August 10, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #37

Happy Transformation Tuesday! I can't believe it's only Tuesday; I've had a super busy couple of days, and it feels like it should be the weekend already ;)

I only have a couple of transformations to post today (and this first one is mine!) but here goes:

I really loved the bar stools that I'd gotten for out kitchen snack bar, but the metal broke on one of them. My dad tried welding it, but it's still rickety and needed to be replaced. I didn't want to spend much on stools, so I looked on Facebook Marketplace and found a solid pair for $35. I didn't love them, but I think it was just because of the color. I could imagine liking them if I painted them.

When we picked them up, I was happy to see that they are really good quality and we shouldn't have any problems with them breaking. I primed and then painted them with leftover paint from my kitchen cabinets (a very light blue). I love how they turned out! Once they've finished curing, I'm going to move them into the house (they're in the garage now).

It's funny, whenever I look at the legs of the chairs I'm reminded of the rolls on my arms and legs when I was a baby--hahaha!

This transformation is from Deb, who shared her paintings before--she was making over her den into a mid-century modern/tiki theme. She sent before and after photos to share today.

"The final piece of my den transformation is complete. I know I’ve sent pictures of the paintings I made, but I’ve now “finished” (as much as anything is ever finished to me) the final project in this room: the coffee table/trunk. My husband needed a place to store his instruments so it needed to be functional, fit with the vibe of the room, and be pretty cheap. I picked up this cedar chest because the top was in terrible condition. It didn’t exactly fit with the mid century mod/tiki vibe, so I added a funky design to the top.

This room went from the place to store stuff we don’t know what to do with, to a pretty cool hangout spot! Getting the gas logs replaced (not cheap!) was the motivation I needed to get the room fixed up so we would actually use it!"

- Deb

Deb, you did an AMAZING job on your den! I think I told you already that I love mid-century modern furniture. I really like the light blue chair in the corner. And WOW--the trunk looks so good! Painting the design on there is super creative and it changes the entire look. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing.

I need some more transformations to post, so please go transform something--anything!--and submit them. I love drawing inspiration from other transformations. Just send a before photo and an after photo to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Make sure to include your name and a description of the transformation. Thanks!

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