March 08, 2021

What do you meme?

I had the strangest night. I've been trying to go to bed early (10:00) every night, but it's super hard for me to fall asleep that early, even when I take an over the counter sleeping pill. Last night, I took an anxiety pill because they shut off all the thoughts racing through my mind at night and help me sleep--like a rock. I don't take them for that reason very often, but I needed a good night's sleep.

I locked up the house and was actually getting drowsy by 7:30. I hadn't taken an anxiety pill in a while, so it must have hit harder or something. I got into bed to read at 8:00 and was drifting asleep by 8:15. I just went with it and fell asleep. The next thing I know, I hear someone pounding on the front door in the middle of the night. I had been DEEP asleep and I was completely disoriented. Then I was scared--who would be at the door at that hour?

I went to the front door and called, "Who is it?" I heard, "It's me!" (Noah's voice). Then it hit me--it was only 10:30 pm and Noah was getting home from work. I'm usually awake at that time, so he didn't have his keys with him. Good grief, that was terrifying. Thankfully, even when I'm in a deep sleep, noises will wake me up--even if he had just knocked normally. I told him he needs to bring his keys with him, always.

Anyway! As you all know, I LOVE memes. There are memes for just about everything you can imagine, and when I'm feeling depressed or anxious or just feel in need of a good laugh, I like to browse through memes on Pinterest. I don't like to be annoying by posting them everywhere, because memes that are funny to me might be totally lame to others--it's all about what speaks to you personally. (Like these 100 mental illness memes I posted.)

When I came across this game on Amazon, it looked super fun. It's called "What Do You Meme?" and it has the same sort of play as Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity where the "judge" draws a card and each player has to pick a card from their hand that goes well with the judge's card. Then the judge chooses the one they think is best, and that player gets a point.

I got tired of Cards Against Humanity--it was fun for a while, but you can only take so many penis jokes before it just gets old. It all depends on who you're playing with, too. I like to pick cards that I think are clever and actually tie in well; other people just like to pick the funniest/oddest/raunchiest card they have, whether it makes sense or not. I still like the game! But I'm definitely in the mood for something new when getting together with friends. (Hopefully we can start doing "real" game nights with friends soon! That's one of the things I miss most since the pandemic.)

'What Do You Meme?' is so fun! The judge draws a card with a photo on it (something that has been used for several memes on the internet) and each player chooses a caption from the cards in their hand that they think best goes with the meme. Then the judge chooses their favorite caption and that player gets a point.

I love that the directions say, "The person with the most Instagram followers typically starts as the judge unless they bought followers or use 100 hashtags on each post. If you have a friend who does that, slap them firmly in the face." Haha!

Here are a few I threw together for examples:

I've been super into board games this past year, probably because there isn't much to do as far as entertainment goes with the pandemic keeping us at home. Jerry and I have been playing Ticket to Ride a lot lately, but I didn't want to get bored with it. Yesterday, I was killing time while Eli was driving with his instructor, and I saw an Oregon Trail board game. I LOVED The Oregon Trail on the computer (we played it at school a lot) and I thought it was one of those novelty nostalgia type games.

After reading some reviews on Amazon (I looked it up on my phone while I was debating buying it), I saw that people said it was actually a really good game that involves strategy. There is a nostalgic sense to it, but it's a good game whether you've played the computer game or not. I went ahead and bought it, but we haven't played it yet. Jerry and Noah are both off work today, so we're going to have a game night and try it out. Fun!

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