October 13, 2011

The nightmare that was my flight

Well, you all know by now that my biggest fear is flying. I hate it and will do just about ANYTHING to avoid it. So naturally, when something goes wrong, it would by on MY plane! I will start by saying that I made it to Arizona safely, and I'm fighting to stay awake at Sarah's house right now (it's 9:10 PM here, but 12:10 PM in Michigan).

Jerry and I got ready to leave and my little brother ended up driving us to the airport. We had no problems getting through security or anything, and we made it to the gate. After waiting there for a while, the plane started boarding. I had picked our seats online, because I wanted to be SURE to get a seat next to the window, since my older brother told me there would be less turbulence.
(Okay, I literally fell asleep while typing. It's now 9:00 Thursday morning)...

We got on the plane and sat in our seats. I was just above the right wing. I had taken to Xanax in the airport, but I was still nervous. The plane started taxiing and we got to the runway. Then we just sat there. For a looong time. The plane was super hot, and there wasn't much air coming out of those vents. I was on the verge of a panic attack.

Then the pilot came on the speaker saying that there was a problem with the right engine, and they were "working on it". WHAT?! I just wanted to get off the plane immediately. I didn't want them to fix it while we were sitting there. We sat there for about an hour, and everyone was super hot. Finally, the pilot said that they weren't able to fix it, so we had to return to the gate and go board another plane.

I was NOT okay with this. I really just wanted to go home. My Xanax was quickly wearing off. Anyway, Sarah sent me a text saying that her friend Kristal (also a bridesmaid) may not be coming, and she really needed me to come. So about an hour later, we boarded a new plane, which had different seating. And of course it would be my luck that they'd put in in the BACK of the plane, which is the worst spot to sit as far as turbulence goes.

I popped a couple more Xanax, and then we had to sit and wait in the plane for almost another hour because they had to reload our luggage and change the food carts and all that crap. So it was three hours after the original departure time that we finally took-off.

It was the most turbulent flight I've ever had. The second we took off, the plane was shaking and rocking and I just thought, "What the fuck am I doing here?!"  I kept my feet off the floor and my arms off the hand rests (I found you feel the bumps less if you don't have contact with those things).

For two hours, the turbulence was really bad. Once we got past the mid-way point, it got a little smoother with a few rough patches. I even managed to take some pictures:

Lake Michigan coast line

Dunno where this was... but aren't the circles kind of cool?

Tired from 2 mg of Xanax

The mountains out west look awesome
The landing was really rough. I almost hit my head on the seat in front of me because we stopped so fast. But when we got to the gate, I saw this:
The yellow sticker says "human remains"
It was sad and kind of interesting at the same time. They were actually loading the body onto the plane while we were deboarding.

We got to Sarah's, and her house is GORGEOUS. I was in total awe. I didn't take any pics last night. We went out to dinner with Sarah and her fiance, Ne  (His name is Norberto, but everyone calls him Ne--pronounced Nay). They took us to their favorite Mexican restaurant called Ponchos, and it was AMAZING. I didn't plan on eating too much, and I even split a dinner with Sarah, but I left there completely stuffed with margarita, chips and salsa, and a variety dinner. I even had my first tamale, and it was so good.

After that, Sarah and I went shopping for her wedding night lingerie. I had told her a long time ago that I wanted to buy it for her, so we finally got to go shop. I also bought some Spanx for myself ;)  After paying, we were walking out, and the math wasn't adding up in my head. I thought $160 seemed like a lot for three items--her nightie (about $50), my Spanx (about $75), plus a pair of panties that were blue lace and said, "I DO" on the front (didn't check the price, but they were just panties).

I pulled out the receipt and those panties were $31!!! We both laughed so hard at that. I know for a fact that I've never spent more than about $3 on a pair of panties. We discovered that the "I DO" was made out of swarovski crystals--BAHAHAHA.  Then we were joking about how she could possibly use them again, and she said maybe she could rearrage them to spell, "IT'S A BOY" some day. Yup, the $31 pair of panties. Yikes!
This is what a $31 pair of panties looks like

We are suckers.

