December 23, 2020

Wednesday Night Photos (Friday Night Photos #3)

I'm going to do my usual "Friday Night Photos" post today instead of on Friday (Christmas). Some random photos from my cameral roll this week... (Just a warning, there is going to be a gross blister photo, which I'll save until the end so you can skip it if you want! I'm not posting it just to be gross--there is a reason for it.)

Chick loves getting his belly rubbed, and the other night, he was sitting on the couch with Jerry and me. We were giving him lots of attention and he wound up in this position! 

Last week, I posted a photo of a big snowman that someone had made... and the next day, I saw this tiny one and I couldn't stop laughing! It's so cute but sad at the same time. I cropped with Joey's nose in the picture so you can see for size reference. The nose of the snowman (a baby carrot) fell off and was lying on the scarf. It looks like the snowman is just sadly holding his nose in his hands. Haha!

We were out of groceries and I REALLY was not in the mood to write a list and go grocery shopping. I finally just told the kids to go grocery shopping for me and they could buy anything they wanted! I told them to go crazy--pick out whatever they wanted for a week--and just put it on the credit card. I went out for my walk and when I got back, the kids were already home and putting away groceries.

Without any prompting from me, Noah had gone through my recipe book, picked out dinners he wanted to make, wrote out the ingredients he'd need, and the boys went shopping for all of it! I was completely stunned. He wrote everything out on little Post-Its and put them on the fridge. The kids didn't even buy junk food. Maybe they just thought, "Oh, man, Mom's going crazy, let's tread lightly!" ;)  Their grocery bill came to half of what it is when I go shopping!

I was working on my never-ending hat and Chick was DYING to play with the yarn. I felt bad, but he just stared at me like that all evening while I was knitting! (If he wouldn't swallow it, I'd give him yarn to play with, but I've tried that.)

A blog reader, Cathy, who has been a reader for years, thoughtfully sent me this ornament for our Christmas tree. I love it!

A rare photo of Phoebe. She keeps to herself a lot since we adopted the kittens and I am always trying to get her to feel more comfortable. She loves having her temples rubbed and lately, she's been sitting on my lap more often.

I finished my never-ending hat! I started this in 2014 and it was SO boring to knit that I just did some rows here and there, going months (and even a year or two) in between. I got really determined to finish it, so I worked on it a lot this week in the evenings and it's done! I can't say I love it--I really wish I'd chosen a different color--but I guess my tastes have changed since 2014, hahaha. 

And finally... my gross blister photos. So I mentioned that I'd gotten a blister after wearing boots on my walk. It was really painful (it was small, but it tore open during that same walk, so it was raw skin). I bought some Hydro Seal Band-Aids (specifically for heel blisters) and followed the instructions exactly. It says to leave the bandage on until it starts to peel at the edges, and for me, I think that was about three days. I loved the Band-Aid! Once I put it on, there was zero pain when walking and I didn't even notice it.

Until it started to itch. BADLY. The edges were starting to peel a little, so I decided to remove it. And I felt like I immediately smeared poison ivy on my skin or something. I was dying! The itching was horrendous, but I didn't want to scratch it because the blister looked like it hadn't healed at all. (You can see the pic where I removed the Band-Aid--that's what it looked like.)

And then I got a rash where the Band-Aid had been. By the next morning, it looked red and bumpy. And the itching was making me so crazy. (This is probably when I sent the boys to the store for me, haha.) It just seemed to look even worse the following day. Right now, it's still really red but it's not itching anymore. (I used hydrocortisone cream on it.) Has anyone else had a problem like this with these Band-Aids? I am not allergic to anything at all, and I was totally shocked at the reaction this caused on my ankle. 

Okay, I'll leave you with those blister images ;)  Jerry is off work for the next week, so we are having a Christmas stay-cation!


  1. Google hydrocolloid allergy - that’s what the bandages are made from and it sounds like you had an allergic reaction. Looks like it’s a known issue for some people. That’s too bad because this bandages are amazing - I’ve used them for years and would never travel anywhere without some in my bag!

  2. Your kids are awesome! That's amazing that they did that on their own. I have never had that problem with hydro seal but I also prefer the Advanced Healing blister Band-Aids (or the generic kind which are just as good).

  3. Great job to your son's! You've done a great job mom! Loved the picture of the cat with his arms up. My cat slept all day in the weirdest positions. Hope the blister heals quickly.

    Merry Christmas and all the best in 2021!

  4. The grocery shopping/meal planning your kids did made me choke up a little -- that is SO thoughtful, helpful, and not to mention RESPONSIBLE! It's so heartwarming to see examples of that love language. I'm sure you're a proud mom (as well you should be).

  5. Yes to the band-aid blisters. I tend to leave them on just the minimum time now or else I literally have a rash that looks like the original band-aid. I've had sensitive skin my whole life but this is new within the last year or so. I'm thinking maybe they've changed what the sticky part is made of? Not sure but I get it!

  6. I haven’t used those bandaids, but had a reaction like that to Steri-strips, which were used over my hip scope incisions once I had my stitches out. It was a nasty reaction and caused huge itchy blisters that actually left scars. The nurse later said that they are seeing more and more people with allergies to the adhesive in Steri-strips, which makes me wonder if maybe it’s the same adhesive that is in those bandages!

  7. I love the hat! I wish I was that talented but can't do it.

  8. The meal planning and grocery shopping is damn impressive! Way to go mom! Way to go boys! What rock stars!


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