December 11, 2021

Handmade With Love: Readers share their handmade items for sale

I feel terrible for getting this posted so late! I was hoping more people would contribute as they have in the past, so I kept waiting. And then as you know, last week was killer--all week long. But, better late than never!

Occasionally, I like to promote my readers' small businesses where they sell handcrafted items. As you know, I love anything DIY and crafting, so it's fun to see what others put out there. I love making things and people are always telling me that I should make things to sell--but it is very time consuming! I only bring this up because when people look at the price of handmade items they are usually in sticker-shock. When you add up the materials and the time that the artist spent working on a project, you can definitely expect to pay more. I never question paying more for a handmade item--simply because I know just how much time (and usually several mistakes and re-dos) go into it ;)

These readers are so very talented! I'm excited to share their small businesses with you. I was hoping to get this post up right after Thanksgiving so that there would be plenty of time before Christmas, but I just don't know if there will be enough time now. However, there are lots of fun gifts that are great for any time of year! (And for no reason at all.)

Here goes... 

Amanda at Green Artist Designs

My business is called Green Artist Designs. I am an artist, designer, & photographer who does a variety of things! I am trying to grow my online business so I can be a stay-at-home mom. I create unique wood burning art, custom pet portraits, greeting cards, art prints of my paintings and photography work, handmade rustic ornaments, and so much more!

Readers can use code RUNSFORCOOKIES at checkout for 15% off anything on my website! I also offer free US shipping on all orders. :)

Green Artist Designs can be found on Amanda's website here.

I have a store on Etsy and have been there since 2006. I now run the store solo after my Mom and business partner passed in 2012.  I make handmade jewelry that is mostly Victorian or old world vintage style.  I love romantic feminine designs and I hope my pieces reflect that style.  Attached are a few of my designs but I have loads more on my Etsy site. Thanks so much!

My son loves playing in the sandbox but I didn't love getting sand all over the car and house. Other products on the market meant to remove sand left something to be desired so I decided to make my own. The Beach Buster glove makes it easy and convenient to remove sand from skin and objects. Simply slip on the glove and swipe it over the sand. The glove is filled with talc-free baby powder to make sand removal even easier, even on skin covered in sunscreen or bug spray. When the baby powder is gone, the glove opens so you can refill it, making it long-lasting.

I'm Kayla, the lady behind this small business. I named my business after my daughter Adeline. I have been selling my handmade goods for almost a year. I'm a stay-at-home-mom just trying to find my passion as well as get beautiful pieces into others' hands. I create polymer clay handmade earrings, keychains, bracelets, and necklaces. Creating earrings and keychains is so fulfilling and I cannot wait to see how Addy|Anns grows!

- Kayla Baldwin, (Mom of 1 about to be 2, dog mom, and wife). You can find my Etsy store here and I post almost all of my updated work on Instagram. I'm offering a discount code for Runs for Cookies' readers: just enter RUNSFORCOOKIES10 at checkout.

I make custom tumblers, keychains, pens, dog tags, ornaments, shirts, and more! I make these all myself, and I use resin, vinyl, glitter, and other supplies. I love crafting because of the joy it gives me when people receive their items, or they are gifted to them. I love seeing others happy!

You can find Liz's Etsy shop here.

Modern day life runs quickly and I find my mind doing the same.

Creating a beautiful, comfortable, simple environment has been a goal of mine. No one likes clutter, but I need to have inspiring items around me to soothe my mind and drain away anxiety. Items that are not only useful, but beautiful are my favorite. The spark that pulls your eye and your attention when you are relaxing on the couch watching your favorite show or sipping your favorite drink in the backyard on a warm summer evening.

I strive to create useful, beautiful products like this as naturally as possible.

I welcome feedback and questions about any of my products or methods.

My ETSY shop is Eleventh Avenue Crafts. I have had a super busy month and surprisingly have sold out of items! But you can check out my recent items to get an idea of what I make. I am closing my shop for the rest of the year and will open back up in January. I have a discount code that will be good the entire month of January. Please use RUNSFORCOOKIES for 15% off. Sorry I have nothing to offer right now!

And there we have it! Aren't there some seriously talented people out there?! These pictures just represent a small handful of their items, so make sure you check them out :)


  1. Katie, thanks so much for featuring my store along with all the other wonderful shops! I love discovering new shops! I totally forgot to add a coupon for your readers so here is 10% off good through the end of the month. Thanks again, Lorie

  2. Thanks for doing this! Great gift ideas.


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