Today, I'm going to Sarah's gym with her to run on the dreadmill. Arizona is HOT.


  1. I have been following you for a little while, I love your blog. That sounds like a horrible experience. I hate turbulence! It scares the bejesus outta me! I remember really bad turbulence. It felt like something had lifted the whole back of the plane up then dropped it. Everyone screamed and one lady yelled "oh shit!" It ruined traveling in a plane for me. I hope your trip home is smooth.

  2. I'm so sorry your flight was so bumpy and so delayed. That must have been awful. Hope the flight home is better.
    Those panties are certainly lovely, but $31! Ouch! You are a good friend. By the way, I wear a size 6 in panties, and blue is my favorite color, if you're still in the buying mood! But what are you doing buying Spanx? Is it for the bridesmaid's dress? Cause pretty soon you won't have any stomach to hold in, after that tummy tuck!

  3. Those panties will now have to be EVERYONE'S BORROWED (to get your money's worth)!!! LMAO! Nasty.

  4. Sorry to hear about your flight, and I'm glad you made it to Arizona safely :) I hope you have a great time on your trip, and hopefully your ride home will be much smoother!

  5. Oh Katie! I can't believe you had to sit on the runway. That stinks! I have had to do that before and it made me feel irrationally angry. Like might scream at a flight attendant angry. :)

    I bought a spanx in NYC this summer and it is my new best friend. It means I can wear knit dresses and not show every single bulge.

    Have fun!

  6. Are you kidding she will get her money out of those panties by buying some cheap crystals and after a couple of years she can glue on N'T then they will say I DON'T and she can wear them to bed for the nights she's a little upset with him and he will be totally turned on but will know "not tonight dear" Bwahahahha...

    Gawd....so sad after 16 years of marriage that is the first thing I thought of when I saw the panties and the I DO...ha! HA!

    I am not a fan of flying either....sounds like an awful experience.

    The box makes me kind of sad though...

  7. Congratulations on keeping your head straight during all of that. I would want to claw my way out of the plane.

    I pray for butterflies and rainbows on your return flight. :)

  8. DESYACV2)oh sorry about your flight that sucks. oh that is so spooky the picture of the coffin. lol at the undies oh boy are they expensive or what, well I hope you have tons of fun and take lots of pictures....

  9. Hi Katie....it's Katie...
    Just have to spread the knowledge! Those circles are caused by irrigation with a pivot. It is a type of irrigation that, well...pivots around a center point and therefore causes the circle! :D Yes, I grew up on a farm! Those are always the easiest ones to spot from the air.

    Sorry your flying was so bad. I don't like flying but just because I find it terribly cramped! Have a great time now that you are there!

  10. Wow, that's terrible, even for someone who isn't afraid of flying! I hope your trip home is a thousand times smoother, and that you have a great time in the meantime. :)

  11. Oh Katie, so glad you made it there, but so bummed that you had yet another crappy experience! =( Stupid planes and all the engine issues. So sucky! Hope the rest of your trip is amazing and the plane ride back is a piece of cake!

  12. Thank goodness you made it there okay, extra xanax and all.

    You are going to have to give away those spendy spanx after your surgery!

  13. HAHAHA! 31 dollar panties, I think mine looked just like that, I got them at walmart for like a 1.99, no crystals though!!! I'm so sorry your flight sucked, I think you took a picture of my house (first picture)!

  14. You must be so proud of yourself for making it through the plane nightmare ... sounds horrible! :(

    I am lol-ing at the panties, that's utterly hilarious!

  15. OMG I love flying, but can't imagine being stuck on a hot plane like that. I'd end up going crazy. It wouldn't be pretty. LOL

  16. Hee hee about the panties, Katie! I think it might have been cheaper to buy a plain pair and a bedazzler (sp?) and done them yourself! You're a good friend :)


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