April 06, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #21

Yikes--I'm late getting this posted. I'm just trying to get it up before midnight! It was gorgeous here today--it actually hit 80 degrees--and the day just flew by.

Thank you so much to those of you that sent in transformation photos for Transformation Tuesday! Please keep them coming so I can keep posting this series. It's inspiring to see all the transformations :)

My husband updated our fireplace a few years ago. The new tile looks so much better than the red brick! Funny, he now manages a custom fireplace and gas store!

This was 15 years ago but we updated our 1950s kitchen. My husband took it down to the studs, rewired the electrical, and we upgraded to maple cabinets (Home Depot), hand scraped hardwood flooring, and granite countertops. 


Here is my senior puggle, Bodhi, during our introduction at the Arizona Humane Society in 10/2019 when he was eight years old, and a few recent pics of him as a loved, happy nine-year-old adorable puppy. He LOVES balls!

- Dana, Phoenix, happy dog-mom

Well, I'm at it again - this time sprucing up our den. The gas logs didn't work so we rarely used that room (it gets cold in winter!). We had new ones installed and now we'd like it to be a more functional room instead of a dumping ground for stuff we don't know what to do with!

I wanted it to feel mid-century (since it has VCT flooring and knotty pine walls), but in a more whimsical way. To that end I wanted to add some fun art. I saw these inspiration paintings in the movie "The Incredibles 2" and loved them.

I took a photo of the paused picture on the TV, printed it out, and then sort of free handed a similar design. I used plates and that sort of thing to make circles and arcs. I liked the colors but added a bit of orange to better match the things in our room. I used some cheap canvases and acrylic craft paints from a craft store.

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a true "before and after", but it's a step on the way to giving that room an economical refresh.

- Deb

I purchased a townhome and loved everything about it but the fireplace in the corner. It had this awful homemade tv mount above it and it stuck out like a sore thumb.

It took me forever to take down the tv mount--it had over 20 anchors holding it to the wall. After removing, patching and repainting the wall I tackled the fireplace. I used chalk paint with a wax over it and love how it turned out! It now fits it with my living room and makes sense.  

- Anne

Susan, I love the tiles on the fireplace! And what a huge difference in your kitchen--I really like the flooring you chose. And don't you love having a bigger sink? I went from two basins to one and it's deeper than the last sink. I love it!

Dana, Bodhi is adorable--and I am so happy that you adopted him! I love hearing about senior pets finding forever homes (and certainly to be as spoiled as Bodhi seems to be!).

Deb, I am SO impressed with your creativity! I never would have thought to pause the movie to take a photo and then later try to recreate it. You did an amazing job!

Anne, I literally gasped out loud when I saw the picture of the TV mount--and all the holes in the wall! The new color on the fireplace looks great. Love it!

Thank you again for sharing. And please, if any of you have a transformation (big or small) to share, just send me a before photo and an after photo via email to: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Include a description of the transformation, your name/location/hobby and I'll be happy to share it on a future Transformation Tuesday post :)


  1. Neat transformations all around. Of course, being the shelter volunteer that I am, my favorite transformation is Bodhi. πŸΆπŸ’œ My last foster went home on Sunday and I'm so glad, as she had such a rough life before I got to foster her and I know she's going to be spoiled in her furever home.

    1. Thank you for your love of fostering pets and helping them get to a much better life! It can't be easy because they are nervous about the sudden changes, then you get attached, and you have to say goodbye over and over. Yes they do have rough lives for sure. Again, thank you so much!

  2. Susan, your "before" fireplace looks exactly like ours! Our house was built in the 1940s (don't know if the fireplace is original), but we only moved in 15 years ago. We even have the red tiles in front of it, except some of ours are cracked and broken. Would your husband like to come and re-do ours? lol!

  3. I think all of these transformations are fantastic, but I'm a softie when it comes to pet rescue, and that little dog Bodhi is the cutest! He is so happy his family found him and are spoiling him! Thank you for doing that!

  4. I don't have a before picture, but I transformed my linen closet into an office space for COVID reasons, would you still want me to submit something?


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