December 03, 2011


What an exhausting day!  My whole body aches right now. I need to keep in mind that I just had a major surgery less than three weeks ago, and I still need to take it easy.

Jerry and I went Christmas shopping all morning and into the afternoon. I hate Christmas shopping! In fact, I'm kind of a grinch because I really dislike Christmas--it's the most stressful time of year, and it costs a fortune. I would love a Christmas that didn't involve gifts at all, but just spending time talking and laughing together with family that I enjoy.

Okay, I just took a break from writing in order to eat dinner, and I'm not as crabby now :)  While we were at the mall, I was DYING to buy a cookie from Mrs. Fields. And not just any old cookie... it was a chocolate chip cookie sandwich, with tons and tons of buttercream frosting sandwiched between the two chocolate chips cookies. I knew that if I ate it, I would obsess about it and keep wanting to go back and get another. That's how my mind works with certain foods, and the Mrs. Fields cookies are one of them. The monster cookie at the top of my blog is another ;)  So I skipped the cookie, but it's been on my mind all day.

After shopping, we went to the roller skating rink so that the boys could skate, and they had a blast. Jerry ended up skating too. I would have if I wasn't worried about falling and screwing up all the work my surgeon just did!

Now we are going to head over to my mom's. My sister is in town, and she brought Christmas presents for the kids, so we're going to celebrate Christmas tonight with her. After that, I plan on doing NOTHING and just sitting around for the night. My body is pretty achy. I quit taking Motrin a few days ago, so I'm not taking anything for pain. I'm not in pain, but just a little sore.

Oh, and since a lot of you were asking how I slept the other night, since I was able to sleep on my stomach after having my drain removed...

I was pretty happy :)  Unfortunately, I'm still not able to sleep well. I'm going to take a sleeping pill tonight to try and get a good night's sleep.

I somehow managed to screw up my knee a few days ago. It feels like runner's knee but SO much worse than I've ever felt before. I wasn't even doing anything--just sitting in the recliner, and when I stood up, my knee was absolutely killing me. I couldn't straighten it, I couldn't bend it, and it constantly felt like it was going to give out on me. After a couple of days, it was feeling a little better, but then it started hurting again. I don't know.

I was planning on running on Monday, but I don't want to if my knee is still bothering me. It figures I would get injured while taking time OFF from running! ;)

I finally finished that afghan for the hospital! I was so happy and relieved to have it done. But it actually feels weird to sit and watch TV without crocheting at the same time.

Anyways, sorry this was such a rushed post. I'll try and come up with something more interesting tomorrow to write about! I hope you're all out enjoying your Saturday night--doing something a little more fun than I am :)


  1. Nope, nothing fun. Maybe we'll watch a movie, but we're homebodies. Can't afford to go out! I have to clean up the living room so we can put our tree up. Maybe that will happen tomorrow. After running this morning I don't want to do anything, but then I feel guilty, like I should have more to show for my day at home when Charlie gets home from work. Oh well, even God took a day off, right?

    Maybe your body was just so used to being active, your joints aren't well lubricated? Omega 3-6-9, in Sam's Club. I take it sporadically, but my parents swear by it. My mom was walking like she had scoliosis and needed a cane. Since taking that she's great!

  2. I'm a homebody too. I just made tacos for dinner and I am going to grade at least 25 of the 50 stories I have left to read. :) Then I am going to veg out and surf the internet. I do most of my Christmas shopping on line these days.

  3. For me, October and November are my super stress months, and by the time I get to December and Christmas, I'm ready to sit back and just go with the flow. My family is crazy and I literally go to 4 or 5 Christmas events in two days, but I love it. So much family, so much more about family than gifts. Plus normally I have gifts done by August, I'm so ridiculous. :D Not this year, though. I'm WAAAAY behind!

  4. Meh, I'm fitting a late workout in because I tanked and fell asleep during my "scheduled" workout time earlier. I used to hate Christmas too until I came to an agreement with my children and the rest of my family. We decided as a family that we would observe the holiday the way it was meant to, by spending time as a family and exchanging a few small gifts. My boys have been GREAT sports about it. It has really made it so much more enjoyable and now I look forward to Christmas like I did when I was a kid. Hope you get some good sleep!

  5. I sound crazy, but I love hearing what other people's trigger foods are. For me it's chips and salsa. I will eat them until I am sick sick sick. I can't keep tortilla chips in the house without a specific purpose.

  6. I was at the mall today with my mom. We needed to stop by the ATM and Mrs. Fields was passing out samples. I thought to myself "perfect, just a bite to satisfy the craving and then I can move on", but in fact it did the opposite. All of done the rest of the day is think about that damn cookie and how bad I want one or something equally as sweet.
    Have a great Sunday!!!

  7. Shop online from home. Great deals and no battling the holiday shoppers!

  8. I am the same way with some foods... reese's, donuts, etc. If I give in today...I'll want another tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. It's crazy. Good for you for passing on it today. I'm really glad we don't have one of those Mrs. Fields stores here. They sound like they have amazing goodies.

    You look so cozy in your bed. I hope you are able to get some good sleep tonight!

  9. Cookies are my weakness as well. Today I lead a cookie making party. We baked about 300 snickerdoodles for a Buddhist even tomorrow. I managed to only eat 2! I will post pics on my blog tomorrow.

  10. Oh, I LOVE those cookie sandwiches! I used to eat those all by myself and felt so guilty! I haven't had one in a long time because I know it will start a vicious cycle, but YUM! Maybe if I had some self control, I could have some one one!

  11. I wish I had done something more fun Katie!!! But I watched my team (MSU) lose to Wisconsin, darn it!!!!
    I have a real hard time with chocolate chips and yesterday I bought all the supplies to make cookies that I give out as Christmas gifts. I actually put them in the garage, so maybe I won't be as tempted to eat them!!!!:-)

  12. I hate to hear about your knee! It sounds similar to what happened to me 3 months ago (as far as it happening while you weren't even running); I just sat down to go to bed and it felt like something slipped over and then back - doctor said it was a partial dislocation of my knee cap... Still can't run. :( I certainly hope yours gets better faster thank mine!

  13. LoveAnAnimalDecember 04, 2011

    Glad that you can get a decent night's rest without your drains preventing you from your most comfortable sleeping position. I despise when a food item stays in my thoughts and I can't shake it. I commend you for not giving in, especially since it's a trigger for you. Maybe you just sprained your knee, but with you not being able to straighten your knee, it could possibly be related to a meniscus/cartilage tear. If it remains bothersome, an orthopaedist could diagnosis easily with a physical exam. Hope your knee is doing better.


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