August 30, 2023

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 118


We have the BEST weather today--it feels like a perfect fall day. I really hope that we have lots of days like this over the next few months. 

I don't have a lot to say about my Wednesday Weigh-In, but I first have to write about my hoodie (in the above photo). I LOVE IT.

I sorted through my clothes while the power was out, because there was nothing else to do, pulling aside clothes that were either too big or that I just didn't want anymore. I liked this orange hoodie, but I didn't like the Under Armour logo on the chest.

This pic was from December, when we were still remodeling the bathroom.

The logo was sewn on, so I removed the stitching--but you could still see the little square where it used to be.

I also came across some pajama bottoms that I really loved, but they didn't fit well--the waist was too big and the calves were tight. I decided to hold onto them and see if I could use the fabric on something else.

I thought the legs would make cool sleeves for another shirt. Then I remembered the orange hoodie and the two looked like they belonged together!

You can see where I removed the Under Armour logo--so I knew I'd have to cover it.

I got to work ripping the seams--I removed the sleeves from the hoodie, then used those as a pattern to cut the new sleeves out of the pajama legs. Then I sewed the new sleeves on.

I still had the problem of the spot where the logo was, and I wasn't sure how to cover it. After toying with ideas, I chose to cut out a heart from the remainder of the pajama pants and sew it on using a blanket stitch (which I've gotten much better at).

When I tried it on, I decided it must have thumb holes--I love thumb holes! So I removed the cuffs, added thumb holes (I hate making cuffs with thumbholes--those take longer than sewing the sleeves on). When I was done reattaching the cuffs, I was so excited with how it looked:

Here is a before and after:

It is my most favorite item of clothing I've ever altered! And it's probably the most comfy hoodie I own.

Okay, enough about that. As for my weigh-in:

I was at 129.4, which is down from 129.8 last week. The week was all kinds of screwed up because of not having any electricity for four days. It's hard to remember what I ate--I had a lot of watermelon, grapes, and toast (toasted on the stove). I'd just made some seitan the night before the power went out, so I ate that (knowing it would go bad). I had some vegan "buffalo wings" in the freezer that I hated to throw away, so  I ate those one night for dinner. I didn't run at all, but with all of the storms and flooding, it was the last thing on my mind. 

While going though my clothes, I got really anxious about my weight. I don't know whether to keep my clothes that are too big. Judging by my history, I'll likely gain weight and then wish I still had them. But if I manage to keep my weight around 130, I can finally have a wardrobe that I don't have to replace over and over. If I hold onto the clothes, I feel like it's just planning to fail.

I think I'll put them in the garage for now, and hold onto them for a a year or so. I really hope I won't have to pull them back out, but I've altered so many of them to fit me well (at the size I was 10-15 pounds ago). My weight goes up and down so much. When I was over 200 pounds, gaining or losing 10 pounds didn't make any difference in my clothes. At this weight, however, even five pounds makes a big difference.

There is a line somewhere between 125 and 132-ish that makes me go up a size in clothes. And then at 140, I'll go up another size. Right now, my clothes are comfy--I have room to breathe and I don't feel like I can't bend over, haha. I like my clothes, and there aren't any in my closet that are too small. It would be really nice if it could stay this way!


  1. Great job with the hoodie, it's SO CUTE!!

  2. Love the sweatshirt and how you are so creative!

  3. Love your hoodie!! You are so creative with your clothes!

  4. Omg I am always blown away by your creativity! I am in love with that sweatshirt! When I saw the before picture my jaw dropped that the sleeves weren't always the rainbow pattern. I just assumed the alteration you did was matching a rainbow heart to cover the logo! Wow that is seriously so amazing and SO cute! I would totally pay for a sweatshirt like that!!

  5. LOVE the sweatshirt! you are so talented! and congrats on the weight loss... and I understand your anxiety about gaining it back.

  6. That hoodie is phenomenal!! You are so talented. I'm with you on the clothes. Never can decide what to do with the too small or too big clothes. Do I have to keep three (or four) sizes forever. UGH.

  7. I agree with Renpup: that hoodie you adapted is SO CUTE!


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