September 22, 2020

Cookies Fall Challenge - Day 1

Today was off to a great start! 

I'm planning to do all three challenges--the Cookies Fall Hard, Cookies Run/Walk Checklist, and the friendly mileage competition. I wanted to start the day off strong, so I completed what I could as early as possible.

Even though the Cookies Fall Hard Challenge is a modified version of 75 Hard, I'm still planning to follow the exercise rule for 75 Hard--I haven't broken the streak at all, so I'd like to finish out the full 75 days. After that, I'll switch to the Cookies Fall Hard version.

For 75 Hard, the exercise "rule" is two workouts a day for 45 minutes each, and one of them must be outside. For my version, I chose 60 minutes total for the day, with at least 30 minutes outside. So for a couple more weeks, I'll still be doing 45 minutes twice a day.

I went for my first walk as soon as it was light outside, at around 7:30. First, I took my progress photo for Day 1. I'm going to try to dress in the same clothes, or something similar, every week for comparison. Lately, I've been wearing bulkier clothes because it's been colder outside in the mornings, so my comparison pictures aren't very, well, comparable.

I walked Joey through the park and apparently we went slower than usual, because we ended up walking for 55 minutes instead of 45. As we were walking, I realized that I was supposed to do my walk at 9:30 AM, because that's when fall officially starts--and the plan was to walk from summer into fall.

When I got home, I decided to work on a couple other items on the list and then go for my second walk just before 9:30. I wrote in my journal, I read my 10 pages in a book, and I drank a quart of water. 

Then I headed out for walk number two. Right as the time hit 9:30, I happened to be at a small beach area so I stopped and took a picture of my Garmin--it's officially fall! (Sorry for the bad picture)

I even got to check off two items on my Fall Checklist--first the fall equinox walk and then the "two-a-day" walk (meaning I walked twice in the same day). For today's mileage, I got in 5.77--not bad!

I was DREADING this afternoon because I had a dentist appointment to get a couple of fillings. I absolutely despise going to the dentist--ever since I broke my jaw, just the thought of the dentist gives me anxiety. I canceled my appointments for the last two years because I just couldn't bring myself to go!

I actually had to have a root canal in 2016 on a tooth that had cracked when I broke my jaw. I was absolutely terrified! But afterward, I took this picture of me trying to blow a kiss (to text to Jerry), and it remains one of my favorite pictures--hahaha! I looked similar today, but definitely not this funny.

I found a new dentist (my previous one that I really loved had retired) and went for a cleaning yesterday. The hygienist was SO nice and gentle--that was the best cleaning I've ever endured. But I had a couple of cavities and the thought of getting my mouth numbed is what I hate the most. I asked the dentist if he could do it without numbing me, and he said that the top cavity could be done without numbing, but the bottom one would need to be. *cue anxiety*

I made the appointment for today so that I wouldn't have time to chicken out and cancel. I couldn't believe how bad I was shaking! I asked if I could wear the heavy lead apron (used for x-rays) during the procedure because it helps with anxiety (kind of like a weighted blanket). Even with that, I was shaking so badly and was nearly in tears.

I'm sure the dentist thought I was crazy (but hell, I actually AM crazy, so...). The thing is, I'm not actually afraid of the pain... I had a horribly broken jaw and my teeth wired shut for six weeks, so a minor dental procedure is nothing to me on the pain scale. 

The reason I have so much anxiety is because of the ANTICIPATION of pain. When my jaw was broken and the surgeon would mess with the wires around my teeth, it was extremely painful (despite being on loads of pain killers). If I KNOW that something is going to hurt, I can definitely handle it. But when getting a tooth drilled, I am always anticipating the drill hitting a sensitive spot and searing pain shooting through my mouth.

I was hyperventilating through my nose when he was drilling and I was so sure I was going to have a panic attack. I had my eyes squeezed shut and I was concentrating on clutching my hands together under the lead apron. 

I was so so so relieved when it was finally over. I hated the fact that the lower right side of my mouth was numb, especially considering I had to go to Lowe's. But thankfully, I had to wear a face mask so it covered up my crooked mouth!

Anyway, that was a long, uneventful story. Today went great as far as the challenges! I stayed within my intermittent fasting eating window and I got in all my water, too. I hope everyone else who is doing a challenge had a great day, too!


  1. I have only ever had novacaine once. Being numb triggers my claustrophobia - probably the lack of control? So I have always just used laughing gas. The was they explained it to me is that it doesn't numb the pain, but it makes you not care about it, LOL. Maybe that would work for you, too, especially the anxiety part. Just a thought :) Glad you made it through okay!

  2. You should see if there are any dentists in your area that practice sedation dentistry. I know mine does, although I haven't used it. Maybe I should, though, because at my last appointment a couple of weeks ago I apparently clenched my left side so hard that my entire arm fell asleep on me -- twice. That was weird. And I had the same appreciation for masks when I had to run into the store with a numb face after my appointment. lol

  3. I did have a good day and got everything done on the two lists I'm doing challenges in. I know what you mean about the dentist. If I have to have a shot, I'm a hot mess! Partly due because the first one never takes for some reason. They've even tried giving it longer and it still won't take. Then they do a second (and even a 3rd) shot and then it seems like i'm numb forever! I was cringing just reading your story, feeling the pain with you.

  4. Hi Katie! I read your blog every day and really enjoy it. This morning I has to go to the dentist for 2 fillings, and low and behold you did yesterday. I felt the same as you,,, constant anticipation of pain. They prolly thought I was a nut case. Glad it is done!! Have a great day Katie.

  5. We have a friend that loves to tell how she "LOVES GOING TO THE DENTIST" She knows how people react to the comments so she laughs about it. It gets old. I have had anxiety that is really hard for others to understand at all! I've had panic attacks for > 40 years. Katie have you watched Sully? It's an amazing true story of a runner/pilot who is a hero for landing a plane on the Hudson river with 155 people and everybody survived. He's featured in Runners World magazine as you have. Tom Hanks (our favorite) plays the pilot so well! And you can watch him running in New York City! You've probably seen it. Impressive what you're doing, and love that you include Joey. Our girl (a black lab, 13 Y/O) is having a hard time, but we'll do everything possible to give her the best life. Sorry so long.

  6. I have a real fear of dental procedures, although without the good reason that you have. I go to a sedation dentist. It is much more expensive, but they are very careful with everything. I had to have a cavity drilled and filled a couple of months ago, and they gave me a little nitrous oxide during the procedure, and I handled it much better. About 10 years ago when I first started there, I had some major work done (root canal + cap and 2 wisdom teeth removed; later a gum graft), and they put me on more comprehensive sedation and I don't remember a thing about it. But it's all very pricey and generally insurance won't cover a higher level of sedation than they deem necessary.


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