March 16, 2020

Oh, my hair! (Lots of embarrassing photos of my hair through the years...)

Okay, this is a silly post, but in light of everything going on with the coronavirus, I thought everyone could use a laugh! I was going through photos today to get some inspiration for a post, and I couldn't help laughing at all the super embarrassing hairstyles I had throughout the years.

I totally blame my mom for the ones through my childhood. Why on earth did she think that I needed a mullet?!

To be fair, I have naturally curly hair and my mom said it was "like a bush" when I was a kid, hahaha. So, I'm sure she just did what she could to make it manageable.

Just do me a favor and don't turn any of these into a meme, okay? 😂

Clearly, my mom thought my bangs were getting in the way...

Aside from the hair... seriously, what the hell was I wearing?!!!

When my mom said I had hair "like a bush", I'm pretty sure this is what she was talking about...

I look like I belong on the cover of an 80's band album with this mullet...

Even worse...

I literally couldn't tell if this was a photo of me or of my brother, Brian. I only knew it was me because of the earring!

There are so many things wrong with this picture... the mullet. The matching sweat suit. And even the paper "glasses" I have in my hand (and that I made for Nathan!)

This was my second grade school photo. Nope, not joking...

It only gets worse as my hair grows longer!

I believe this was my third grade school photo...

Could I look any more gumpy?! My mom even gave me pigtail braids. I was dressed like this because we were taking a field trip to Greenfield Village.

Mmmm hmmm. No caption needed.

Always the bridesmaid...

I went through a phase where I was SUPER obsessed with the White Sox, especially Frank Thomas. I wore a White Sox hat all the time!

This was my ninth grade school photo. Remember when it was cool to leave a bit of hair pulled out of the front when pulling it back?

I wore my hair like this pretty much all through high school...

Occasionally, I would do something different. Like these mini buns all over my head!

One day, I felt like cutting all of my long hair off and dying it red. It was my first time getting my hair dyed, or making a super drastic change like that... and I loved it! It's cringey looking back. I even handmade the coat I was wearing in the photo (in sewing class at school).

Let's not forget the red streaks in my hair, the zig-zag part, and even the eyebrow piercing, hahaha. (Oh! And Jerry's and my matching necklaces--a grain of rice with each other's names on them inside a little capsule.)

I went through a phase where I wore two pigtail buns...

This was my "wedding hair"... my hairstylist was Niki (and I miss her SO MUCH... if anyone recognizes her, please let me know! She went to work on a cruise ship in 2003 or 2004, and we lost touch. I loved her.)

When I was pregnant with Eli, apparently I had a bob...

I went to visit Jeanie (along with my mom and our friend Audrey). We went to a salon and I actually asked for bangs! First time in my life.

I went through a pigtail phase for a little while, until I saw the photos from the Indy Mini. After that, I was horrified, hahaha.

To treat me after I'd lost 100 pounds, Jeanie took me out for a makeover. I had my hair highlighted and a blow-out (it was amazing!) and I LOVED how my hair looked!

After the color grew out, I kept the same cut and my natural color for pretty much the last decade...

Then there was the time I was on The Dr. Oz Show, and Ted Gibson (from What Not To Wear) styled my hair! He cut it a little too, and it was funny the way he asked. He clearly wondered who the hell cut my hair and what they were doing! (It was me... I'd cut my hair)

For a while, I started wearing my hair curly again. Sometimes I'll do this, but it mostly reminds me of high school.

On a few occasions, I used hot rollers to style my hair... it made my hair look BIG. Not so much in this photo, though.

Once I discovered the "messy bun", it was all over. This is how my hair looks pretty much every single day. I'm not proud of it, but it's SO easy and practical!

 When I discovered I could do a LOW messy bun instead of just the usual high messy bun, I started doing that as well...

The messy bun is the best!

(Just a girl and a squirrel, look out at the mountains :)


  1. That red hair and leopard coat is so 90s! I would have been so jealous of that look in high school!

    1. Hahaha, it's so cringey now, but I definitely felt cool at the time!

    2. I actually love the look! :D

    3. I think that red hair and leopard coat is awesome. Great look and can't believe you made that coat! I'd wear it in a hot minute!

  2. This was the best :) Much needed today! I had a ton of the same "styles," early on, LOL

    1. It's funny because I was never a person to really try to keep up with trends! I remember a few other styles I did for a bit, but couldn't find pictures (like braiding a tiny piece of hair and putting glitter in it--haha!)

  3. Thank you Katie. I needed this. So much stress in the world and you still managed to make me laugh!

    1. EVERYTHING on social media right now is about the virus. I just needed to think of something silly for a while!

  4. Gosh its fun to look back at old photos! I had to laugh at your caption that it used to be cool to keep some hair out when you pulled the rest back. I used to do the exact same thing! I cringe now looking at those pictures. And omg, that Twilight sweatshirt you're wearing in the pigtails picture! I nearly died, gosh do I remember the Twilight craze! I was apart of that too!

    1. The Twilight shirt, ohmygosh. A friend of mine had a Twilight lunch one day, and everyone wore Twilight shirts (yes, I was a mom and in my 20's... cringe). I was obsessed with Edward!

  5. I love the messy bun and wish my hair was long enough for it, I'd never wear it any other way! My girls have both worn one for years. BTW, that's a chipmunk in the picture, not a squirrel. You can tell by the black and white stripe on its back.

    1. The messy bun is my FAVE--sometimes I wish my hair was shorter so that I'd be forced to do something else with it. But it's so convenient!

      And the little dude is actually called an "antelope squirrel". I thought chipmunk as well, but they were so unlike any I'd seen before (that picture was taken in Oregon) I just HAD to know what they were. They were SO cute! I wish we had them around here.

  6. In all fairness to your mother, that mullet was totally in style in the 80's (although we preferred to call it a bi-level cut). Your really have pretty hair, Katie - those pics aren't bad at all! :)

  7. i had that same cabbage patch big wheel!!!

  8. My hair is so similar to yours! Dark and curly. Nowadays I put some mousse in it, let it air dry, and call it a day. I used to straighten it but ain't nobody got time for that. I also make use of the messy bun quite frequently :)

  9. Haha, you and Jerry with matching necklaces AND matching eyebrow cute!

  10. We overlap enough in age that I feel like I had a lot of K-12 photos similar to yours. I also had glasses, which you did some of the time it looks like. Why did we think those huge-lensed glasses looked good? And the overly styled and teased hair? I cringe at my own photos every time. This gave me a good laugh, but not in the sense of being mean to you.

  11. Some of these aren't that bad at all (LOL @ the mullet years). I think you look pretty in some of these photos! And yes to the messy bun (high or low LOL). It's super easy to do and it's convenient to have the hair off the face when doing chores/running errands. Agreed!

  12. Katie,
    Your beauty shows through in all of the photos. Truly, having met you and reading your posts for years, your soul shine and so do you. Please do not ever forget that!!
    Michelle (Irvine teacher)


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