March 05, 2021

Friday Night Photos

Friday Night Photos! 

On Monday, I made the Amish Friendship Bread sourdough starter. I'm really excited to do this! I wrote this on my (revised) list of 40 Goals Before I Turn 40 Years Old. Amish Friendship Bread starts out with a sourdough starter (like what I made below). It takes 10 days. On Day 10, you divide it up between 4 Ziploc bags (with the directions written on the front) and you give a bag to each of 3 friends, keeping the fourth for yourself.

You use one cup of starter to make two loaves of Amish Friendship Bread. Your friends follow the directions on the bag as well, and on Day 10, they divide it up and give away. And on and on. Very fun! (I used this recipe for the starter, and I'm going to use this recipe for the bread itself. You only need to make the starter if you don't receive it from someone else.)

Luke and Riley stayed the night on Saturday, and when I was going to set up Riley's portable crib, I noticed a couple of eyes staring at me from inside the bag with her blankets... (it's Chick in there).

I wanted to do something different with the kids (Luke and Riley), so we made homemade ice cream in a bag. You just combine 1/2 cup half & half, 1 Tbsp. sugar, and 1/4 tsp. vanilla in a sandwich-sized Ziploc bag (for one serving). Then you put a bunch of ice (about 3 cups) and 1/4 cup of kosher salt in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag. You place the small bag with the ice cream mixture--sealed well!--into the bag with the ice. 

Then you seal that bag and shake the whole thing for a while until the half & half mixture becomes ice cream! It took about 15 minutes, and it was kind of a lot of work. My hands were FROZEN when I was done, even though I wore mittens while shaking the bag. Once the ice cream is the texture you want, you rinse off the lip of the bag before opening it so that you don't get salt in your ice cream. The kids added sprinkles, of course. The ice cream was delicious!

Riley brought over some toy doctor's stuff--a stethoscope, thermometer, etc. Noah used to be really interested in anatomy when he was three years old, and we got him a lab coat for Christmas. I still have it, so I took it out for Riley to play with. I noticed something was in the pocket, and I pulled out a "business card" that Noah had made!

It says, "I (love) Bean"--Bean is the affectionate name that my kids (and Luke and Riley) call my mom. Noah was her first grandchild, and we referred to her as "Grammy" when he was a baby. When he started talking, he somehow started calling her "Bean"; and instead of saying "Grampy" for my dad, he called him "Pay". So, my parents are known as Bean and Pay to their grandkids. Anyway, this is Noah in his lab coat and the business card he made. I'm assuming the drawing is of my mom! Haha.

Speaking of my parents, my dad has me cracking up with his text messages. He's going to be 70 this year and I swear he gets funnier and funnier as he gets older. He and my mom went to South Carolina and he sent me a text to tell me that they saw three alligators. He included this gif! (I don't know how to post the actual gif on here, but the alligator is dancing.)

I told him that I had no idea he even knew what a gif was, let alone how to find and send one! I was impressed. Then this happened...

He sent me a message that he meant to send to a friend (he meant "well" get started)... and he included a gif of a dog "talking" on a phone! Jerry and I were dying. I'm curious what he searched in the gif gallery to find that, hahaha.

I really felt like sewing something yesterday, so I went out to the garage and made a cover for a pillow insert I had. I have two of them, actually, but I still have to make the second cover. The inserts are filled with feathers and have pokey ends sticking out--so I didn't use them. I first made a cover out of canvas to keep the feathers from poking through and then I covered that with this fox pattern. It goes really well with the orange in my house! And it was fun to make--I don't sew zippers very often and I put an invisible zipper in this cover.

Finally, here is an adorable video of Chick and Joey. It melted my heart! Eli took the video, which is why it's vertical. We know that I'm not a fan of vertical video ;)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Chick and Joey, how precious is that?

  2. We used to make ice cream in class when I taught colligative properties (changing freezing and boiling points). My students loved it, although by the end of the day after 187 kids made ice cream, my classroom was a disaster. 🍦😱😂

    You can also put a couple of the inner Ziplocs (just make sure they are REALLY tightly closed) in a No.10 coffee can and put in the ice and salt around the bags, put the plastic lid on the can, and then send the kids outside to roll it back and forth to each other. Also, I've found that whole milk will freeze a little faster, although it isn't quite as delicious.

    1. We did this when we went camping! We always had a Folgers coffee can around ;)

  3. Chick and Joey are so sweet together!! 🥰

  4. ooh - I love that Amish friendship bread! Everything about this post is adorable!

  5. OMG. We called the Friendship Bread "Chain Bread." Many years ago, over a year, I think I received 20 of them. We kept finding them bursting out of their bags in kitchen cabinets because we put them there and forgot!!! Hope yours works out better than ours.

  6. You are an awesome Aunt for making homemade ice cream with the kids! I love the video of Chick and Joey - so sweet!

  7. Admittedly I am not a cat person, I am a dog girl...BUT that video is adorable!!!


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