December 12, 2022

A Down Day

It's no surprise after yesterday's post that I'm just not having a great time lately (emotionally/mentally). So I'm just going to have a down day and go to bed super early. I'm extremely overwhelmed with all that has to be done with the house (I got a lot done today, but it's never ending).

I need to paint all the trim in the bathroom, install the trim in the bedroom and paint that, make or buy a headboard for the bed, paint the kitchen table (I primed it today), build shelves for the bathroom closet, install a door in the closet, and paint the bedroom and bathroom doors. And probably a lot more. It would be a million times easier if I had a place to put our stuff while doing all of this! So, there is clutter everywhere; and clutter just makes my mood, well, not happy. Hopefully I get out of this funk soon.

Anyway, here is a fun picture from our family outing last night. I'll write more about it tomorrow! (Mom's Spaghetti is Eminem's restaurant in Detroit; and you all know what a big Eminem fan I am.)


  1. That's a great list of DIY. It shows all the progress you've made. I remember the hole in the floor photos and you having to keep the cats out! It's come such a long way. You will get there, just not today.

  2. Sending more hugs. And yes. That unexpected project has eaten months of your life. That's real. It's normal to feel blue. You're so very lovely you silly human.

  3. Would a list of all the things you've done in the last month help show you how much you've accomplished? I know sometimes that helps me to realize that I've really been doing a lot and not just "sitting around" as it sometimes feels. Writing down things and checking them off also helps. Remember one baby step forward is still forward and sometimes it's all we can do and is enough. Hugs to you! You are a rockstar!


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