April 18, 2021

Affirmators! Week 9: Clarity

[Affirmators! are cards with positive affirmations written on them. My friend John sent me a deck of them and I've been drawing one from the deck each Sunday. I hang it on my bathroom mirror to keep it in the front of my mind and try to work on that topic through the week. That's what this Affirmators! post series is about. The introspection on these weekly posts has gotten surprisingly deep!]

Last week, the affirmation was about "Letting Go"--not holding grudges or dwelling on bad things that happened. While I'm not one to hold grudges, I wrote about how I carry around guilt and/or regret over things I've done (or not done) in my life. It can be something very minor that I'm sure everyone else forgot about, but I just can't let it go. So, that's something I will always have to work on.

The card I randomly selected this week is:


Stopping to listen to my inner self, I can easily separate my intuition from my mental chatter. The clarity of my intuition is a sweet, simple fruit that tastes familiar. And the mental chatter is a confusing, bitter rind that I shall peel off and chuck into the garbage (or compost heap, if your mental chatter happens to be organic).

Haha! I love the the compost heap comment. I'm not usually a fan of metaphors that seem out of place, but I really like this affirmation. This is one that I am actually really good at already.

I refer to my intuition as my "gut feeling", but I don't use that term lightly. When making important decisions, it's easy to overthink things. And sometimes I find myself doing that--going back and forth in my head over all the possibilities. When I tell the "mental chatter" to shut up for a second, I focus very hard on what answer gives me a sense of peace.

It's not always the answer I want or the answer that seems to make the most sense--but it's the answer that calms the pit of my stomach. "Peace" is the best word for that feeling. Once I feel peace with a decision, I trust it. It's been the most effective tool I've ever had when making tough decisions.

When Jerry has a decision to make, he even trusts my intuition enough that he'll ask me, "What's your gut telling you?" and he goes with it because he knows that it doesn't fail me. 

I've been racking my brain for about 20 minutes since I wrote that last sentence and I cannot come up with a good example! However, I wrote a post about "mother's intuition" when Noah had the biggest splinter EVER in his foot and we went to Urgent Care and THREE emergency rooms--the doctors kept brushing me off, telling me that it would surface on its own.

My gut feeling was telling me that it wasn't normal. And it turns out I was very right--the surgeon who finally removed it was shocked. I sent pictures to the other emergency rooms so they could see that not all moms are overreacting when listening to their intuition. If I'd convinced myself that the doctors know what they are talking about, Noah could have lost his foot or his leg! (Here is the post, if you missed it.)

I don't always listen to my gut feeling--sometimes I'm impulsive and I choose the answer that I WANT rather than the one that gives me peace. Occasionally, it's a good choice--but almost always, when I go against my intuition, I end up regretting it.

So, while this affirmation card is something that I already practice regularly, it's good to have a reminder. And the card is cute!

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