December 05, 2021

Jerry Crocker and Katie Vila

This will just be short, because I don't have anything to really write about. I've gotten nothing done ever since I took Duck to the vet on Friday morning.

This morning, the vet tech texted me to say that Duck's fever had gotten higher during the night. It was at 104.0, and anything over 102.5 is a fever in cats. I was super bummed--I'd been counting the hours until I could pick him up Monday morning, and this felt like a big setback. I wasn't crazy about that tech, because I texted her a couple of questions and she never responded. So I spent all day feeling sad and just sick again.

Chick is feeling sad, too, and he curled up on my electric blanket with me. I love when he gets cuddly like this!

Don't you want to just rub his belly? He loves that.

My mom brought Luke and Riley over (they just stayed in the car because they knew I wasn't feel good) and they gave me pictures that they'd colored for Duck. Luke's was a penguin with a lot of orange (my favorite color, of course) and Riley's was a "black cat with other rainbow colors".

They asked me a lot of questions about Duck, and of course I couldn't express that I was worried--I just had to make it all sound cheery, that Duck has a stomachache and he's at the hospital where the doctors are taking care of him until he's better.

I was lying on the couch in my bedroom this afternoon and I actually fell asleep for a little while--I never, ever nap!--so that was good. My text alert woke me up and it was a vet tech (a different one) who had an update on Duck. She said that his fever is down to 102.9 (yay!) and that he ate today. If this had been the case on Friday after surgery, he'd have been able to go home on Saturday.

I just feel sure that he will have an easier time recovering at home--in familiar surroundings, with familiar people/animals. I will take the best of care of him, of course! And if he's not doing well, I can always bring him back in.

But unless his fever shoots up or something else goes wrong tonight, I'm planning to go pick him up as soon as the doctor gets there to check him out (the tech told me that the vet will be there at 8:30 tomorrow morning. I'm going to have my shoes on and purse in hand while I wait for the "okay" to come get him.

I'll write more once I get him settled. I can't WAIT to go get him!

But anyway, I don't really have anything to write about, so here are a couple of pictures of Jerry making Christmas cookies.

He asked me, "Do you think it's weird that I'm a man in the kitchen baking all these Christmas cookies right now?" I replied, "Do you think it's weird that every tool inside our garage is mine?" He called us Jerry Crocker and Katie Vila, hahaha.

I have no idea what he's going to do with all of them! But as I've said many times, Jerry LOVES Christmas so I just don't ask questions when he wants to play Christmas music and bake cookies. Unfortunately, I happen to be going through a stress-eating time period right now, so let's hope that he brings most of them to work. ;)


  1. Jerry is a great baker! Those cookies look like they're from a professional bakery.

    About cats: when cats are sick they generally don't want to be around people or other cats. I've had cats all my life and when they are ill they want to be alone and not bothered, so being at the vet, where he can be by himself and resting as much as possible and not around a lot of activity is absolutely what is best for Duck right now. I know your instinct is to be near him, but he's getting the care he needs and will readjust just fine when he's recovered. It is so hard when we love our pets so deeply, but trust that the techs know what they're doing (and they often are very busy so may not get back to you right away).

  2. Still sending good thoughts and prayers for you all and little Duck. The cookies look like they turned out great

  3. Sounds like Duck is on the upswing! I so cannot wait to hear if he is back home today! I've been thinking about little Duck all weekend! Those Christmas cookies look delicious, I need to start baking mine as well!

  4. So glad to hear Duck is doing better. Sending more good vibes. So many women would love a man who bakes. You got a good one with Jerry, and he met his match with you. Glad you have each other.

  5. OMG - he made all my favorite cookies! Send them here! I'm also in a stress eating phase right now! And I don't know if it is the fact that Jerry always strikes me as such a big kid or the fact that your boys have grown into such young men, but I totally have to look twice these days at Jerry pics because I think they are one of your boys.

  6. Just caught-up on Duck's weekend situation, fingers crossed that he comes home tomorrow! I love your witty come back that all the tools in the garage are yours, you guys are an adorable couple. Cyber hugs xo.

  7. I keep checking in for a Duck update. Surely do hope he is home and happily resting in your lap.


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