July 06, 2021

Transformation Tuesday - The One With the Chick and the Duck

First, I just want to post this announcement again, in case you missed it yesterday...

I've been putting this off until the last minute, because I have a feeling it's going to cause all sorts of problems with my blog, but if you receive my blog posts via email (and want to continue doing so) this is important.

Google is getting rid of feeds for Blogger--which means I have to switch to using something else to reach email subscribers. I think I'm going to use mailchimp, but I may use follow.it--I haven't decided for sure yet. Regardless, I am *hoping* it will be a seamless transition... meaning you will continue to get a daily email with my blog post link. It'll likely look different and may have a different sender name, but it will still be the post link.

I'm going to make the change on Thursday (unless Google shuts down its system sooner). So, if by Friday morning you haven't received an email, please let me know so I can investigate (first check your spam folder, just in case). I am not good with this kind of stuff, so hopefully I can make it work! The biggest downside to using Blogger as a blogging platform is that you can't get support; there is no customer service to call.

Fingers crossed!

Sadly, I don't have any transformation emails for this week... please send some! I love this series and I know lots of other people do, too. I may have to cut it back to once a month or every other week, but I'd like to keep doing it.

To submit a transformation, just send me an email with a before picture and an after picture (of any transformation you'd like--cleaning a closet, painting a room, flipping furniture, a hair cut, an upcycled article of clothing, etc. Get creative! (And always remember to take a "before" photo--even if you don't plan to show it to anyone, you'll be glad to have it!)  Along with the photos, include your name and a description of the transformation. Send them to: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com.

Since I don't have any to post this week, I just put together a side-by-side of Chick and Duck. I took some cute photos of them when they were on top of the refrigerator (they like to watch birds through the skylight, haha) and I thought this one would be a good comparison photo. I cannot believe how much (or how fast) they've grown! I am SO GLAD we adopted them. (Chick is on the left and Duck is on the right)


  1. Katie,
    Chick and Duck are adorable! They certainly have a good home with your family!

  2. I love Chick and Duck! Adorable "transformation."


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