April 06, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In : Week 45

This shirt! I am SO excited that it fits me and I can actually wear it now. When I first bought it ages ago, I couldn't even pull it down over my chest. It was one of the tightest fitting shirts I've owned. But I loved it so much that I just had to buy it. I'm still not cool with my bare arms--I don't think I ever will be, unless I get surgery to remove the excess skin--so I covered them for the picture. This happened to be the one day that my cats *weren't* surrounding me and begging for attention while I was trying to take a picture. 

What a week! Having my DietBet weigh-in on Saturday was rough, in case you missed that post. After this current DietBet game is over (July 1st) I will be done with DietBet! I'm glad that it helped me with what I needed, but eventually it just turned stressful. I definitely don't want a repeat of Friday/Saturday.

I ate back to "normal" after my DietBet weigh-in and I'm happy with how it went. My weight this morning...

I was at 151.6; this is certainly not ideal, but I'm down 3 pounds since last Wednesday. I'm happy with that! The thing that was having the biggest impact on my weight gain last week was snacking on nuts and/or peanut butter in the evenings. Since I am giving up post-dinner snacking until April 30th in solidarity with a loved one who is in alcohol rehab for 30 days, I'm curious to see how it works out. As a result, I've added a little food to my other meals to get in the same calories.

I won't write too much about weight because of my big post about my DietBet weigh-in. Just some random thoughts:

* My body is older now (I hate admitting that I hit 40 years old in January) and perhaps my body wants to be at a higher weight than I'd like. Since I've been hanging out between 147 and 150-ish for going on two months, maybe that's were my body wants to be. Disappointing, but what can I do?

* I'm less active than I used to be. My chronic pain limits my physical activity to an extent. Not to mention that I threw out my back when I was stretching for a knee injury! Hahaha.

*Speaking of my knee, I wasn't able to run yesterday and I STILL don't think I'll be running today. Believe it or not, I'm disappointed. Yesterday was great weather to run (and so is today!) but it hurts just to walk around the house, so I don't want to risk serious damage by running. It used to feel better about 48 hours after my previous run, but my last run was Sunday and it's now Wednesday.

*I tried switching up the things I was eating, at least for lunchtime. I don't think that was helpful. I have since gone back to my cold Almond Joy Oats. Interestingly, Jerry loves it too and I've been making an extra jar of it every morning for him to bring to work later. He mentioned at work that I am now eating vegan, and now all the guys are making fun of him and saying that *he's* vegan (he's not). Eye roll.

*I've started cooking ahead a little so that I don't feel overwhelmed for dinnertime. My meals are super easy--I usually make some sort of sauce (and I mix it together in a mason jar in the morning so it's ready to go later), then I make rice, barley, farro, quinoa or something like that and add in beans and/or vegetables. I think I'm going to make a couple of big batches of sauces and freeze them in single serving portions. I can just pull one out of the freezer and reheat it. By keeping batches of already-cooked grains in the fridge and opening a can of beans, I have a super quick, easy, and heathy meal.

I feel a little guilty for it, but I told Jerry and the kids that they can buy and cook their own meat. They're all old enough to do it and I don't mind making the rest of the dinner, but I don't want to do the meat. They all seemed fine with it.

So, that's about it as far as my diet/weight loss is going. I will not be buying any more cashews ;) I'd like to get back under 150 this week!


  1. Your positive attitude and determination continue to amaze me. When you get discouraged, you just double down or regroup. It's such a great reminder that I can do that too. Bummer about the knee. I know you have a race coming up and it might be hard to think you need more rest since you're "supposed" to be training, but my best marathon was one in which I had not run even a single step for nearly a month before because of bronchitis. I did a one-mile easy jog the day before to remind myself I could still run, but that rest helped so much. Not sure that's what your knee needs, but good job being smart and not running on it when it hurts. Sending all the healing vibes!

  2. Your husband works a full-time, odd hour job to support the family and provide you all with health insurance. Your 2 boys have full-time school and other commitments and you're really going to make them go to the grocery store when you're already there anyways to buy meat? And then they have to cook it? Soon your kids will be grown and gone. I wish I could cook a meal for my two boys every day, but they have their own families now. The time goes by so fast..


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