April 19, 2022

Transformation Tuesday #67

I've been dying to go outside and do some transformative work on our yard and the exterior of our house, but with this weather (the rain, wind, snow, and cold) I am just going to have to wait even longer. I was itching to work on something today, so I took some before pictures of a couple of projects. One of them only took three minutes to transform; the other is going to take longer, so I'll have to wait on the "after" photo. It took a much more time than I thought and I'm not even halfway done!

Anyway, here is probably the tiniest transformation I've ever posted, but it made a world of difference in something I was just going to throw away. My cats have several nail scratchers (to avoid them scratching the furniture) and this one is probably the least used. Once in a great while, Chick or Phoebe will actually play with the ball in there, and when I put catnip on it, Estelle likes to use it to scratch her nails. However, the cardboard was totally shot--there was no way it was even working for their nails anymore.

Before I threw it away, however, I tried to lift the cardboard out to flip it over--it had NEVER occurred to me to try that before!--and it was like a brand new toy. It looked perfect.

There was a ton of catnip underneath, too. We sprinkle catnip on top of it sometimes, and it obviously fell to the bottom. While such a small transformation, this was totally satisfying, haha.

So, that's my little transformation to share! (And I would feel bad not throwing out this little PSA at the opportunity: Please don't declaw cats! I've owned a LOT of cats in my life, and as long as you trim their nails once in a while and have appropriate places for them to scratch, they will leave your furniture alone. I just get sad when I hear of cats being declawed, so I like to mention it when I get the opportunity. Okay, let's carry on...)

Here are a couple of readers' transformations as well. Enjoy!

This is not a very dramatic transformation but I was so sick of digging through my pans when I needed one of the larger ones on the bottom. So I bought these little pan organizers and I love it! Can just grab and go, ready to cook! 

- Amanda, Wisconsin

Amanda, I love this! You have no idea how many times I organize my pots and pans only to find them thrown in there all willy nilly. It drives me crazy! I really need some of those organizers. Looks great! -Katie

I had submitted a bathroom redo in the fall (Transformation Tuesday #47) and I guess I've been bitten by the bug... decided to spruce up my home office as well since I spend so much time in there! We painted (a slightly different shade of white, lol) and added some funky peel and stick wallpaper.... which I also used on the back of my million year old bookcase to give it new life. Some new throw pillows and some tidying and it feels much more welcoming!

- Krissie, Ontario, Canada

Krissie, I LOVE the wallpaper! I don't know if I'd ever be brave enough to try wallpaper (yesterday I was looking through old pictures from the 80s when I was a kid and I couldn't believe the wallpaper, haha!). Yours looks so sophisticated and I love that it's only the one wall--not overpowering. he room looks so cozy!  -Katie

We discovered ants in our pantry and just had started unloading when I thought to take a picture.  The biggest transformation is that the second shot contains no critters!

- Antless Angie

Angie, I feel your pain! We sometimes get those tiny little ants in the spring. They seem to come from nowhere! I love how nice and organized your pantry is. I have a large pantry that I love but it's totally disorganized most of the time. Glad to hear you are now "ant free" ;)   -Katie

Thank you for including your transformations! Cleaning and organizing feels so good when it's done, doesn't it? Please keep the transformations coming so I can keep posting :)  If you've transformed something--anything, even if you think it's boring (like my cat scratcher!) please share. Just send a before photo and an after photo to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Include your name and a description of the transformation. Can't wait to see what you come up with!


  1. We recently got the pan organizers and love them

  2. Thankfully, it's becoming illegal in many states to declaw cats. It's an absolutely barbaric practice, so I'm glad you're so outspoken about it!

  3. Thanks for sharing my pan organization pics! The ones I bought were on Amazon, the Cuisinel heavy duty pan rack. So far they're holding up great, even with my cast iron skillets! Great transformations this week!

  4. We have to empty our cabinets for new countertops to be installed, I'm going to look into the pan organizers...I didn't even know that was a thing!


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