August 01, 2023

Deep Thoughts With Jerry #22

I was planning to write a little about my day (getting in 10,000+ steps) but I am completely exhausted. It's 8:15 pm and as soon as I'm done with this post, I am going to eat a big bowl of Jerry's Beans & Greens. I've been eating that a lot lately because he loves to make it for me when he knows I'm feeling down. And since I've been in this depressive episode, he's had plenty of opportunities, haha.

Anyway, I *did* manage to get in my 10,000 steps today--and I worked like hell for it, too--so I'll write about that tomorrow for my Wednesday Weigh-In. For now, here is Jerry and his "deep thoughts". (I would normally add more pictures to this post, but I am having a hard time finding what I'm looking for. So here goes...

What do you think would most impress your 15-year old self?

Wow. If you told me in 1995 that I wouldn't have to rely on my Discman for music I would've shit a brick. "Noooo wayyyy", would be my response. I love music. It's my life force. Walkman->Discman->MP3 player->iPhone... insane when you think about having every song at your fingertips at a moment's notice. It's great!

What do you enjoy spending money on?

Where to begin... As I get older I tend to be a little tighter with money. I try not to spend money casually. So, when I make money and want something it has to be somewhat important to me. I love to play video games, particularly first person shooters. I love the Call of Duty games and currently I'm playing Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. I enjoy games that give me the best bang for my buck and have a high replay value. 

What is your useless talent?

Useless talent? LOL. Trivia. For sure. People assume trivia is just for the bars and trying to win money... false. It's to just randomly blurt out. Last weekend, we were at a summer party at Brian's and I made a Thomas J. reference when someone was talking about a bees nest in the woods.

Later on, I used a Home Improvement (the old TV show) reference.. they had cut their finger with a power washer. "Oh, it must've been the Binford 3000 power washer", I replied. Trivia comes in handy when talking to everyone and you can just slide it in to conversations. It's useless but handy at the same time. And it's fun to see who catches those little things.

What is the most awkward situation you have ever felt yourself in?

When we first moved into out house, we didn't know anyone in the neighborhood. One day while Katie was outside, a neighbor came over and introduced himself. He was Gary from next door. Gary was a quadriplegic and got around the neighborhood with ease in an electric wheelchair--everyone knew him. 

After Katie met Gary, she told me about about this nice neighbor she'd met when she was outside and that when I could, I should introduce myself to him. She mentioned the wheelchair, but she failed to mention that Gary was a quadriplegic and unable to use his hands.

I was outside the next day getting some stuff out the back of our van when Gary rolled up and introduced himself. I turned and told him my name and reached my hand out to shake his hand. At this moment, I totally realized that he was a quadriplegic and in an embarrassed panic, I still went for the hand shake. I grabbed his hand and shook it--I have never felt smaller.

I went about the rest of the conversation and came into the house to share my horror with Katie. She laughed and said that I shouldn't worry about it--he probably liked being treated like a "normal" person--but I still remember it all to this day.

What movie could you quote by heart?

Katie thought it was Forrest Gump... and she's right! I could quote it. But the movie I was thinking of is Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. LOL. Word for word, use phrases to this day to get through the day. I also learned a random fact about Katie last weekend. She knows the entire Disney movie Aladdin by heart--literally every single word. She said she hadn't see it since she was a kid, but she remembered it all. We both quote Forrest Gump all the time though, because we both know every line.

What is one question that you wish people would ask you more?

"Are you okay?" And then genuinely listen to the answer. It's a question that people don't ask people enough and if they would, it would make a world of difference in someone's life if they were asked. It would for me, for sure. People either feel awkward asking it or just flat out don't care. For the sake of having some sort of faith in humanity I will say most don't know how to ask it without feeling intrusive. I can tell you, at least for me, ask away. I (and I imagine most others) would appreciate it and knowing that someone cares enough to ask means a lot. 

What do you like that everyone else seems to dislike?

Professional wrestling. I am a huge fan. Wrestling is on Monday through Friday every week and I'm on top of it all. When people hear that I'm a fan they give me the "you know it's fake, right?"or the "you like men in tights rolling around with each other?" comments. To both of those I will always reply with, "go jump off a cliff".

People spend too much energy and time trying to crap all over everyone else's likes. I've been a fan since I was a little kid and it's lasted this long. There seems to be a sort of stigma associated with it. However, if it's not your cup of tea just let it be, there's no reason to slam others for what they enjoy. 

What is your definition of success?

Definition? Healthy family, well-behaved kids, happy wife. I don't put a monetary value on any of it, it all hinges on fulfillment. If everyones happy and good to go then that's great! We certainly aren't made of money, but we are a happy family (most of the time, LOL) and I think that's more important than anything. I'd consider it a success.


  1. The more I get to know Jerry, the more I adore him. You chose well Katie.

    1. Yes, I did :) My parents really didn't like him when they first met him--he was wearing a "rock band" shirt (my Christian parents didn't approve) and his hair was pink (which was totally unacceptable to their generation back in 1999). Now, they see what an amazing dad he is to my kids and how well he treats me, and they love him. Once in a while, I tell him that I think (at least from what I know from your book and the way you write about him) Ed sounds just as great!

  2. I am sure someone has asked about your bean & greens dish. I hope you will share it again. And you are 100% correct we say how important and healthy family is. If you don't have your health nothing else really matters. As for wrestling, I never watched it but my friend from work loved it!! They took me to a match. The only players I remember are the Ugandan Giant & Hulk Hogen. Hulk was the biggest man I ever saw. The thing I remember the most is I was laughing so damn hard. We all had the best time.

    1. I can't remember if I posted it before, but he's made a few changes since the first couple of times--so I will post it as a recipe tomorrow! :)

      I don't know many wrestlers, but I do remember Hulk Hogan. He was a big deal back in his heyday!

  3. Maybe it's a regional thing, but people where I live quite often ask how you are (suburb in Oklahoma). And I never respond with "fine", I tell people how I am and they probably regret asking by the time I'm done, ha!

    1. I think that's great! Depending on who I'm talking to, I'll usually say, "Well, the right answer is 'I'm good, how are you?'; but I could just tell you the truth if you'd rather." And we usually get a laugh out of it.

      I think asking "Are you okay?", like what Jerry said, is more personal. If you notice that someone seems to be having a tough time, asking "Are you okay?" can go a long way (or risk offending someone, but I've never had that happen).

  4. Omg I've been on vacation for over a week and I'm just getting caught up! Sorry in advance if I spam you with some comments! ;)

    Gosh the more I hear about Jerry, the more I just know he would get along SO great with my husband! He quotes Ace Ventura to me at least once a week (minimum lol), he also loves the first person shooter video games and he loves wrestling! He's always showing me old wrestling clips that I just nod along to lol. But I know he loves them so that makes me like them too!


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