October 27, 2011

Oh my muscles!

I don't know how I got suckered into it, but my friend Jessica sent me a text last night asking if I wanted to go with her to the YMCA today for her classes. She LOVES her fitness classes, and I've never done one before. She had a guest pass, so despite my excuses why I didn't want to go, she talked me into it.

I was super nervous (as per usual, lately!), but I remembered how I wanted to try new things in my second year of maintenance; so I tried not to think too much about it. The first class was Body Sculpt, which is strength training with body weight and with a couple of dumbbells. It reminded me a lot of Jillian's DVDs.

I didn't have trouble following along, but it was HARD. Put me on a treadmill, and I can run 8 miles, easy--but ask me to hold plank for a minute?! Forget it. It seemed like I had to stop and rest during every exercise while everyone else was doing great. I really need to get consistent with strength training; I know how important it is, I just always forget about it!

The next class was Turbo Kick. Maybe I'm just completely aerobicized-challenged, but I found it nearly impossible to keep up with the instructor. Every time I started to catch on, she changed up the moves again. I was totally lost, and I probably stood looking dumb for the majority of the class.

It was an hour-long class, but after 30 minutes, I told Jessica I was heading next door to the cardio room to run on the dreadmill  ;)  I ran a couple of miles while watching The Doctors, but I had no earphones, so it wasn't very entertaining.

Some of you were asking how I managed to lose 5 pounds last week. Keep in mind that I was still a little puffy from my Arizona trip--if you count my weight loss based on my PRE-Arizona weight, I only lost 3.5 pounds. And I still hate to get too deep into all this, because I've only been successfully doing what I'm doing for 10 days.

I still think that for someone who is just starting to lose weight, it's super important to measure and weigh your food and to count calories. Doing that builds discipline, teaches you portion control, tames your hunger, etc. But I've always wanted to be one of those people that can just eat NORMALLY--not measure, count calories, or obsess about food; also that doesn't binge or constantly think about eating.

I've tried intuitive eating exactly 897 times in the past, and I always end up obsessing about food, and telling myself I'm hungry when I'm not, undereating because I feel like I should, etc. So for the past 10 days, I wouldn't say I've been practicing "intuitive eating"... but I've been focusing on NOT thinking about food. I eat my baked oatmeal for breakfast, soup or eggs or something like that for lunch, possibly a Larabar for a snack, dinner like usual, then a dessert/treat at night.

But the key is that I haven't been over-thinking all this. I'm actually trying my best NOT to think. It's hard to describe. I don't estimate my calories, but if I had to, it would probably be about 1,700 per day?  Which is probably why I've been able to refrain from bingeing--when my calories get too low, I tend to binge.

ALSO, and this is probably a major factor, I've been super stressed and anxious lately. I'm a nervous wreck about flying, Dr. Oz, my surgery, PAYING FOR my surgery... and all of that makes my stomach feel a little sick, at all times. With the exception of the money issue, these are GOOD things to be nervous about--but I'll still be relieved when it's over.

And speaking of Dr. Oz, I'm not going to be blogging about my experience until after the show airs--but I promise I will tell you the date as soon as I know it! 

So sorry, but I actually don't have any pictures to post today! I'll try harder tomorrow :)


  1. Hi Katie,
    I wish I could take your anxiety away.....but I know if I were in your shoes I would be the same:)Breathe, breathe and breathe again:) Eating more calories keeps me from bingeing too.....it only took me 30 years of dieting to finally figure it out. Losing slow and steady without deprivation..... Wishing you well my dear!
    Michelle in Canada

  2. To me, it's the not focusing/obsessing on food part that's the best part about intuitive eating.

  3. Ha, I tried kickboxing for nearly 3 months and finally gave it up for spin classes. I got a good workout from kickbox, but always felt stupid and uncoordinated and I just don't think I should pay someone to end up feeling stupid! But good for you for trying it out!

  4. Hey ... I work part time at my local Y! I totally know the classes you are talking about. However, our weight class is called BodyPump..assuming its the same thing..using weights etc...its always a horrible burn the next day until you get use to going. ;-)

    Turbo Kick...tried once...I too was so lost...I thought I was coordinated but the teacher and the moves go so quickly I lost it and thought it was a wasted work out.

    I would have done the same thing you did...left. ha!

  5. I think that when we are stressed we do burn more calories. Even good stress is bad stress, lol! But for me, I will gladly take the weight-loss any way I can get it. I also wanted to mention that I spend a lot of time in your recipes yesterday, printed them off and took them to my personal chef (husband) for him to cook for me. Your pics make everything looks so appetizing. Thanks for taking the time and putting them out there.

  6. Hey, maybe you could work at the YMCA part time and get a free membership. Then you could take more classes and make money too. :) I know someone who only works 3 hrs a week in the child care room. She gets a huge discount. I don't know if that would work for you with the whole social anxiety piece, but I thought I'd mention it.

    I love intuitive eating for maintaining but I have never lost weight doing it. I do think it is much healthier and helps you break the diet mentality.

    Anyway,kudos to you for stepping outside of your comfort zone today. :)

    PS I love, love, LOVE my gocket. Every time I look at it I get a little burst of positivity...."Katie achieved her goal and so can I!" (corny but true)

  7. I'm glad you had fun at the Y!! My sister keeps telling me to try Zumba, but I have absolutely no coordination. Not really the best idea for me I think!

