September 05, 2020

Pie and Wood Shop

I woke up at 5:00 this morning--so early! I wanted to make sure to have time to clean my house and get in my walk before Emily got here. She lives in western Michigan and it's a 2-1/2 hour drive. She is staying the night, so I wanted to prepare Noah's bedroom for her to use (washing the bedding, vacuuming along the floor boards, dusting, etc.)

I really love having company, even if only because it gives me a deadline to deep clean things ;) 

Emily has a recipe for a great chocolate peanut butter pie that she'd been telling me about for a few years, and I'd never tried it before. So I told her we'd definitely make it today. I'm so glad we did, because it was delicious! 

She ordered it at a restaurant called Red Ball Jet Cafe in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but the restaurant went out of business. She begged them for the recipe and managed to get it before they closed. It has an Oreo crust, a chocolate ganache layer, and a fluffy cheesecake-like layer on top. (I'll post the recipe soon.) So good!

When Emily arrived, we put together the pie right away because it needed to chill for four hours. So while that was in the fridge, we went out to the garage to work on the Little Free Library project. Emily had never used power tools before, so it was fun showing her how to use the table saw and the miter saw.

Emily is 21 weeks pregnant, by the way. She's having a baby boy! :)

We got a lot of it done today. Tomorrow, we have to finish the door (adding the plexiglass) and make the roof. After we were done working today, my nice and neat garage looked like this... haha! 

When we were done in the garage, we went for a walk. I took her to the access road through the marsh (where Joey loves to play). The weather was SO nice today! When we got back, Noah cooked dinner on the grill and we had the pie for dessert. Yum :)

Tomorrow, we'll go for another walk and then finish working on the library. I hope the weather is just as good tomorrow!

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  1. The little library is such a fun idea! That pie looks so yummy, I'm so excited for when you'll share the recipe!


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