August 30, 2021

10 Things I Wish I'd Done This Summer

I really don't like starting my posts with, "Where had the time gone?!" thoughts, but seriously... when did the summer completely blow past? Eli starts school tomorrow, and even though it's not technically fall for a few more weeks, the start of school always feels like fall. Well, aside from the 100-degree temps we've suffered through this month (when it wasn't raining).

Jerry said today that he can't believe that August is over already, and we started talking about things that we had planned to do this summer and then we didn't get around to doing (which is pretty much everything we'd planned). So, I figured I'd make a list and see what we can still manage to do before it's *actually* fall.

There are "chores" that we wanted to get done, but also some fun family things and even stuff like cooking on the grill and spending summer nights sitting on the deck in the backyard. Throughout the year, something we say frequently is, "Oh, let's do that this summer!"--and we've certainly said that a lot since last fall--but summer flew by and now I can't even think of any big and/or important things we did this summer (other than going to my sister's property up north).

Anyway, here are some things we'd wanted to do but did not; and hopefully, things that it's not too late to do!

1) Plant new landscaping. The weeds were totally out of control. In the past, I would have spent a couple of mornings out there pulling weeds like crazy; ever since the pain in my hands and wrists got so bad, I can't even think about pulling weeds. So we sprayed weed killer on it and they died. But then we didn't finish prepping for new landscaping and now it's full of weeds again. Once we get that under control, we need to lay down a weed barrier and then plant some new landscaping. I'm so embarrassed of how it looks right now!

2) Go camping. I haven't been camping since probably 2009. And I really am not a fan (I hate it, actually!) but I have wanted to do it for just a single night with the kids for family time and memories. The kids have no memory of the time we went camping in 2009, and I want them to have one camping memory with the four of us. (I don't even have pictures from that time--this one below is pretty much it)

3) Go for family walks in the evenings. This is something we used to do all the time until a few years ago. The kids got to the age where it wasn't really cool to go for walks with their parents in the evenings, and we just stopped doing it. We didn't walk far--maybe a mile--but we liked to go when it was dark outside and we brought flashlights. Even if the kids think it's lame, I don't think it's asking much of them ;)

4) Paint or stain the deck and stoops. Our deck is horribly embarrassing--it's been needing a new coat of stain for probably 10 years! It's such an overwhelming task that I haven't wanted to even start it. Also, we need new siding on the house, so I've been putting off the deck until we know what will match the new siding.

(Our insurance adjuster is supposed to come this week about the roof and siding from our wind storm. He was scheduled to come last Thursday, but that morning, he fell off of a roof(!) and spent four days in the hospital because he broke two vertebrae. So, he's bringing someone with him who will go on the roof, but he's still coming.)

5) Go to the Detroit Cookie Company (ohmygosh, check them out on Instagram--their cookies look INSANE). Eli and I been talking for a couple of years now about going (we are peas in a pod when it comes to our love of sweets). It's not necessarily a "summer thing", but it was something I kept planning to do this summer.

6) Go kayaking with Eli. We got each of the kids a kayak for Christmas, but Noah didn't end up wanting his. Instead of returning it, I just gave him the money for it and we kept the kayak so that Eli could go with a friend (it's a kayak that is especially meant for fishing, so he just walks it across the street and then paddles through the canals). I planned to ask him if I could go with him one day and he could take me to his favorite fishing spots. I'm not a fan of the water or boats, but I think it would mean a lot to Eli if I did that.

7) Bury a time capsule with my family. I bought the capsule, we just haven't done anything with it yet! I really need to just make a deadline and tell everyone to gather what they want to put inside.

8) Go on a picnic with the family. This one is so simple--I bring it up probably every few weeks, but we never actually make the plans to do it. Again, I need to just pick a date and make a plan.

9) Go for a 30-mile bike ride with Jerry. Honestly, I don't know if I have the endurance for this! Haha. We wouldn't do it fast or anything; we would pack some food and picnic at the halfway point. Stop and take pictures or check out scenery at spots along the way. We went on a pretty spontaneous bike ride a few years ago and rode 26.5 miles--so that's where I got the 30-mile idea. A little farther than before.

10) Go to a drive-in movie theater. This is something I've wanted to do for such a long time! And we just got a local drive-in about 15 minutes away, so I am excited to check it out. Jerry and I want to have a "date night" (I can't even remember the last time we did that) at the drive-in. Eli actually just went on Saturday with his friend. They were showing all three Back to the Future movies, and Eli and his friend dressed in their 2020 Halloween costumes (his friend was Marty and Eli was Doc Brown). Eli told me that lots of people were asking to get pictures with them--so funny!


  1. The drive in theater sounds amazing! I've always wanted to go to one but there's none where I live unfortunately. This is a great list, I can see most of these being accomplished by the time fall actually rolls around! And you're right, omg those cookies look AMAZING!

  2. We had grand plans this summer but the weather in central NY was so wet there wasn't a lot of options for outdoor activities. It was a bummer summer.

    1. Hey there I am from Central NY! The rainy flooding weather definitely sucked!

  3. We didnt get much accomplished this summer either and I feel terrible, but Noah did spend a lot of time with his best friend so I am grateful for that. This summer just wasnt cut out to be a great summer. xoxo

  4. Starting one summer when my husband was laid off work and continuing through this year, we have always done a "last day of summer before school starts" picnic in the park. We pick up some food from the deli and produce depts, sodas from the gas station and usually some cookies I wouldn't normally buy (like name brand oreos or something from bakery) and we sit on blanket under a big tree and eat. This year might be the last one though as the girl leaves for college next fall and the boy has graduated. This year my husband was going to be out of town on the the last day so we did it a day early. We always take a pic of the kids by the big tree as a last hurrah of summer. But yes..the freaking hot weather makes it feel like fall is a ways off yet.

  5. I just love you! You're so real and so honest. We all make these list of things we want to do, then don't do them but never talk about it. Certainly not publicly. LOL! I've been following you forever and just realized today I don't think I've ever left a comment. I LOVE your posts.


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