May 31, 2023

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 105

I love the way these jeans turned out! I've been super into altering my jeans lately, customizing them exactly how I want them. These jeans are comfy and I wear them frequently, but I didn't like the straight leg cut.

Today, I added a very skinny triangular gusset to the side to give them a little room in the calves (my calves are huge and that's why I can't wear straight leg jeans). I have several pairs that I added a large gusset to, because I like a big flare (bell bottoms are the best!), but I really wanted to use the hem from another pair of jeans (and the hem is only so long). I cut off the bottom hem of these jeans I'm wearing, added the gusset to the side and then added the bottom three inches from the other pair of jeans.

Anyway, I didn't think much about my diet at all this week--not a good thing, but not necessarily a bad thing, either. As for the scale, there isn't much to tell:

I was at 141.2, which is the same as last week. I feel like I'm holding onto a ton of water weight. I drank a ridiculous amount of water yesterday and the day before, hoping to drop some of the water I'm holding onto, but it didn't help. I'm going to continue to pound the water and hope that I start feeling less puffy.

Something I've missed lately is experimenting with new ingredients and cooking new recipes. When Eli started baseball, I got out of that habit because I was going to baseball games several nights a week and I just started cooking familiar meals out of convenience. Now that we aren't doing baseball, I have time to cook dinner every day; I just need to pick some recipes and try them.

I had a pretty relaxing week, overall. I felt kind of guilty about this, but I spent a lot of time sewing; I really needed the mental break from everything. And now that we're down to three cars (indefinitely) and four drivers, I have to plan ahead of time when to run errands. I forgot how disappointing it is when you get all ready to go somewhere and then walk out to your car only to remember that you don't have one!

Speaking of, the insurance company said that since Michigan is a "no-fault accident" state, we aren't entitled to compensation for any damages (i.e. the totaled car) like I'd hoped. The accident was 100% the other driver's fault, but with Michigan's laws, our insurance pays for us and the other driver's pays for her--but since we only had liability insurance with Eli's car, we don't get anything for it. Our insurance will pay for the x-rays Eli got of his wrist and knee. Other than that, we don't get anything from the insurance. 

I feel like it's so unfair--someone with a suspended license causes a bad accident, totaling Eli's vehicle (as well as her own), but she doesn't have any responsibility to pay for the damages. (At least that's how we understood it.) We're not hoping to get a brand new car out of this--just something comparable to what we had. We can't just go buy another car (even a cheap used one) right now.

Anyway, I had an appointment with my psychiatrist this morning and regarding my anxiety, we talked about the book he recommended to me ("When Panic Attacks" by Dr. David Burns). I've had a hard time doing the exercises in the book because it's hard to think of specific scenarios that cause anxiety--I have anxiety 90% of my time spent awake! Haha. So he came up with some examples and I'm going to give the exercises a try. (It's basically a LOT of introspection and identifying cognitive distortions.)

We've had gorgeous weather for the past couple of weeks, so I think for next week, my main goal is going to be to go for a run at some point. I know that sounds like nothing--a single run in an entire week--but I really just need to get started. And if it's just once this week, maybe it'll be twice next week!


  1. I also got out of cooking due to timing and I'm not vegan but try to stay dairy-light and found a great recipe I used last night that my son and I inhaled:
    I thought you'd like the URL as well. I hope you try and enjoy!

  2. First, you could take the other driver to court. So consider a speaking with a lawyer, since she was driving on a suspended license. You always have alot going on, if you don't start putting yourself self first your body will keep being wonky (pain and anxeity and depression) they are all symptoms of your body and mind saying " pay attention to ME" Sending love❤️

  3. That is mind blowing about the insurance! Extremely disappointing. I'm mad and it's not mine to be mad about. Grrr.

  4. I'm so frustrated for you about the insurance. Big hugs. The more I think about it, the more I think it would be wise to at least chat with a lawyer, especially since the woman was driving on a suspended license. It's just ridiculous that you should have to pay for her mistake.


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