May 08, 2023

Weekend Happenings

Gosh, not writing a blog post yesterday felt so odd! My day felt so much longer, and it was really nice. I took some time to go out in the garage and work on stuff that I'd been waiting for the time to do--tuning up my planer and jointer, working on a nightstand for Eli, and even making a cool cat bed. (Yes, my cats are totally spoiled.)

The weather was so nice and I spent literally all day out there--no rushing to get things done! I listened to some podcasts that I'd gotten far behind on. While I was out there, I kept finding honey bees inside the garage. I have no idea how or why they were there; I just carefully trapped each of them in a jar and brought them to my Asian pear tree (fingers crossed that I actually get fruit this year!). The tree that I planted in the fall is blossoming nicely, and the one in my front yard is now HUGE--I just haven't gotten fruit from it. I'm hoping that the two can cross pollinate now.

I tried to find the picture of when this was literally just a stick in the ground, but I can't find it. Anyway, it's huge now!

This is my new one:

We had Noah's graduation on Friday night, which I already posted pictures of. However, while we were waiting for the ceremony to start, I got a phone call from Eli. He was at his baseball games (a double header) and I felt really bad that none of us were there to watch him (Jerry, my parents, and Jerry's mom were at Noah's graduation).

Eli was really upset on the phone and said that he thought he broke the pointer finger on his right hand. Someone had hit a foul ball straight up, and as at came down, he used two hands to catch it. The ball jammed his finger hard--he wasn't able to play after that. I didn't want to leave Noah's ceremony, but I wanted to be there for Eli. Eli insisted that I stay, though, and he splinted his finger.

When I got home, I saw that it was pretty bad. I don't have a picture from Friday, but this is what it looked like this morning:

His left finger is there for comparison, obviously.

He's been icing it, wearing a splint, and taking ibuprofen. I sent the picture to his doctor who sent in an order for an x-ray if we want to get one. If it's not better by tomorrow, I'll take him for the x-ray. He really didn't want to go today because he wants to go to his game. He's not playing, but he wants to be there to support his team. He is SO disappointed that he can't play.

So, that was a bummer. I feel really bad for him--of all of this fingers, it had to be his right index! And we don't know how long it will be until he can play again.

On Saturday, Jerry and I went to Dave and Renee's house to catch up and to play Euchre. It's been a while since we got together, and it was fun! Dave and I were partners in Euchre and we won both games. I happened to get lucky by being dealt some really great hands through both games. The last time we played, I don't think I had a single good hand the whole time--Euchre isn't any fun when you get crappy cards.

Renee and I haven't yet talked about coaching cross country this fall. I really don't think I'm going to do it. I had a hard time enjoying it last year because I was SO overwhelmed with everything else I had going on and since I am still feeling very overwhelmed, I don't know if I want to take that on.

It's usually this time of year that we decide what we're going to do as far as coaching, because she sends home a flyer from school for kids to sign up. I may tell her that I can just help out once in a while--I won't be "officially" coaching, but I can go to a few practices and meets if I am feeling up to it.

Anyway, thank you for understanding about my decision to cut back on blogging! I feel less pressure to come up with content to write about. I may even go back to my former blogging pattern, which was to more or less just write about my day in general. That was when I was running frequently, though, so who knows...? Haha.

I still haven't been running, but I want to WANT to--if that makes sense. I'm hoping that the true desire will come soon, especially since it's going to start warming up a little outside. I was thinking of just starting with a mile at a time--there is no rule that says I have to run 3+ miles each time I go. For some reason, I've always had it in my head that my runs have to be 3+ miles to "count". I've also been considering doing the Galloway method (a walk-run ratio) because that would make me more inclined to want to do it.

Well, now I'm rambling. I'm going to try to finish up this cat bed tonight--if it works out, it'll look pretty cool!


  1. Your blogging tone already sounds more relaxed. Glad to see that. Enjoy these less stressful days!

    1. I definitely felt more relaxed when writing this post! Thank you :)

  2. Oh no! Poor Eli!! I hope that finger heals fast, it's no fun when you have to sit on the sidelines and watch vs play when it's something you're so passionate about. I think our weather might finally be turning! It's crazy how much better I feel when its nice outside. Sounds like you had a very productive weekend! <3

    1. Yeah, he is super bummed and worried he won't be able to play for the rest of the season. It's looks much better today, thankfully!

  3. I love run/walk/run. My watch does the intervals or a Gymboss can do it. And I love that you actually didn't write a blog post! Again, the self-care you are exemplifying is good for all of us (me - ha!) to see. Big hugs.

    1. I love that I can set my Garmin to do the run/walk intervals, so I think I may try that and see if it sparks my interest in running again. I'm not worried about speed or racing, but I do miss the feeling I get after running!

  4. Um...I would err on the side of going for the x ray in any case, not just "waiting to see if it gets better." Since the doctor wrote the order, he probably felt an x ray was warranted. A broken bone can heal on its own, but if not properly splinted, can heal badly and cause nerve damage and mobility issues. (Speaking as somebody who had three broken vertebrae that were dismissed for two days until somebody took a closer look at my scans).

    1. Normally I would agree--but the doctor said she thinks that what we were doing for it (ice, splint, anti-inflammatories) was fine. She said she would send in the x-ray order just in case we wanted peace of mind (or if it looked worse). Thankfully, it's looking MUCH better today!

  5. Your trees are the reason you saw the bees. We have several apple trees and without them we would not get apples. Hope you see pears this year. It is so cool when you can pick fresh fruit in your own yard.


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