May 19, 2023

Friday Night Photos #116

This week has flown by! Since Eli hasn't been playing baseball, I've been doing extra little things around the house--essentially just "spring cleaning", but finding myself coming across little projects that need doing (like the bathroom door and the dishwasher that I wrote about a few days ago).

Yesterday, Eli asked me if I could go to the baseball game and take pictures; he goes to the games to support his team, despite not being able to play. (He gets another x-ray next week, but it's still very unlikely he'll be able to play another game this season.) He said that his teammates were asking if I would go take pictures--that made me feel good! So, of course I went. And I took over 300 pictures for them, hahaha.

Anyway, I have a variety of photos from my camera roll this week...

Yesterday, I wrote about how, until our wedding, Jerry and I used to celebrate our anniversary on May 19th. When we were dating, Jerry used to buy me a Cherry 7-Up (my favorite) once in a while and put it in my car for me to find when I got off work. It's not easy to find Cherry 7-Up around here, but I found this in the fridge for me with a note:

I don't really like pop, but I can still go for a Cherry 7-Up once in a while! This is a picture of one of our early anniversaries--maybe two years?

The baby squirrels have been out playing and they are SO CUTE! This one is next to mama, so you can see the size difference:

They look so young. I love seeing the babies in the spring. They're super nervous/jumpy, but they watch the older squirrels come get nuts from the deck. Next year, they'll probably start coming up, too.

This one is a blur, but it's hard to capture a picture of three baby squirrels wrestling with each other on a branch!

This poor little guy broke my heart! He was watching the older squirrels grab nuts and run off with them, but he was too scared to come get one. Instead, he found this rock on the ground, sniffed it, and ran off with it in his mouth. I immediately grabbed some nuts and threw them by the base of the tree, hoping he'd come back and find one. So sad but cute, haha.

I guess I have a lot of animal photos this week! Jerry sent me this picture of a bird that he rescued at work. Sometimes birds get trapped in the plant, so when he finds them, he tries to grab them and let them go outside.

The cats LOVE these chairs that I bought at a garage sale last weekend. And the way Estelle perches on them cracks me up. This is how she sits most of the day:

I was writing a shopping list yesterday morning, and Duck was SO comfy on my lap. He almost made me wish I was a cat--I don't know if I've ever been as comfortable as he looked.

I laughed at him later because he (naturally) climbed in this box the moment it was opened... but then he fell asleep with his mouth open and just sat like that. Noah and I were cracking up.

Eli's nightstand really needed a makeover. I didn't think to take a photo of it before I finished it yesterday, but on the far left is what it looked like when Jerry and I bought it in 2003. I refinished it several years ago (middle photo). After that, I wanted to update the bottom of it--not only did I not like how it looked, it was bulky and took up more space than necessary. So, I cut off the bottom but never finished working on it.

Fast forward about two years, and I finally finished it yesterday (far right). I cut a couple of legs from the dining room tables I've used for wood for various projects; I had saved the legs from the tables, unsure of what to do with them, but they came in handy for this project. I painted it a cream-color and Eli is thrilled--he couldn't care less how it looks, but he wanted it back in his room after it had been in the garage for a few days, haha.

For Mother's Day, I made each of the kids a photo album with pictures of us together throughout the years. I wrote this note to go inside the cover, explaining why they were getting a gift on Mother's Day (I could have sworn the apostrophe came after "Mothers", but I guess I was wrong):

And I really love how they turned out:

I wrote little notes throughout the book, reminding them of what we were doing/where we were in the photos. The kids really liked the books--Noah actually teared up and said he'd forgotten about a lot of the things we'd done, so he loved the memories. I'm usually the one taking photos, so I have a million of Jerry and the kids--I wanted to remind them that I was there a lot, too ;)

And finally, here is a picture of Riley that Becky sent me. She looks ADORABLE, doesn't she?! She doesn't wear glasses, but she was playing school and of course, the teacher needs to wear glasses. I miss the kiddos! They are coming out to Michigan for Memorial Day, so I'm hoping to see them then.

And that's all I've got. Have a great weekend! xo

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  1. Those Mother's Day (mothers'??? - I would have gotten it wrong too) books really are something. Happy Belated Mother's Day to you.


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