August 11, 2021


We had a MASSIVE storm come through late this afternoon, totally unexpectedly, and the power went out. Of course my phone and computer are almost dead. Ugh! The last time we had a storm this big, we lost power for four days.

Well, the electric company is estimating four days--YES, four days without power. So I have to write this very quickly before my computer dies. I'm going to babysit Luke and Riley tomorrow night at their house (and thankfully, they have power) so I can bring my computer, phone, iPad, and all the other stuff I need to charge. And laundry! Haha.

So, my posts may be weird/sporadic/who knows for the next few days. This is super stressful--we have to make an insurance claim for our roof (pictures below). The siding was damaged in places, too. The first picture is my street!

I'll try to write my regular Wednesday Weigh-In post tomorrow.

Okay gotta go!


  1. Yikes! Scary weather lately! Glad your ok!

  2. I'm in Wisconsin and that storm blew through Tuesday night. It was crazy! We were lucky and never lost power but half the city is out and is still out! They had to call in crews from Illinois and Missouri to help because there were so many people without power. I hope your power gets back up soon! Sorry to hear about the storm damage too :(

  3. Oh dear. Glad you're all okay, but the house. *sad face* Hope insurance takes care of it all easily. Stay safe!

  4. Oh my goodness, how terrible! I'm sorry you have to go through that, no fun for sure! Hopefully you come out on the up side...I learned the time to get a new roof is when insurance pays for it.

  5. What a mess. So sorry. Glad everyone is safe.


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