July 21, 2021

Sleeping in a Hammock

It feels so weird having posts that I wrote ahead of time get published at a scheduled time. I've done that for one post here or there, but going up north this week, I didn't want to have to worry about writing a post. Because of that, I feel like I haven't even looked at my blog in ages.

I didn't have a post prepared for today because I thought I'd try to write a weight loss related post (for my Wednesday Weigh-In). I'm not able to weigh in, considering I'm at my sister's cabin, and I'm having fun chatting with my family. So I'm going to leave it at this...

Last night, I (voluntarily!) slept in a hammock. I am not an outdoorsy person at all, so this was totally unlike me--but I love reading in my hammock during the day while I'm up here, and my brother has a couple of hammocks that have mesh coverings (to keep bugs out). Jerry and I decided to try them out last night.

This was my view in the afternoon while reading my book. It was the same at night, only it was pitch black outside. My sister and sister-in-law took bets on how long I'd stay out there, or which one of us (Jerry or me) would give in first and go inside. They voted against me! Hahaha. For someone who has never slept outside, it was kind of fun. (I was FREEZING in the morning because the temperature dropped quite a bit--but I wasn't about to let them win on that bet against me!)


  1. Good for you. Never ever ever bet against someone who runs long distances for fun!!!

  2. My husband got a hammock and started sleeping in that when he camps. He loves it, I think it would hurt my back 😁 good for you for lasting all night!


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