April 16, 2021

Friday Night Photos

I thought it was odd that we didn't get a snow storm in March--we always have a March snow storm! I was so sure we were in the clear. And then yesterday, it started snowing on my way to an appointment. I am very relieved that it didn't last long and the snow melted as it hit the ground, but it was kind of crazy to have snow in mid-April.

Anyway, the appointment I was driving to? My COVID-19 vaccine! I got the first of two Moderna vaccines (I didn't choose which one--just took what they had.) I have to go back on May 12 to get my second one, and then two weeks after that, I'll be considered "fully vaccinated".

I have kind of a lot of pictures of Duck this week. He's just so funny! Eli was eating Ramen with chopsticks yesterday and Duck was super fascinated...

He managed to snatch one of the noodles and run away with it. 

Always up to no good! I heard a noise in the kitchen that sounded like dishes clanking together. I thought it was the dishwasher, but then I realized the dishwasher wasn't on. I went to investigate, and this is what I found...

(I had been putting away dishes earlier and he must have gone in there when I wasn't looking. Then I closed it without realizing he was there!)

Duck's been practicing his seal imitation and he's getting pretty good at it. We discussed that he needs to work on arching his head back a bit.

Duck is SO determined to be friends with Estelle. He tries to play with her but she's a brat and swats him away. A couple of days ago, she was sleeping on the couch and Duck went and laid down right next to her. She gave him the stink eye, but went back to sleep. Then Duck kept inching closer to her. Eventually, he stuck his whole arm out like he was putting his arm around her. He left it like that--I don't think she even noticed that he did it because he was very stealthy about it!

Duck and Chick looked so symmetrical that I had to get a picture. They've grown SO much this past year!

My parents were going to pick up Luke and Riley, so they brought over this stuffed animal zoo that I made for the kids to put their stuffed animals in. I guess they played with it like it was a jail! Haha.

I had been struggling to come up with a good solution to make cabinet doors for that cabinet I put together out of scrap wood. There are a lot of different techniques for butt joints (putting boards together perpendicular to each other)--but most require special tools or router bits or saw blades I don't have. And mitered corners aren't very strong unless you reinforce them.

A very common joint for cabinet doors is a half-lap (see top photo in the collage below). It allows for a large glue surface, making it very solid. However, I couldn't figure out an accurate way to do them without using special bits or blades. After digging on YouTube for a little bit, I found a tutorial for this jig to make them on a table saw. The jig only took about 5 minutes to make and then I was able to cut all 12 boards at both ends in less than 10 minutes. I had spent hours trying to do it in other ways! This was SO easy and I did it with just the table saw. 

After St. Patrick's Day, I looked for corned beef to go on sale, and it did--for 50% off. I bought a few of them to throw in the freezer, and then yesterday, I put one in the slow cooker. I made reuben sandwiches for dinner, and holy smokes, they were SO GOOD. I've always loved reubens.

And finally... Eli started baseball games this week. It makes for a very busy schedule, but I'm glad to see him play--last year, baseball was canceled. The whole team gets tested for COVID-19 every week and the kids don't go to the games on the bus together (they have to ride with parents individually). Instead of high-fives after the game, the kids on each team wave their hats to each other as a way of saying "good game". Eli is SO happy to be playing baseball again! Here is a picture of him playing catcher today. He's so grown up!


  1. Ohmygosh, Duck's little "stealth cuddle" with Estelle is sooo funny. That Reuben looks fantastic -- my favorite sandwich, tied with a BLT made with perfect tomatoes. Congrats on getting your first vaccination!

  2. I never knew cats were so funny. We can't have a cat because my husband is VERY allergic. His eyes turn red and the tears just pour! But they're so cute and funny. That snow is sickening! A few years ago I was driving in early May, in snow, in 4 wheel drive, and slid in the ditch! Yesterday I bought 15 Stargazer Lilly bulbs to plant. And I mowed grass for an hour. So thankful spring is here.

  3. Duck is hysterical. Love that and wow that reuben looks good. Your posts always cheer me.


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