March 25, 2020

Exciting run today!

On Monday, I wrote about how I had done a hard run for the first time in years. It felt SO good to sweat, breathe hard, and push myself out of my comfort zone. After doing heart rate training for so long, and keeping my heart rate low, I was just really in the mood to push myself.

After that run, I felt so good that I altered the training plan I'd written for the Detroit Free Press Half in October. I'd been planning to do walking for a few more weeks, then following my Six-Month Half Marathon Training for Beginners plan.

Yesterday, I changed the plan to start out with running two miles at a time. I've always felt like three miles was the magical number, but what's wrong with running two?

On the plan, I have the distance increase by only 0.25 miles every two weeks (the long run, once a week, will increase a little faster). Then, when I'm 12 weeks out from the race, I'll start my 12-week "Finish Strong" Half-Marathon plan (on July 27).

For these next 18 weeks, though, I don't have a specific pace goals, or heart rate goals, or anything other than just running a distance. This week, it's two miles.

For a moment today, when I thought of the fact that I was planning to run, I felt the "but I don't wanna" attitude that I've had for... well, ever. But when I remembered that it was only a two mile run, and the faster I ran the sooner I'd be done, it didn't bother me! I didn't even procrastinate.

Monday's run gave me the confidence to try to push myself a little harder today. Thankfully, I didn't have problems with the iPad like last time, and I was able to start my run on the treadmill right away. I wore my Altras today. I'd like to start working them into my routine again.

I decided to start the treadmill at 6.0 mph. I haven't run at that speed in I have no idea how long. But I wanted to see if I could do just a quarter mile--or even half a mile--at 6.0, and then I could drop it down to 5.0 if I wanted. I put on a Forensic Files show, but it was really boring and definitely not made-for-treadmill watching. So, I was bummed that I didn't have a good distraction, but it was just for two miles.

When I got to 0.5 miles and I was still holding that 6.0 mph pace, I thought how great it would feel if I could do a full mile. It started to feel really difficult at around 0.75 miles, but I knew that I could keep going. For a moment, I thought about going for two miles at that speed, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. My heart rate was approaching 170, and usually once I hit 173 I'm toast.

When I reached one mile, I dropped the speed down to 5.5. For the next 0.75 miles, I bounced between 5.5 and 5.7. Then in the last 0.25 miles of the run, I kept increasing the speed until I finished on 6.5 mph (only for a moment!).

I felt so good! It was a big confidence boost, and I loved feeling like I'd worked really hard. I miss pushing myself and playing little head games to make myself go farther or faster.

My first mile split was 9:55; my second mile was 10:30. I was thrilled with that! So, today's run was two miles in 20:25; on Monday, it was 21:36!

My face was super red when I was done. I sat down on the treadmill in front of the fan, chewing on ice and just catching my breath.

I haven't felt this good about running in ages!


  1. So awesome, Katie! Congrats on a great finish! I find that when I KNOW I didn't want to run, and I push myself just to do it, that the finish and feeling of accomplishment is even sweeter.

    I was the same this morning. I DID NOT WANT TO GO. But I have really let myself go this past year and I'm only getting older so if I'm going to do it, the time is now. LOL.

    I don't have a treadmill and our Y is closed, so I ran uptown on our main street (small town) so that I was safe and could see people milling around. It fights the feelings of isolation right now so was really good. I made it 2.5 - very slow jog but considerable hills in our area, especially across the Missouri River bridge so seeing its power and knowing its history, always gives me a bonus boost.

    You inspire me every time I stop by so keep going!!

    Have a great day! Nice job!


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