October 13, 2011

Arizona: Day 2

I'm having such a hard time getting used to the time difference!  In Michigan, it is 10:40 PM right now, but in Arizona, it's only 7:40. I really feel like I need to be asleep.

I was up bright and early at 5:00 this morning, which is when I finished writing my blog. We had some coffee and sat around for a little bit, and then Sarah and I went to her gym. This was a (near) first for me, because the last time I was in a gym was when I was a freshman in college (2001).

The gym was HUGE and the equipment looked really nice. Sarah had a 3-day pass that I could use, which was perfect. I planned on running 8 miles on the dreadmill. I learned that just because it's in Arizona doesn't mean it's any less boring to run on a treadmill. Each machine had its own TV, but there wasn't anything interesting on. I ended up watching America's Next Top Model and running just 4 miles before I couldn't take it any more. It was SO HOT in there, and there weren't fans (except ceiling fans, which didn't help at all).

After that, Sarah and I went into the spinning classroom--but there wasn't a class going on, so it was just the two of us in there. I've always been TERRIFIED of spinning, so I would never have tried a class. But Sarah showed me how it works and WOW. It was seriously the hardest.workout.EVER. I only ended up doing 20 minutes total, and most of it was just easy peddling to catch my breath from the extremely intense 30 second hardcore crap she had me do.

Spinning is intense. And definitely not something I'm interested in pursuing! I realized that I had every reason to be terrified of it, because it's HARD.

We're supposed to go back to the gym tomorrow, too. I know I'll run, but I don't even want to guess how long I'll last. The heat + boredom does not make a fun run!

After the gym, we went to her house and showered and dressed, then we went to get manicures and pedicures for the wedding. I picked the same color of pink as my dress (the dress color is called "Watermelon") for both my toes and my fingers.

My mom flew in today for the wedding. She's staying with a mutual friend at a nearby hotel. They came over to Sarah's and planned the rehearsal dinner. We're going to have a picnic here tomorrow for the rehearsal dinner, even though we're not having an actual "rehearsal". Tomorrow is when everything is going to get crazy, I'm sure.

Sarah's friend Kristal (also a bridesmaid) flew in today as well. We went and got ice cream after dinner. I had a scoop of Red Velvet and a scoop of Reese's PB Cup. Yum!

Sorry, but I've not been good with taking pictures while I'm here. But I did get the pictures back from the Big House Big Heart 10-K race I did on Sunday, so I'll show you those:
Check out how pale my lips are--that's how you know I'm about to puke

Picking up the pace, with 50 yards to go
Finish line
This is one of my brother's pics. Why don't my pics ever turn out this good?!


  1. OMG I tried spinning today and it hurt my cooch bone so hard, I had to get off my bum and ride it like the biggest loser peeps do and it SUCKS. I felt like such a lazy butt but it's hard! I sweat like so much!

  2. I love reading about all of Lori's bike-riding adventures, but the truth is, "everything" falls asleep on me while sitting on a bike, and that's just wrong. Never did a spin class- my gym doesn't have classes at all.

    Your brother should have a football tucked into the crook of his left arm! (He's freakin' adorable!!)

  3. At least your face is "normal" color...when I am done running...no matter how far or fast I go its red...yup bright red too...I know people think I look like I am dying but my face has always gotten red when I exercise...I hate it.

    I need a head band that says...."Yes, I am OK" or "No, I am not going to die"


  4. We have built in TV's at the gym & Tosh.0 is always on when I go. I know people think I am nuts making all these crazy faces watching him. If you haven't seen him I bet you'd love him!

  5. The gym I go to has TV's on almost every cardio machine. I love it because it helps me 'zone out' through my workout. I bet Bob and Jillian would say yuu shouldn't zone out, but if it makes me do a longer workout, how can that be bad?
    I did a couple of spinning classes many years ago and I remember thinking it was hard, but that it went by really quickly. I loved it! I like any workout where I'm so busy I can't watch the clock. My current gym doesn't have spinning, boo!
    KJ: I turn beet red when I work out too. Hate it but it's the curse of being so pale skinned. I look like a tomato:-)

  6. I am sorry that Sarah's gym is not any fun, that is too bad!!!
    I had to laugh that she told you that she needed you there because Kristal might not make it; it's like she knew that you were second-guessing it!!!
    KJ & Helen- I also turn into a tomato after running, especially after speed work!!! When I am at the gym people think I have a bad sunburn!!!

  7. I can't wait to see pics of you in your bridesmaid dress! :)


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