April 09, 2021

Friday Night Photos

I actually have a decent variety of photos this week. Nothing super exciting, but I always love to go through my pictures at the end of the week and remember the random things that I took pictures of.

Early in the week, I planned to buy a few things to put in Easter baskets for Luke and Riley. On Saturday, I was getting the stuff together when I realized that I didn't have baskets to put it in. I really didn't want to go to the store, so I got creative. I turned a couple of paper Kroger bags into baskets! Hahaha. It looks like more work than it was--it took me about an hour to do both. But I kind of like them...

I got each of the kids a stuffed animal (to go in the stuffed animal zoo that I made for them), some books (Luke loves learning about animals and Riley is VERY into unicorns), a mini kite, some cereal (the first thing they always do when they come over is go to my pantry and pick out a mini box of cereal), and a few pieces of candy. I figured they'd get a lot of candy from the Easter Bunny, so I kept in minimal ;)

This is the progress that the ants made in their ant farm. This was a week ago, and it's actually more complex now. 

Yesterday, Noah, Eli, and I were outside when Eli spotted this young bald eagle eating a fish in the tree in front of our house. I didn't know this was an eagle until my dad told me and I looked it up online. Apparently, eagles don't reach adulthood until they are four years old. We've had SO many of them around our house for the last couple of years. They're interesting to see because they're enormous.

I took this blanket out of the dryer and while I was putting clothes away, I tossed it onto the couch in my bedroom. When I came back, Estelle had curled up and fallen asleep in there. She looked so innocent!

I've been out in the garage every day, even if only for a couple of hours. The weather has been amazing! On this day it was raining, but I still went out and enjoyed it. The air was warm and it was peaceful with the sound of the rain. And yes, the floor is my workbench. I clearly like to spread my materials out ;) 

I really wanted to build something, but the cost of lumber right now is prohibitive--so I challenged myself to see what I could build using as many of my scraps and off-cuts as possible. I've actually used up quite a bit! I am building a cabinet--not sure what I'll do with it (maybe use it as a workbench in the garage?). You can see that I didn't have any large pieces of plywood for the backside, so I made a patchwork-type backing, haha. I used the sides of my old dresser for the bottom and I'm going to use the top of the dresser for the top of the cabinet.

I've been opening the windows every day and as soon as the pets hear the windows going up, they all rush to the living room. The cats sit in front of the windows all day and the new favorite place to sleep is this chaise on the couch. It's in the perfect spot. I love when the kittens cuddle together! (They turned one year old last month, can you believe it?).

My parents had their COVID vaccines (yay!) so we were able to go over there for dinner on Easter. I loved seeing Luke and Riley jump all over Noah, who puts his "too cool" act aside when they are just so stinkin' cute.

And I saved the best for last...

Does anyone remember Glamour Shots? (I just looked it up, and I guess it's still a thing?!) Well, in the mid-90's, Glamour Shots at the mall was very popular for a minute. I think it was at JCPenney. Basically, you'd get a makeover and wear some clothes from the portrait studio, and have your photos taken.

This photo is of my mom (center) and her two sisters (my Aunt Mary Jo on the left and my Aunt Mickey on the right). This was taken in 1994 and I think it's hilarious--none of them ever wore that much makeup, or bedazzled clothes, or poofy hairstyles. My mom said they laughed so hard that day because it was all so unlike them, but they had a blast. (Remember when I wrote about how I loved seeing the three of them together? It's because they always got the giggles--and I can only imagine how much they laughed during this photo session.)

Anyway, I was feeling much better today than yesterday, so I'm not sick. Whew! Jerry got a COVID vaccine yesterday and I have an appointment later this month :)


  1. Love it. My mom also has a glamour shot which I find hilarious. I remember it was an actual store at the mall. I am so impressed with your cabinet awesome job!

  2. Love your Friday pictures. :) I'm also totally jealous that you get to see Bald Eagles in your yard. Your Easter basket solution is fabulous and I love all the cool things you put in them. And yes, I remember Glamour Shots very well -- big hair and bedazzling. Your mom and aunts look like they're having a ball! ;)

    Glad you guys are able to get vaccinated. Our city just opened vaccinations up to any resident from age of 16 up and will be doing the same for people who work in our city starting April 15.

  3. That cabinet seems like a great board game storage solution...


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