December 14, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #52

Just a few words to update on Duck and then I'll post a fun Transformation Tuesday.

Duck's temp was back up to 104.0 this morning, so he wasn't able to come home today. Things were looking promising throughout the day, with his temp getting as low as 100.8 in the afternoon. However, it's now back up to 103.8. I can't write about it any more tonight. I'm more emotionally drained than I can ever remember being.

Let's please just focus on this awesome transformation... a huge thank you to Chris for sharing this today! Of all days, I really needed to see something fun and positive today...

We bought our house because we liked the location and did a ton of work--both before and after moving in--to make it our style. It's a 1955 rambler 'updated' in the 70's so the kitchen had the classic 1950's metal cabinets (that I love!), but almost every wall was covered in paneling; the floor was carpeted over the original marmoleum (that I also loved, but it was destroyed); and the countertops were replaced with a dark brown that wrapped up the back wall to the cabinets. It was a dark hallway of a kitchen.  

We immediately removed the paneling, skim coated, painted, tore up the carpet, changed the light fixtures and removed the popcorn ceiling, but kept the majority of it until the (original 1950's) oven caught on fire! I tore the island apart the next day; I loved the look of the original appliances, but the stove would shock you if you changed the temperature while you were touching the pan, and the oven fire was the last straw.

We removed the hanging cabinets and rearranged the base cabinets; plumbed a gas line for a stove and oven; rewired that whole wall and added outlets; replaced the countertop; and tiled the back wall in gorgeous blue glass tiles. A few months later, we had new marmoleum put in as a nod to the original flooring.

The old oven was 'wall' mounted, like they were in the 50's - you can see where it was in the 'before' picture on the right side of the island.  Taking out the oven and the hanging cabinets really opened the whole room up.

The before picture is from the real estate listing when we bought the house. The after picture is one I just took so I could send this in- I didn't even bother closing the cupboard. I've been meaning to send in a Transformation Tuesday but felt like it had to be perfect--today I felt like Katie is a friend that would see my kitchen exactly like it is and still accept me :)

Chris, it looks SO AMAZING! I love that you somehow kept some of the retro but modernized it at the same time. (And I am so glad you sent the the picture despite you thinking that it's not "perfect"--how many of us actually have picture-perfect houses?!) I really like those shelves that are mounted directly to the ceiling (from the hanging cabinets?). I've never seen anything like that before. Now I kind of want to do that over our snack bar! Your orange clock and tea kettle definitely caught my eye, too ;)  You guys did a great job!  --Katie

Thank you again, Chris, for sharing! I'm always looking for more transformations to post on Tuesdays, so PLEASE consider taking some before and after pictures of anything at all. To submit them, just email a before photo and an after photo to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Include your name and a description of your transformation!


  1. Chris, what a great transformation! So glad you still have the metal kitchen -- those are SO cool! The house my parents had when I was born had one too (in white) and when they sold the house, the new owners were going to rip out the kitchen, so my parents kept a couple of pieces and I inherited them. One of these days, I'm going to take the laundry out of the kitchen and then the pantry and sideboard are going in!

    Katie, I'm sorry Duck's temp is still up and down. Sending gentle hugs to you.💞

  2. I just keep thinking about him and I know he should be healed. Poor little Duck.

  3. This is crazy cool! Thanks for sharing. Sending more good vibes to Duck and you.

  4. Beautiful transformation! I love seeing retro kitchens like this and how people modernize but with still keeping the charm!

    Sending lots of love towards you and Duck <3 I'm hoping for a good update today!

  5. Longtime reader who doesn't post - but I have been thinking about Duck - will send up a little prayer for his recovery. You have a lot of folks out here rooting for him to get better soon!

  6. Beautiful transformation!!

    Sending love to Duck!


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