the dessert, we started talking about the best desserts we've ever eaten at a restaurant. I will never forget the Chocolate Chimichanga from Rio Bravo (who is no longer in business, at least around here). A Hershey bar, wrapped in a flour tortilla and deep fried, topped with hot fudge and vanilla bean ice cream and whipped cream. SO GOOD.

When I got home, it was about 3:00. Jerry and I took the kids to Wal-Mart, because they wanted to spend their Christmas money that they got from my brother Nathan. I also had promised the kids that one day over Christmas break, we'd have ice cream for dinner. I was freezing and ice cream didn't really appeal to me, but the kids picked some out for themselves, and then Jerry and I checked out the bakery for something else. We ended up buying two carrot cake cupcakes.

When we got home, the kids played their new game on the Wii, and Jerry and I played cards and then Monopoly--which we haven't played in YEARS. I always enjoy Monopoly until people start building houses and hotels--then I quit when I don't have enough money to pay rent. I never mortgage property or anything. I just look at my cash, and if I don't have enough, then game over for me. It annoys the heck out of Jerry ;)

While we were playing, we decided to eat our cupcakes and have a glass of red wine. Bet you can't guess which cupcake is mine:

BAHAHAHA, of course it's the one on the left, because it has the most frosting. I'm like a child when it comes to cake and frosting. I like about a 50/50 ratio of cake and frosting, so when I eat a piece of cake, I will usually eat the frosting and the top half of the cake. I eat cupcakes a little strangely, too:

I pull off the bottom half of the cake part, and flip it upside down onto the frosting, so that the frosting is sandwiched in the middle. That way, I don't get all the frosting on the roof of my mouth where I can't even taste it. It's just less messy that way, I think.

So it was interesting to read the comments about the new blog look. Some of you think it's incomplete; some of you think it's boring; and some of you like that it's clean and easy to read.  I'm so glad we're all in agreement ;)

I was going for "clean and easy to read" and maybe a little more professional looking than before. While my blog will never be "professional", I just want it to look a little more adult and not so teenager-y. Does that make sense?

I like having a white background, and a simple header. I'm not so sure about the gray on white though, so maybe I'll change the gray stuff to a brighter color to be less boring. I'm totally open to suggestions about the whole thing but obviously I can't please everyone. I feel like I have too much clutter in my sidebars, but I don't know what to get rid of without deleting information that I feel is very relevant to my blog.

My food log from yesterday:
Breakfast- jamocha/banana protein shake
Lunch- TGIFriday's Wildfire Chicken, couple bites of dessert
Dinner- chicken stir-fry, toast with peanut butter
Snacks- cupcake, two glasses of wine, two spoonfuls of Cookie Butter, spoonful of peanut butter (yup, I really need to quit eating the "butters" right out of the jar--or at least limit it to one spoonful a day!)


  1. OH that is funny about how you don't like dessert on the top of your mouth. I normally eat the bottom half of the cupcake, then I use a fork, and flip the bite over, so the frosting is on my tongue :)

  2. I think the new blog looks great! Im like you --gotta change it up from time to time. Its your creative space...who cares what other people think?! Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  3. I like the new layout, the header is cute and it's easy to read but I liked it how it was too so either way it's not a big deal. It's cool that you and Jerry (and kiddos) got to spend some family time together! My favorite dessert is pretty much like the one you liked at TGIFridays. Gooie brownie, icecream , whipped cream........slobber. OK, off to make my breakfast (peanutbutter chocolate protein shake) ha ha. Have a good New Years eve! : )

  4. I love frosting, too. I actually will eat the cake part first and save the frosting for last :D

    I like the clean look of the blog. Maybe it is getting older, but dark text on a light background is just so much easier to read for me.

  5. I probably would have piled some ice cream ON the cupcake! That's a really great combo- cake and ice cream...Just ate the last of the pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese frosting :( Eating like an idiot the last few days, but still working out. Can't wait for the festivities to be over with, NEXT WEEK! UGH!

    I like the new blog design. Remember, do what makes YOU happy!!!

  6. I LIKE the new blog look, it IS clean and easy to see, I wouldn't change the print color, but then my eyes are old and not so sharp anymore!

    I got a coupon for a free birthday dessert from Chili's last week(my BD is tomorrow), so hubby & I headed there for lunch one day. We are on vacation this week and have been going out to lunch every day--I got salad every day--except for yesterday at Carlos O'Kelly's, when I got the ground beef combo: a taco, an enchilada, rice and a salad. I only ate HALF the taco, it was dripping with grease, but so delicious. I don't like the salad at Carlos much so I splurged. Back to dessert at Chili's, it was a brownie sundae. I just gave it to hubby but I did have one bite, the brownie was warm, which, as you noted, makes the whole dessert, just yummy! But I still only had the ONE bite!

    After lunch, I went across the parking lot from Carlos O'Kelly's, to Trader Joe's specifically for cookie butter. I couldn't find it with the peanut butter, which is where I assumed it would be, so I asked. They said they are OUT of cookie butter at the warehouse, but would have some on the shelves soon. I don't need it and probably shouldn't have it in the house, but I sure want to try it.

  7. Ha! Brilliant idea with flipping the bottom of a cupcake. :P I like the new blog look and agree with those who say it has a clean, neat and organized look. And I also agree with you, much less "teenagery". Although I admit, the header could be a teensy bit more cheerful. :)

  8. I like the new look.
    Have you looked into using a background from ? There are others, but that was the first one that came to mind. I don't think you need to change anything, but if you feel like it still needs something, that could be your something. :)

    Oh, and I eat my cupcakes the same way. :)

  9. Ditto Nina. It's your blog, make it what you want with whatever ads, colors, whatever you want. It's your creative outlet and we have no right to tell you how it should be :)

    I love your cupcake eating process. It makes a lot of sense.

    Happy new year!

  10. I eat my cupcakes like that too! I think it's less messy cause the frosting is more contained. :) We should start a club! LOL
    oh...and I don't have a preference on what colors or layouts you use on your blog. I love reading your posts, so as long as I can read it, it's all good! :) Happy New Year!

  11. I like the new look. The first comment doesn't get all bunched in under the you might also like section.
    I get bored easily and change things up constantly so I totally get it.
    As others said, do what YOU like...I don't think anyone will stop reading if they don't like the layout ;)
    I look forward to your blogs and have been reading every day.
    On another note, I went to see the girl with the dragon tattoo yesterday and I liked it, I think it followed the book pretty well from what I can remember.

  12. I like the look of the blog. :)

  13. I love frosting too - especially cream cheese. The funny thing is that I like my ice cream and cake/brownie to be in a 50:50 ratio. So much so that if I have three bites of cake left and no ice cream I "have to" get another scoop. No wonder I have weight issues. :)

  14. I like to eat my cupcakes that way too!!

  15. I really like your new layout! I think it looks very clean and professional. Sometimes, simple is better :)

  16. I like the new blog look too! Simple and clean! Have a happy new year ;)

  17. I like the new look. It's clean, vibrant and simple.
    It's easy to look at and doesn't feel like stimulation over load. :)

  18. I eat cupcakes that way too! Which is why I love whoopie pies, I think ... especially pumpkin ones with cream cheese frosting, those were always on our Thanksgiving menu growing up. Haven't had them in forever!

    When I was visiting my family in Connecticut, I saw a bakery that made cupcake tops - like, using a muffin tin. Good frosting-to-cake ratio!


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