December 28, 2022

Whoopsie Wednesday

I have no weigh-in today for my usual Wednesday Weigh-In. Until this afternoon, I was absolutely sure that it was Tuesday!

My schedule and routine has been thrown off so much this past week--not only from Christmas, but the kids being home from school and Jerry being off work. You could have told me today was Saturday and I would have believed you.

It's probably a good thing that I forgot today's weigh-in (well, at least for the sake of facing the scale) because as I predicted, it was very difficult to have good eating habits. Being at home and hanging out with the family, watching movies and playing games, we snacked a lot. We basically grazed all day, while throwing a meal in there for good measure as well.

I ate way too much on Christmas, and I haven't felt that full in a long time! I made vegan pancakes for breakfast, which ended up being delicious. I added pecans to mine and they reminded me of when I used to love getting pecan pancakes from Cracker Barrel after my long marathon training runs. These tasted every bit as good as Cracker Barrel's! Also, I didn't run before eating them, haha.

Then for dinner, I made seitan "ham", mashed potatoes, and stuffing. I made the seitan on account of Jerry, who asked me to because he always loved ham for Christmas when he was growing up. We'd made plans to go to my parents' house for dinner (I was just going to bring our vegan food with us) but Noah was sick starting on Christmas Eve. It wasn't COVID, but he felt awful for a few days.

Since I hadn't been sure which "ham" I wanted to bring over there, I actually made two totally different ones. One was made with tofu and the other was a seitan loaf (similar to the "turkey" I made for Thanksgiving). I ended up cooking the seitan one for Christmas dinner, but marinated the tofu one as well, figuring we'd eat it for a snack later.

Well, we were totally full after dinner and we didn't even dare touch the tofu later on. But the next day, I tasted it and was blown away at how good it was. It was delicious, even though I didn't have a glaze for it--I'd burned the glaze into the pot so badly that it ruined the pot, never mind the glaze!

I'm going to write a recipe review for the seitan, but the tofu recipe I used can be found here. The marinade was SO GOOD. (For the glaze, I skipped the whiskey and used peach jam instead of apricot, but I can't even tell you if it was good because I don't know.) I definitely wouldn't call it a substitute for ham--it didn't look or taste like ham--but it was amazing tofu.

Anyway, when I went to bed Christmas night, I felt like I weighed a million pounds. All week long, I didn't eat my usual breakfast or lunch, either. Those always make me feel good and energetic, and changing up my eating habits for the week definitely matched our lazy days. We had a lot of fun! But I am for sure ready to get back to the usual. The kids are still off from school, but Jerry went back to work today.

Since I missed today's weigh in, I'll do it next week and hopefully by then I'll have several days under my belt of being back in my routine. And I won't feel so heavy.

I want to work hard to finish the bedroom and bathroom completely over the next few days. I didn't work on it as much as I'd planned to over the last week, and it would be great to get it done and start the new year with a new bedroom and bathroom!


  1. Hey Katie! Don't give up hope on that pot just yet! :) Try some denture cleaner -- throw a tablet in the pot with a little water and let it soak! It's magic! I keep a small box on hand under my sink for just such purposes! :)

    1. That's genius! I use the denture cleaning tablets to clean my water bottles (especially after using one for tea or anything other than water), but never thought about using them for cleaning a pan.

  2. Don't stress on it too much! That's what the holiday week is for! Lots of food, great family time, unsure of the day of the week ;) The routines will come back in the New Year. All I know for myself is that I'm full of cheese and laughs from all the good times I've been having this week :) The cheese will melt off in the new year lol! But the memories will last ya forever!! <3


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