April 05, 2022

Transformation Tuesday #65

Happy Transformation Tuesday! I have a few fun transformations from readers to share with you today :)  One of the submissions reminded me of a series I'd like to push a little is "Reader Emails"--where readers write in for various reasons: to celebrate some fun news--buying a first house, paying off debt, losing a lot of weight, quitting smoking or drinking, etc., anything they are proud of.

I'd also like to include peoples' projects--when people make a craft or do something that they want to show off, but maybe they don't have a "before" photo in order to make it a transformation on Tuesday. I'd also like to include thrifty finds (things that are bought at a big discount through thrift stores or garage sales, or even picked up from someone's trash! I've posted a few of the "Reader Email" posts, but I'd love to make that a regular thing. So if you have anything you want to share, brag about, or whatever, consider it a "show and tell" type thing.

Just send me an email at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com and include at least one picture.

Anyway, here are some readers' transformations from this week:

My transformation involves my 12 year old son’s bedroom. My son (also a Noah) is my sister’s only niece or nephew, and the only grandchild on both sides. As a result, Noah is spoiled by all of them and gets way more presents than we would like. So, he has way too much stuff in his room and it’s difficult to keep everything organized.

My philosophy on keeping his room clean is that it’s his space, so he can keep it how he wants. He can’t leave his stuff all over the rest of the house, but his room can be as much of a disaster as he likes.  Sometimes, however, I can’t take it anymore.

Yesterday, I reached my breaking point and had to do something about it. This transformation was worth every minute it took!  Now, we can walk through his room without tripping or getting stabbed in the foot by a plastic, pokey toy.  Chaos to order - so satisfying!

- Elizabeth

Elizabeth, first of all--I LOVE that you let your son keep his own space how he wants it (assuming it's not a total health hazard, haha). I finally let go with the laundry issue and now my sons have their own laundry baskets--they are in charge of washing and drying their laundry, then they have to bring the clean clothes into their bedrooms. Ideally, they'd put them away; but if they want to wear wrinkled clothes out of their hampers to school, that's fine by me! And now they're old enough that they want their privacy anyway. But I think it's awesome that you're letting your son keep his space how he wants it. And you did an AMAZING job cleaning it! I imagine he loved it? The book on his dresser called Farts made me laugh ;)  -Katie

My husband and I retired and bought a very small second home in Florida. We are trying to keep costs down and embrace the colorful decorating style. Storage and organization everywhere is a priority as the kitchen is tiny. We were looking for a bar cabinet or something we could convert into one and found this at a consignment shop. I walked by it several times as the store was crowded and the black color just made it disappear.
We removed the smaller 7 bottle holder in the middle section and replaced it with easier to use shelves for 12 bottles. A little time and effort, some 'Florida' color paint and new hardware and the look and function is exactly what we needed.

- Lisa, Florida

Lisa, the new color is STUNNING. I love the shelves that you added in the middle--it looks so much classier! What a great find at the consignment shop. It's perfect for a bar cabinet! And a big congrats on buying the new home in Florida :)  - Katie

This is my art area that got way out of control but is much better now. :)

- Rebecca

Rebecca, holy smokes! What an awesome difference. I *love* organizing, so that picture on the left looks like a dream come true for me, hahaha. It looks so great and I'm sure it's a million times easier to find stuff now. (Although, sometimes I know exactly where everything is when it's disorganized and then I have a hard time finding things when I organize it, haha). Anyway, it looks awesome! I'd love to see some of your art, if you'd like to share it :)

Thank you so much once again for sharing your fun transformations! This is the time of year that I get really into organizing; I love cleaning out closets and cabinets. So hopefully I'll have some pics to share once I get some serious work done!

If any of you have a transformation to share, please send a before photo and an after photo to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com, along with your name and a description of your transformation.

Also, I'd love to work on the Reader Email series, so please send me pictures of crafts you've done, thrift items you've found, something unique you own, or any exciting news you want to share or brag about!

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  1. This is Elizabeth from the messy bedroom:

    Yes, my son was thrilled with his clean bedroom, but he’s even more excited that it was in a Transformation Tuesday post 😆. I decided long ago that the messy bedroom was not a fight worth having - as long as he doesn’t keep food or dirty dishes in there. Like you said - it’s best to avoid a health hazard lol. As a 12 year old, he has more books about farts than you would think existed, and he finds them all hilarious. I love what you do with the laundry - I’ll have to try that next. Thanks for posting his room and making his day!


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