December 30, 2022

Friday Night Photos #98 (a year of favorite photos)

I'm going to do something a little different for Friday Night Photos, considering it's the end of the year. Like I said, I like to do a lot of summaries this time of year--so I thought I would go through my Friday Night Photos posts from the entire year and choose one photo from each post.

These Friday posts are probably my least popular posts to write (next to the vegan recipe reviews, haha!) but they are my favorite posts because they are usually a quick recap of my week. Sometimes I have weeks with a TON of photos and other times I've only taken a few. Some weeks are incredibly boring, while others have all sorts of stuff going on. You never know! 

So, here is one photo from each Friday Night Photos post from 2022. There aren't 52 photos because I didn't do exactly 52 FNP posts. There are 47, though! So, I won't write about each photo because I wouldn't finish this post until 2023 (a lot of them are self-explanatory anyway).

Here goes... these are in chronological order, starting in January 2022.

And that's all I've got. Looking through the posts brought back a lot of memories! Tomorrow's post is an annual favorite: Top XX of 20XX. (It started with Top 11 of 2011, and I continued each year, adding one item to match the year. So tomorrow, I'll have to come up with my top 22 moments/things that happened in 2022!


  1. A lot of happy memories in these pictures even in the midst of a tough year. Love it! Friday night photos is one of my favorite series. :)


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