March 31, 2020

Some random trivia about me to pass the time

Since everyone seems to be on Facebook lately, I've noticed a ton of questionnaires about random things... just silly questions to answer to pass the time. I actually really enjoy reading them! I usually learn something new, even about people I know well.

So, I compiled three of the lists together, and here I go...

What was the last thing you drank?  *Water

Where was your profile picture taken?  *On my back deck (it's the same picture that is on my Facebook page). Yes, this is an old picture (from 2017) and I am probably about 40 pounds heavier(!) now, but I love it. I remember exactly what I was doing (texting; they asked what I was doing and I sent a selfie as a reply). I remember thinking, "Wow, I look good! I didn't have to take a hundred pictures and my skin looks good enough that it almost likes like I filtered the pic!" Hahaha.

Worst pain ever?  *On the pain scale of 1-10 (just for reference)... giving birth was a 9; breaking my jaw was a 9. The absolute worst? My carpal tunnel syndrome--at its peak--was definitely a 10. Carpal tunnel is no joke!

Favorite place you’ve traveled?  *Portland, Oregon

How late did you stay up last night?  *2:15 AM

If you could move, where would it be?  *Portland, Oregon (my home away from home!)

What do you collect?  *I don't really collect anything. But I'm always tempted to buy more water bottles, for some reason!

Favorite day of the week?  *Friday, of course!

Amusement park or aquarium?  *Aquarium

When was the last time you cried?  *Interestingly, I can't remember! When I'm in a depressive episode, I cry over everything. I must be pretty stable right now, haha.

Who took your profile picture?  *Moi! It was a spontaneous selfie and turned into a favorite picture of mine.

Who's the last person you took a photo of?  *This self-quarantine business leaves me wondering who the last person I even TALKED to was (outside of my family). But the last person I took a picture of was Eli, while he was holding a cat.

What's your favorite season?  *Fall, 100%. I wish it could be fall year-round!)

If you could have any other profession what would it be?  *A forensic pathologist

If you could talk with anyone right now, who would it be?  *Mark

Are you a good influence?  *Yes--I'm boring and I am too scared to do bad things!

Does pineapple belong on pizza?  *Absolutely. Yes. A story about this...

When I was in elementary school, we hosted a German exchange student (my sister's age) named Britta. We took her to our family's favorite pizza restaurant, and asked her what toppings she liked on her pizza. She kept saying, "anana" and none of us had a clue what she was talking about. She said it was yellow and round. My parents ended up asking the server to bring out a plate of toppings so she could point it out. It turned out to be pineapple! None of us had ever HEARD of putting pineapple on pizza! But I love it now.

You have the remote what are you watching?  *A teen slasher film. Love slasher movies!

Just for fun- High School reminiscing. Think about your SENIOR year in High School. (If you can remember that long ago.)

Class of:  *2000

Did you marry your high school sweetheart?  *I did! And we've been together for... 21 years now.

What did you drive?  *A 1988 Chevrolet Celebrity. It's still my favorite car I've ever owned! And I have a (recent) funny story about it... When Jerry and I were in Portland in 2017, we were talking with Thomas and somehow, the topic of our first cars came up. I was explaining the Chevrolet Celebrity, and why I liked it. Thomas had never heard of it.

As I was talking, we were walking to the top of a parking garage at night, and when we got to our floor, the first car in front of us was a Chevrolet Celebrity! (Circa 1988 model). I couldn't believe it! The Celebrity was a great car.

Where did you work?  *I had lots of jobs, but I think during my senior year of high school, I worked as a video clerk at a grocery store. That was when you could rent video tapes! I also sold cigarettes and lotto tickets behind the counter, haha. In the picture below, I was wearing my Denny's uniform--that was one of my first jobs (I was 16).

Where did you live?  *In Rockwood, Michigan. About 20 minutes from where I live now. I've only ever lived in these two places, other than when I was in a dorm on the EMU campus.

Were you in choir/band?  *Nope. I'm not musically talented.

Ever get suspended?  *No, I was a "good kid"

If you could, would you go back?  *No, but I wish I knew then what I know now. I'd do things differently for sure!

Still talk to the person that you went to prom with?  *I didn't go to prom

Did you skip classes?  *Just auto mechanics. My friend Jake and I would skip almost every day and go get fast food or something. I don't know how we got away with it! Our teacher was a first-year, and we took advantage of it. I should've chosen more wisely... skip the stupid trigonometry and learn as much as I could in auto shop!

Go to all the football games?  *I never went to a football game in my life until a couple of years ago for the homecoming game. My cross country kids and I walked in the homecoming parade, so I went to the game after that.

What was your favorite subject?  *Anatomy & Physiology (Mr. Haver was the greatest! He showed us the "Autopsy" series of videos that are now on HBO, I think. It was because of his class that I wanted to be a forensic pathologist.)

Do you still have your yearbook?  *Yes, I have my yearbooks all the way back to kindergarten!

Did you follow your "original" career path?  *In a way, I think I did. When I was in second grade, I wanted to be "an author". And eventually it became "a writer". But when that was too unrealistic, according to my teachers, I favorited a forensic pathologist until it was time to go to college, haha. So, now that I blog and I earn money from it, I guess it counts?

Do you still have your class ring?  *I never wanted a class ring. Or a varsity jacket.


What was your style?  *Now, I think it would be considered "hipster". Back then, it was just called "weird", hahaha.

Favorite shoes?  *I don't remember the brand, but I got them at a thrift store. They were like Converse chucks, but they were wider and made of blue suede. They were awesome!

Favorite thing to eat for lunch?  *A plain un-toasted bagel with cream cheese. I had this just about every day.

Favorite band in high school?  *Kindred, of course! ;)  (My friend Trysh and I made this--quilt? thing--from scraps of fabric in our sewing class!

