March 27, 2020

The One With the Two Kitties!

A few days ago, I wrote about how excited I was to possibly adopt two cats--a pair of bonded brothers (tuxedo cats). I sent in an application, and waited to hear back. There were some communication issues with our vet, but that was finally worked out.

And then we were approved!!

Jerry, the kids, and I were SO excited. These cats sounded perfect for us. The foster couple of the cats described their personalities and one of them sounded just like Estelle. I can only imagine the trouble the two of them would get into, hahahaha.

I've been getting the house ready to take them in (the foster parents said that they would need two weeks to adjust by staying in a bedroom, so I've been getting my bedroom set up for that. I have to get the food they are currently eating and set up a litter box in my bathroom. I haven't left my house (other than going outside) in about two weeks!

The boys cleaned their rooms meticulously (in the hopes that the cats would want to sleep with them).

The cats' foster dad called me last night to tell me more about them, and they sounded SO perfect for our family! Jerry and the kids are crazy excited about getting the cats, of course ;)

Currently, their names are Slick and Jesse. But you all know that we choose Friends characters to name our pets after. The cats are 10 months old, so I don't think it's too late to rename them.

When I shared the cats' picture the other day, several of you said you were excited to see what "Friends" names we came up with. We were pretty set on Treeger and Heckles. Jerry, the kids, and I all liked those names.

But then Jerry dropped a bomb that was just... perfect. The PERFECT names for these cats!!

The cats look very much alike. Jerry thought back to one episode of Friends and came up with the best names... watch this video clip from Friends:

So... would Ross and Russ not be the PERFECT names for these look-alike cats?!

I've never liked Ross, and I swore I'd never name a cat Ross, but when the scenario is this perfect, we just have to do it.

<3 nbsp="" p="">I'm going to pick them up tomorrow at 1:00. Of course I'll post pictures! I'm assuming they'll be a bit shy as they warm up to us, but hopefully we can earn their trust quickly. We will spoil them ;)


  1. Aw, they're adorable! I had a tuxedo cat once, and she was very smart--she learned how to open a drawer where I kept the catnip (and she'd close it afterwards, too, thinking I wouldn't figure out she'd opened it!). She learned to knock my glasses off the nightstand to wake me up for breakfast. I hope they settle in well!

  2. Omg Ross and Russ!! I don’t think you could think of more perfect names for those two!! Can’t wait to hear how they do in your home!!

  3. They're so cute! And, they will be lucky to join your loving family :)

  4. I have a tuxedo cat and he’s the sweetest fattest snuggle bug ever!! And those are perfect names :)

  5. Congrats, they are lovely! I actually really liked the names you originally came up with, but it sounds like you're super excited about Russ and Ross, so... :)

    By the way, every time I see that first photo, I can't help but feel bad for the kitty in the background. He looks so sad! Does he (?) live with the foster parents now?

  6. Ah they are so cute! Like mirror images of each other, one with a bow tie and one with a bib. Love the names, and look forward to an update when they arrive.

  7. We have brother tuxedo cats who look just like yours. They are the best, and I’m happy they have each other. If I could just get them to stop scratching the living room rug all would be perfect 🤣

  8. Our tuxedo cat, Sylvester, is the most chatty cat on the planet. Omg he talks all day, yells at you to feed him every morning (no seriously), and as we call it, "sings the songs of his people" all night long (think the Ally cat on the old cartoon HeathCliff). I can't imagine our life without him ��. Congrats on the new additions!!


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