March 19, 2021

Friday Night Photos (Pets and Projects)

Since injuring my knee (and not being able to go for walks or bike rides while it heals) I've had quite a bit of extra energy. Or maybe I have the extra energy because of my light therapy lamp...? Regardless, I've been in a great mood and have been working on fun projects. Nothing major (well, until today...)

Anyway, here are some photos from throughout the week (pets and projects is all I have!):

Well, I do have this one photo of Amish Friendship Bread. I baked it from the starter that I'd made, and I gave away the other starters. I still have a bag of starter that I've been "feeding" because the family loved this bread so much--I can make it more than once every 10 days.

Now for pet photos...

I was reading in bed, and Chick and Duck were lying by my feet. I hate that you can't see them well in this photo because they (especially Duck) were SO CUTE.

Jerry, Eli, and I were watching a documentary about squirrels (yes, I know) and Duck was totally fascinated. He watched almost the entire 50-minute film.

Estelle and Duck... sleeping next to each other... and even touching a little! Estelle is warming up to Duck. It's impossible not to like him ;)  (Duck is the one who laid down next to Estelle. He was so cautious and once he realized she wasn't going to hiss and growl at him, he gingerly reached over with his paw and barely touched hers with it. 

Estelle looked so comfortable using the remotes for a pillow...

I noticed that Estelle has one wonky whisker--it's white and it curls in a different direction than the rest of them. It was driving me crazy! I was dying to pull it out, but I left it alone.

I have NO idea why, but the pets were following me around one day like I had bacon in my pockets. Chick was around, too, but not in the photo.

And some projects I've been working on:

I wanted to make a comfy blanket (I ALWAYS have a blanket on my lap when I'm sitting down--I feel naked without one!) and I found a really nice duvet cover at Salvation Army. I actually thought it was Brooklinen brand at first because it looks and feels so similar to the Brooklinen duvet covers I have. I figured I could use the fabric from the duvet to make a good throw blanket. 

I had a faux-cashmere blanket from back when Jerry and I got married (the cream-colored one in the top pic) and it it wasn't in nice-looking shape anymore (there were a few little stains). So, I used that to make the cozy blanket--I cut the edges off of the cream blanket, and cut the duvet down to the size of the cream blanket. Then I sewed all three layers together for a super comfy blanket!

At Salvation Army, I checked out the throw pillows--if I find any that have a good-quality insert (feather-filled) then I sometimes buy them with plans of re-covering them. I found three at the store last week--a large reddish colored one with a gold design and two that were covered with pink ribbons. I took the covers off of all three and then made new covers. For the large pillow, I used leftover pieces of the duvet cover to quilt into a basketweave pattern.

For the pink ribbon ones, I actually used a single standard-size pillowcase to make two covers. I found the pillowcase at Salvation Army and I LOVED the fabric--so the reason I bought it was to use the fabric for something one day (this was about a year ago). And these pillows were perfect!

I was going to cut off the edge of the pillowcase and just cut four squares, but I realized that if I folded it a particular way, I could use the edging of the pillow case down the center of the throws. I love how they turned out!

And finally, I am SUPER excited about my newest project that I started today. I found a Pottery Barn coffee table and media console on Facebook Marketplace (they were from the Rhys collection, which is no longer being produced--but I discovered that the table retailed for $700 and the console retailed for $1200!).

The pieces are not in great shape (well, the console is actually in pretty good shape, but the coffee table definitely needs refinishing). They are great quality pieces. I got both of them for $100 and I'm going to refinish them. Today, I cleaned them with TSP and sanded the heck out of them to get most of the finish off. I was debating whether to stain them or paint them, and I decided to paint them white. Hopefully I'll have them done this week! (I'll save the progress photos for later)


  1. Your patience with finding these treasures continues to amaze me. Thrift stores, FB marketplace and garages sales drive me nuts. My sister, like you, can "SEE" the potential while all I see is junk. You're inspiring me to open my eyes wider and see the possibilities. I can do it with houses. Our current home was a disaster, but I could "see" it with some paint and different curtains, pulled up carpet to reveal hardwood floors. But clothes and furniture, nope. Thanks for continuing to inspire me and others.

  2. Duck is so cute with the squirrel documentary -- and with Estelle. We used to have a cat that was fascinated by otters in the same way. In the "whisker pic," it looks like Estelle knows exactly what you're thinking. 😹

    Really like your creativity with the pillows. Your new sectional is fantastic too! Have a super weekend!

  3. I have a tortie and she had one white whisker as a kitten and I thought it was the cutest thing!! And then a few years ago it just disappeared! It must have fallen out. I was so sad lol. Estelle is my fave pet of yours bc I love me a tortie

  4. The furniture is amazing and your pillows are fabulous!


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