  8. My girlfriend fell in love with Zumba classes, so she decided to get her own certification and teach herself. Kill 2 birds with one stone- get your workout done while getting paid to do it (and get out of the house for some grown-up time)!! At my daughter's dance studio, women pay $5 per class or $40/month for unlimited classes. The place is always packed. Would you ever consider that or possibly getting a personal trainer/life coach certification? That's more one-on-one, so you're not putting yourself out in front of a group. I think that might be a perfect fit for you.

  9. I've kinda been doing the same thing as you, with my eating. I try to just eat normal, I have raisin bran crunch and a banana for breakfast. Then lunch is kind of a problem. I used to take a salad to work a lot, and my lunch calories were really low. I've started taking some leftovers from the night before for my lunch again, and those calories are higher. I know you're not supposed to eat your big meal at night, but I like to cook for my hubby and my son when he's home, I make a nice meal at night and I look forward to it all day. I practice portion control, and I did this all the time I lost weight, so it worked for me. I'm trying to stay around 1500-1700 calories/day now, but I'm not writing them down anymore. I DID! Oh I religiously did for over a year. The other day I put them in Spark--just to see. HOLY COW--I was over 2,000 cals for the day. I realized then I needed to cut back.
    I think my gains show up later. I thought after eating too much several days last week, that I had fooled the scale. I stayed at 142-143 the first part of this week. Then today--146. What is that about? I've been good this week. I think it's last week finally catching up with me, plus I had some lean ham (Cure 81--they're the best!) and radishes (which I eat with lotsa salt) and I think I'm retaining water. I'm hoping the scale goes back down to the low 140's over the weekend. I guess you really can't fool the scale.

    Hope this style of eating works for us. I have been going to zumba class for the last four Wednesday nights. I am so awful. I really struggle to do the moves--but the only person I watch is the instructor, so I'm hoping nobody else watches anybody else either, and doesn't know how bad I am. I do work up a sweat, until last night, when I didn't. I'm wondering if that had something to do with the water retention. I'm rambling again. Sorry. I just get to talking to you about stuff and I can't quit. Have a great day Katie--talk to you tomorrow!

  10. I think it's great that you tried something new! You won't know that you don't like a class unless you try it out, right? =) Ok, I get that you're not gonna blog about Dr. Oz till it airs, will you at least write it all done right away so you don't forget to tell us all the details?!?! Do you have any idea how long it will be from taping till air time?? Man, that's gonna kill us! Hopefully it will air before your surgery..lol. Too long of a break for us!

  11. Speaking of intuitive eating, in my nutrition class this week, we actually talked about this. The professor gave us a link for more info on it. Have you read this book or heard of it? http://www.intuitiveeating.org/ Would love to hear your thoughts!

  12. Congratulations on the Dr. Oz opportunity. You DEFINITELY inspire me. I use your video as a motivational tool when I feel like binging. I've seen it so many times that, when it was playing in the grocery store the other day, I almost had this subconscious inclination to go work out or something. Silly, but true. Thanks.

  13. LoveAnAnimalOctober 28, 2011

    I use to go to the gym quite a bit in the winter months, but I haven't been in over a year. I live 24 miles from the gym, and I have a tough time motivating myself to get ready and make the drive. But when I did go, I loved the body sculpting classes! At the gym they call it Urban Iron. Light weights with lots of reps. Tones, but gets the heart pumping. I loved Zumba! I'm not coordinated, but I didn't let that stop me from wiggling my hips even if I wasn't catching onto the move. I also loved yoga!!! Great for flexibility and it can be dang tough too, but I loved it. Spinning is another good class to make you sweat, if you push yourself and not pansy out on tightening the wheel. : ) And a big YUK to kickboxing and step aerobics! Don't like them at all. Though no matter what the class is, if you have a crappy instructor, it will stink and you won't enjoy yourself and you won't be back. I have quit some of my most fav fitness classes because they changed instructors, and the new ones had no personality, no motivation, and gave poor instructions to where it affected the safety of the workout and one could hurt themselves from doing the exercises incorrectly. But that's enough of my yapping on the soapbox.

    I appreciate your input about weighing/measuring and recording all foods, especially at the beginning. This is such a struggle for me, but your reasons make so much sense. I will try to give it a whirl again.

    Because of your pics showing your BMI and weight, you encouraged me to do the same. So, I bought a Omron Fat Loss Monitor & a digital weight scale, and they made me nearly cry. Well, not cry, but what a slap of reality it was seeing my BMI, and that blue-glowing number coming from my scale. I found myself testing them over and over again, but they never wavered, so I guess they're not malfunctioning. : )

    I'll be following along to see the posting of your date with Dr. Oz. That sounded sort of bad, but you know what I mean.

  14. Way to go for trying something new! I really miss going to fitness classes at the gym (want to try again soon), though I TOTALLY know what you mean about feeling like you're the only one pausing in the middle of exercises that everyone else makes look like a piece of cake!

    I can't wait to see the date for the Dr. Oz airing! That's so exciting!!

  15. I would like to try new things too, but looking at all the uber fit girls in the classes give me pause. I'm glad to see you tried something new and enjoyed it. Can't wait to see you on Dr. Oz and for you to finally get that "after" photo with him!

  16. This just goes to show that we each have our own strengths and should be proud of what our body CAN do. I can hold plank for up to 3 minutes, but if I tried running over a mile at anything other than a leisurely pace, I think I'd pass out. I certainly need to work more on my cardio but like you, I forget about it.


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