September 13, 2020

Ideas for Cookies Fall Challenge...?

I think I have the plan for my Cookies Fall Challenge. I have a few ideas, but here is what I've come up with so far:

1) A checklist of items to complete in a run or walk, very similar to the Cookies Summer Challenge.

2) I will form teams of people to accumulate mileage and compete with other teams. Sign up for a team, and I will make the teams as fair as possible, and then log your miles. It will be a competition to see which team logs the most miles.

3) A "Fall Hard" challenge--very similar to "75 Hard"--where I will have "rules" (a little more flexible than the 75 Hard rules) to follow through the end of fall. I've already thought up the rules for this, and here they are (like I said, they are VERY similar to 75 Hard):

*Follow a diet of your choice--write out your "rules" prior to starting the challenge. You cannot change them midway through, so make sure you choose rules that are challenging but not so hard that you will quit.

*Exercise 60 minutes a day, with a minimum of 30 minutes outside. You can split the workout into two workouts maximum or just do it all in one go. They can be very tough workouts or very easy--your choice--and you can decide these on a day to day basis. You cannot add up steps throughout the day to count them as a workout--the workout needs to be deliberate and done in one or two goes each day.

*Drink 64 ounces of water a day. You can add a squeeze of lemon or lime, but coffee, tea, flavored waters, etc, don't count. 

*Read 10 pages of a book (any book you'd like) every day.

*Write in a journal once a day--even if it is just one sentence. I love my "Some Lines a Day" journal! (affiliate link)

*Take a progress photo once a day--a mirror selfie, or ask someone else to take one for you. Preferably a full-length photo. You don't have to share these with anyone; they are just for you.

Does anyone have strong opinions on the challenge ideas? I wanted to do something different than the summer challenge, but when I asked on the Facebook group, there were several people who really liked the checklist. 

I also wasn't sure if I should keep it to just exercise (running/walking) or to expand on that and make it more about self-discipline (the "Fall Hard" challenge).

Anyway, I plan on doing something like the "Fall Hard" challenge for myself. I've really liked doing 75 Hard, even though I eventually modified my rules a bit after learning that I wasn't doing them 100% correctly.

I wish I hadn't looked into the podcasts to see which was "correct" and which was "incorrect" as far as the stupid rules go. I was so confident for weeks while doing 75 Hard until I learned I might not be doing it correctly, and then I didn't worry so much about whether I was "right" or "wrong". 

This week didn't go nearly as well as I'd hoped. I can't even describe how stressed out I was. With the kids starting school (and nothing going as planned) and all of the stuff on my "to do" list, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. I even had a few panic attacks this week, which hasn't happened in a LONG time. 

My weight hasn't gone up, but I don't see a difference in my comparison photos, so it's a bit discouraging. 

I haven't really solved anything that I was stressed out about (except that I got my printer working this morning!)  but I am sure I'll figure it out. I was talking to Jerry and I think I might even order a couple of nightstands on Amazon instead of building them myself. I would love to build them, but lumber is VERY short right now and it's hard to find what I need. It would be one less thing to worry about.

If you plan on joining in on Cookies Fall Challenge, please let me know what sounds best to you! I plan on posting the "rules"/sign-up sheet next week. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by! 


  1. Option 2 sounds best to me!

  2. Katie, you are always so inspirational. All that you do, and the kind, thoughtful, smart, determined, and honest person that you are -- I just hope you know what a wonderful role model you are to all of us.

    I am really loving the idea of the competing teams for the Fall Cookies Challenge, although ALL of those ideas sound great. I have been struggling with a bit of regain (after an initial 100+ pound weight loss) for what feels like forever now, and am feeling desperate for something to help me stick with positive habits long enough to get into a good "groove." So anything you choose for the Fall is a welcome challenge!

    I'm sorry about the boys' school and all the projects piling up and adding to your stress. I really don't know how you manage it all, because I get overwhelmed SO easily, and I am FAR less productive than you! But I know you'll make it through; you always do. :) And good on you for using the walks to decompress instead of food! That's a huge win, and one that I need to do better with, myself, so thanks for setting the example. :)

    Much love from Steph in Ohio.

  3. I would love a check off list. I would also like to try your 75 hard challenge. Both would be great.

  4. I love the idea of a Fall Hard Challenge! Any chance you’d be willing to allow the 60 minutes to be broken up into no more than 3 workouts with at least 20 minutes outside? This would definitely still be challenging for me to do every day, but it would feel more doable in this season of life. Thanks for considering : )

  5. I love the check off list idea!!!!

  6. I like the Fall Hard challenge!

  7. Love this Fall Challenge Idea! Just getting back on track after a hamstring,sciatica issue! Just having a plan will help me so much this fall!

  8. I love the checklist idea. I am also very interested in trying the Fall Hard Challenge.

  9. I like the Fall Hard Challenge.

  10. Would love your fall hard challenge - #3- your challenge as set out is perfect to me! 😊

  11. I love an idea of a Fall Hard Challenge with your rules!

  12. I like the check off list, but will do whatever. Will it please be something we can print up. Thanks for all you do.

  13. I love idea 2. I am very competitive and would have a lot of fun doing this now that it is cooling off here in Texas.

  14. I like the idea of the fall hard challenge.

  15. Hello Katie, I have been following your blog for "ages", haha. And although I live far away in Belgium, I love the idea of the Fall "hard" challenge and I would certainly join in. Now I only have to figure out how much water 64 ounces is in liter. Love your blog, love it that you show all of us that nobody is perfect, and that you have the courage to admit it. Many greetings from Lieve

  16. Check list, fall hard challenge sounds great. I am so UNMOTIVATED I need SOMETHING.I am in awe of your resilience and honestly GRIT! All the projects you do... and I've been staring at my family room for the last year... Add me to the list. We're all better together, right?

  17. I am about 4 chapters into "Can't Hurt Me" and have been inspired by "your version" of 75 Hard, but haven't committed to it yet. I have been tossing it around in my mind and I know I need to. I can't seem to find motivation or determination either (and that is still one of my favorite blog posts of yours) so maybe an outside "challenge" will be what tips me over and gets the momentum going. Thanks for all you do to encourage your readers!

  18. I'd do the Fall Hard Challenge. I've been telling myself all month to just do one very similar to what you posted, but I need accountability.

  19. I would absolutely do the Fall Hard challenge, bring it on!

  20. Ooh I'm so down for this! Also you should add your pics to a time lapse app, you might see a difference when it's sped up and combined?


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