April 20, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 47

Don't you love that Phoebe is in this picture? (Along with Chick, of course, but Phoebe is never in my mirror selfies!)

Week 47?! That means only five more weeks until I've been doing this for a whole year. By "this", I mean counting calories and running again to drop the weight I gained in (mostly) 2018-2019. I had *really* hoped to be at my goal months ago, but when I started this last May, I really didn't think I'd stick to it for very long. So, I'm just grateful that I've made a ton of progress.

Well... this week wasn't so good. In fact, I didn't count a single calorie this week! I could come up with several reasons, but if I even start to list them, they will certainly sound like excuses. I've had a lot going on emotionally and I've had a very busy week. But mostly, I've just been snacking way too much after dinner.

I need to knock that off! My plan for the whole month, actually, was to stop eating after dinner. Our spring schedule is so wacky that trying to plan a dinner to cook has been really frustrating. Whenever I do cook, it seems like nobody is here to eat it; and then when I think, "Why bother cooking?" the kids are asking what's for dinner. I know what I need to do--I need to plan better and make use of my crockpot--but it's a matter of just doing it. I'm sure many of you know how that is!

Anyway, I knew the scale wasn't going to be my friend today. I had a great weigh-in last week, but today, well, not so much:

It's no surprise to me that I was back in the 150s again. I was at 149 last week, so I'm up 3.6 pounds.

Since I have my DietBet weigh in on May 1st (or 2nd at the latest), I definitely don't want to feel like I have to drop five pounds overnight. Today, I worked on making a 10-day challenge. I told Jerry last night that I wanted to do 75 Hard, but for only 10 days and I wanted it to be relatively easy. So I'm doing 10 Easy instead of 75 Hard--I should get a shirt that says "I completed 10 Easy" when I'm done, hahaha.) My list?
  • Eat roughly 1600 calories a day. 
  • Exercise 30 minutes per day in the morning
  • Read 10 pages.
  • Write in my five-year journal.
  • In bed by 10:00 PM.
That may not look like much, but I think that if I can do that for the next 10 days, I'll feel really good about myself and ready to keep moving forward.

I spent some a LOT of time working on a new running schedule for Jerry and me. Usually, I like to write my own schedules, but this time I am doing a heart rate based training schedule using the base workouts from the 80/20 Running book by Matt Fitzgerald. I chose the Beginner 10K plan because it looks like what Jerry and I want to work on--we aren't looking to train for a race or to set a PR or anything, but just something to keep in running shape. It looks simple enough!

It only took me so long because there is a lot of flipping back and forth between pages of the book (this is *not* a Kindle-friendly book, by the way--if you read it, and I highly recommend the book, you definitely want the paperback version). I typed all of the workouts into a spreadsheet to make it easy to read.

It's six days a week, but a few of the days can be easy cross-training, so I'll probably use those days to do my old five-mile walking route with Joey. But I'll post more about the plan tomorrow.

Okay, so I had a bad weigh-in this week, but I made a plan for the next 10 days (at least) to get back into good habits. I feel gross after eating too much all week. (I'm still eating completely vegan, though!)

Here is today's random fact of the day:

This sounded so bizarre that I had to look it up. Here is a quote from this article:
"His job title is somewhat unusual: ikemeso danshi, or 'handsome weeping boy'. He runs sessions with the sole purpose of making people cry.

'Japanese are not used to crying in front of people. But once you cry in front of others, the environment will change, particularly in a business.'

The idea is to show off your vulnerability - when others see that, it's supposed to bring people together so they work better as a team."

I would be so good at that job! Hahaha, I cry over everything--even Hallmark commercials--so it wouldn't take much to get me sobbing over movies about dogs dying(!)--yes, that was an example. But what an odd way to bring people together! I like the American way of team building exercises like working on getting out of escape rooms ;) 


  1. Phoebe looks so much better. Do happy to see that. For a bad week, in that picture you look great! I need to really get cracking on my weight loss. I am really behind.

  2. Oh the evening snacking. It started during the pandemic, especially when Ed was in the hospital and now it's become route. Yep. I need to stop that! I'm working through a book called "Shrink Yourself" by Roger Gould which talks about layers of emotions at work in emotional eating. I'll keep you posted as to whether it helps.

  3. 10 Day Easy! I love it! Can I do it with you? Let's get 8 more people and we'll have 10 for 10!


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