Do you put ketchup on hot dogs?  *Absolutely NOT.  (See, I was even awkwardly holding my head up above the ketchup in this photo, because it clearly didn't belong there)...

Choice of soda?  *I'm not a huge fan of soda, but when I do get a fountain drink, I choose Sprite + lemonade, 50/50. When I was a kid, my friend Sarah and I were at Chuck E. Cheese. We mixed pink lemonade and Sprite, and we thought we were so clever--we named it "Pink-Spry". But ever since then, that's what I usually make when I have a fountain drink!

Do you own a gun?  *No, but I would LOVE to get whatever rifle it was that I used up north. It was Nathan's, and I felt like a badass sniper when I shot it (even though it took me about 20 minutes to line up the shots, hahaha).

Can you swim?  *I can swim in the sense that I won't drown, but I don't know how to do "real swimming"--laps that look elegant. I wish I could.

Hot dogs or cheeseburger?  *Hamburger! I love hot dogs (especially the ones with the skin, like the Kowalski brand); but if I had to choose, I'd probably choose a hamburger (no cheese).

Favorite type of food?  *Italian? I don't know. I love pizza and pasta. But I also couldn't live without rice.

Do you believe in ghosts?  *Not even a little bit

What do you drink in the morning?  *Water and/or decaf coffee.

Can you do 100 push ups?  *BAHAHAHA

Favorite time of year?  *The fall, of course!

Your favorite hobby?  *Woodworking

Tattoos?  *Just one and I hate it. It's a ladybug on my toe that I got when I was 18. It's super faded and the ink has bled over the years, so now when people see a picture of it on my weigh-in posts, I get emails telling me to have the mole looked at. If it wasn't insanely expensive, I'd get it removed.

Do you wear glasses?  *I had HORRIBLE vision and wore glasses, then contacts, until 2002. Then I had lasik surgery, and my vision has been 20/20 ever since. I do wear glasses occasionally now--they have an anti-glare lens, so I don't see halos around lights. And they look cute!

Do you have a phobia?  *I'm terrified of getting Alzheimer's disease. But as far as a typical phobia, I'm extremely ridiculously scared of spiders.

Do you have a nickname?  *Cookies, Boo

Three favorite drinks?  *I mostly just drink water... but my very favorite drink would be a margarita on the rocks with salt. I can't think of three!

Do you like to be indoors or outdoors?  *Indoors

Rain or snow?  *Rain--I love rain and cloudy days!

Can you change a tire?  *I used to know how, back in the days when I skipped auto shop; but I don't know if I could anymore

Favorite flower?  *I'm definitely not a flower person. I don't even know the names of any flowers!

Can you drive a stick?  *No, but it's something I've always wanted to learn

Ever gone sky diving?  *Hell to the no. I'm pretty sure I would die of anxiety before the plane even took off.

Kids?  *Two boys, 14 & 15 years old. I can't believe I am old enough to have teenagers!

Favorite color?  *Orange. Obviously.

Employed?  *Self? I get paid for advertisements, so I make money. I don't technically have an "employer".

Can you whistle?  *Heck yes I can

Favorite vacation?  *This is tough! It would probably be when Jerry and I took the kids to Virginia Beach. Nothing went as planned, but it made for a fun vacation!

Siblings?  *An older sister, Jeanie; an older brother, Brian; and a younger brother, Nathan. Here's the (brief) scoop on them.

Surgeries?  *Four--my wisdom teeth removal; jaw repair x2 after breaking my jaw; and skin removal surgery

Shower or bath?  *Definitely shower. I hate baths!

Last song you listened to?  *Hahaha, I just listened to Funky Cold Medina. No idea why it popped into my head while Jerry and I were watching Gilmore Girls, but I had to find it on iTunes and download it of course.

Broken bones?  *Just my jaw. I fainted and fell flat on my face, breaking my jaw completely through in five different places.

How many TVs are in your house?  *Two--my bedroom and the living room

Do you like to sing?  *Sure! I sometimes break into a sing-song voice when I am talking. It's completely random.

Are your parents still alive?  *Yes, and I haven't seen them in over two months, even though they live less than a mile from me! They were on vacation for a couple of months and now that they are home, I am not visiting because I don't want to get them sick if I should have coronavirus. My parents are adorable... my mom posted this on Facebook a couple of days ago:

Favorite sport?  *I have to say that it's little league baseball! I LOVE watching my kids play ball.

What do you enjoy binge watching?  *This isn't really an easy question to answer. Basically, just any show that I find interesting. Most recently, it was Tiger King. That was a total train wreck that I just couldn't stop watching.

Pumpkin or pecan pie?  *Absolutely pecan pie! It's the only thing that I can bake, and it's delicious. My dad loves pecan pie, so I make him one for Father's Day and his birthday every year.

And there you have it... maybe you learned something new about me? But after writing well over 2,000 blog posts, I'm pretty sure that there is nothing I haven't written about before!


  1. This was so fun! I loved learning more about you! I particularly like the garbage bag smock that your dad is wearing during his haircut! :)

    Omg girl I just binged Tiger King this past weekend. I could honestly talk about it for hours. Like just, what?! What did I watch?? Lol. I have so many questions and so many theories!

  2. Carpal tunnel a 10..more painful then childbirth? No way, did you have your kids with no pain relief whatsoever or an epidural? I did, and there is no pain worse then that. (not by choice, I had no health insurance and in the early 90's hospitals could get away with that shit, they were terrified I wouldn't pay them)

  3. Your teenage pictures are gorgeous and I love the one with you and Jerry where his hair is bleached! This one really brings back that early 2000s era. Also I'd say you're definitely a writer now, and a great one!


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