July 30, 2021

Friday Night Photos

This week went by WAY too fast--I don't even know what to say! So here are some photos from this week...

I've been so excited for The Peach Truck to come back to town, and today was the day! I picked up my pre-ordered box of peaches (they are sold in 25-pound boxes--that's a lot of peaches). I wrote about them a few weeks ago--these peaches put every other peach I've ever eaten to shame. They're SO GOOD.

They are picked in Georgia and immediately driven on a truck to a couple of cities for a tour, where you can buy them (either pre-order or hope that they have some when you get there). My mom and I picked them up today and there were SO many people there--but the line moved crazy fast because it was so well-organized.

They give you instructions to lay the peaches out on your counter for a couple of days to let them fully ripen. (Duck takes his job as head of security very seriously, as you can tell.) I'm dying to eat them now! In the meantime, though, I'm picking out some recipes to make with peaches. I'm planning to make peach preserves with whatever I can't eat in a week's time (I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't any left, haha).

Eli finally got to go musky fishing in Lake St. Clair again yesterday. It's been two years since I went with him on a family-friend's boat and he's been dying to go again. He and Andy were out for about 13 hours yesterday and they each caught one. (Remember, this is the "fish of 10,000 casts". I was so relieved that Eli caught one--he's talked about it for two years and would have been super disappointed if he didn't catch one.)

I was in the living room a few days ago while Jerry was sleeping, and he sent me a text from the bedroom. He said, "This is what I saw when I woke up and opened my eyes." HAHAHA

THIS very odd-looking thing is actually a pillow I made. (Jerry said it looks like a very skinny person's legs wearing skinny jeans--a couple of times, I've done a double take because I've thought the same thing!) I know it looks completely weird, but I made it specifically for what I felt would work to make me most comfortable (I have a lot of pain at night and it's hard to sleep because of it). I made it like a travel neck pillow, but extended the sides so they go down to my knees. I filled it with the leftover pieces of the Tempurpedic pillows.

I really didn't have much hope of it actually working how I imagined, but holy cow--it is perfect! I am actually able to get comfortable and stay comfortable. It's hard to explain the purpose for the specific shape I made (I can wrap it around to support painful areas), but even though it's not exactly pretty, it works great!

Noah and I started making the table for his bedroom. I thought I wrote about this, but I can't find it anywhere. Noah wants a chabudai (a table that is common in Japanese homes, from what I understand--I've mentioned that he's very interested in Japanese culture, so this wasn't an unusual request from him). 

For his birthday, I took him to Menards (haha) and we picked out the materials to make the table. We stained the top but we still have to seal it. Then we are going to add legs that fold underneath (the tables sit very low to the ground, so the legs will be short). It's been a fun project for us to work on together!

When we went to my brother's house for the fourth of July get together, my cousin Shannon was wearing these shoes (Hey Dude is the brand) and I loved them. I ordered a pair and then Jerry liked mine so much that he ordered a pair (his legs are the hairy ones in the pictures--hopefully that's obvious!). 

The shoes are slip-ons, they weigh next to nothing, they're SUPER comfy, and they're machine washable! They have about a trillion different models, too. I chose a gray canvas pair because I figured they'd match just about anything, but there are so many to choose from. (If you're interested, here is a referral link for 5% off; I get reward points or something if you use it.)

Eli took this picture of Joey and Chick, and I just thought it was adorable. Chick really likes Joey!

I really don't like how I look in the photos we took as a family up north, so I'm not going to post those. Well, except for these--here are a few. I love the one of my kids and Luke and Riley! 

Photo credit: Riutta Images

This one below is the whole family: Nathan, Shawn, Jeanie, Dad, Mom, Brian (with Luke on his shoulders), Becky (holding Riley), me, Jerry, Eli, and Noah. I definitely look like I was switched at birth, haha. (It's much worse in the pictures of me and my siblings!)

Photo credit: Riutta Images

And I love this one of my parents--their 50th wedding anniversary was on July 24th!

Photo credit: Riutta Images


  1. Loving all the photos this week! Noah and Eli are so incredibly grown up. And a huge Happy 50th to your folks. 💜💜 Those peaches look wonderful too -- I'm picturing a couple of cobblers in your future!

  2. I recently got a lot of peaches free because they were too ripe for the Amish to sell. They were really ripe, and I had to throw some in the compost bin, but I blanched peeled and froze the rest. We've NEVER had fruit smoothies, but every morning now I make them in the blender with yogurt. They're cold, creamy, and very healthy! We love them, and wish we had more ripe peaches to freeze!

  3. You definitely look like your siblings--I don't know what you're talking about! You and your brother Brian in particular, but you all have the same great smile. Very nice pictures!

  4. I made my first peach truck pick up in early June (Austin) and loved it so much I made another for their second stop here! It was my first time canning peach jam but I feel like I’ve got the recipe and process down now. It is so fun and the jam is delicious! I was a little shocked though by how much sugar it takes. Some recipes call for more sugar than fruit! Haha!

  5. We used to have a connection to a "peach tour truck" like that. Some would be over ripe so whenever the truck came, you had to sort the peaches quickly into the "eat now", "eat in a week" and "cut up now and freeze because otherwise they're trash" categories. So great to make a "fresh" peach pie in the winter. I love the big family pic and the ones of the kids and your folks are awesome.


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