August 13, 2021

Friday Night Photos

This has been the craziest week! I am SO thankful that our power came back on last night at around 9:30. You don't really realize how much you rely on electricity to do so many things until you don't have it. I can't even tell you how many times I flipped on a light switch without thinking about it, only to have it not work.

Now, we just have to wait on the insurance company to come out and assess the damage to our roof and siding. It will be the biggest miracle if they will pay to replace them! (Or at least the roof--that took most of the damage.) I was so worried that we'd get water damage on the ceilings that I just finished removing the texture from, seaming the drywall, skim coating, sanding, and painting. It's funny--shortly after I finished everything, I used to have nightmares that it would storm and I would just watch as all of my work dissolved from the ceiling down the walls, into a big drywall mess on the floor! Haha.

Here are some random pics from the last week...

When I quit drinking coffee in the mornings, I really missed that routine (I would drink coffee and play Best Fiends). I looked forward to that little quiet time while everyone was still sleeping. So I decided to check out my old friend, David's Tea, to see if they had any new flavors. I haven't ordered their tea in a very long time, but I used to love it.

The last time I looked, they'd discontinued all of my favorites! So I quit ordering. But last week when I looked, I noticed that they had Red Velvet Cake black tea in their "last chance" section--meaning they were discontinuing it (again). Red Velvet Cake was my favorite flavor of ALL TIME. I couldn't believe it was on clearance! It was 50% off, so I ordered quite a bit of it--40 oz--which is in 20 (2-ounce) pouches. It was $80 (after an additional discount for ordering 10+ ounces. That makes it $4 per pouch, when it would have been $10 per pouch if not on clearance! This will last me a very long time.

I have really looked forward to drinking it each morning--it's just as good as I remember!

Speaking of tea and Best Fiends in the mornings, I was a total nerd a few days ago and wore my Best Fiends socks and drank my tea from my Best Fiends mug while playing Best Fiends ;)

When the power was out, and my computer and phone were down below 5% of battery life, I thought, "At least I can read my book!" I read about three pages before I got the notice that my Kindle's battery was low! The Kindle battery lasts FOREVER--I'm a slow reader, but I can read about three books before I need to charge it. I need to start keeping all of my stuff charged, haha.

I don't know why I felt the need to take a picture of the cats here, but when I got in bed, Estelle, Chick, and Duck all came in to sleep with me. I thought they looked cute.

Duck doesn't realize he's a little too big to fit on this cat bed. Phoebe and Estelle sleep in it, but Duck and Chick never do. A couple days ago, I found Duck sleeping with the upper half of his body on the bed, and his lower half dangling off of it.

Remember when I put a big note on my treadmill so that I would remember to turn off the GPS on my Garmin? Well, it didn't work for long. I ran three miles on the treadmill, but my Garmin read 0.28 miles because I didn't actually go anywhere!

I was organizing our board games and when I saw the playing cards, I was inspired to play the solitaire game Grandma's Game. If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you know how much I love this game. I never knew what it was called until I posted about it on my blog. I've only won the game ONCE in the 20 years I've been playing it! (I made a video tutorial here.) In the game below, I was SO close to winning. If just one card had been in a different spot, I would have won.

This picture is hilarious! I don't remember why Jerry did this, but it looked so funny that I had to take a picture. (Then I tried to do it myself, and I couldn't.) The picture is so much funnier because of the shorts he's wearing--they aren't actual jorts (jean shorts), but printed to look like them.

I was cracking up when I saw the race predictor on my Garmin--it looks at your current fitness level and predicts your race times. There is NO WAY I could run a 5K in 27:10 right now! (Or even in the near future.) I would be surprised if I could run a 5K in 33:00. I have no desire to start racing again, though. I just thought this was funny.

Eli called to me, "Come look at this squirrel!" and when I looked, I started laughing so hard. He was just chilling like this on the deck--he stayed there for a relatively long time, too. At first, when I grabbed the camera, he stood up and watched me in the doorway. I figured he'd never get in that position again. But then he laid down in the same position to relax in the sun. So funny!

I saved the best for last... I went with Laura, Jerry's sister, for an embryo transfer! (Yes, she gave me permission to post this.) She's been going through IVF to get pregnant and her husband just started a new job, so he wasn't able to go with her for the embryo transfer. She asked me to go, and it was so exciting! I watched on the ultrasound screen as the doctor placed the embryo in her uterus. She had Shelby, my niece, via IVF--I really hope she'll have success this time as well. And how cool that I got to be there when it happened! (She'll find out next week whether it worked.)

I'm going to go tweeze my unibrow right now... haha.

Have a great weekend!


  1. You can tell Shelby and Jerry are siblings. They have the same eyes! I hope their IVF is a success. ❤️

  2. Love of fun, love, and laughter here. Always refreshing.


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