December 13, 2020

Just Pick One!

I think I'm going to forgo writing a post tonight because I really need to read a book! I just haven't been able to get into any books lately (not that I've given it much of a try) and one of my goals for December was to finish a book. Since I'm a slow reader, I really need to get going on it.

I'm excited to start 'The Evening and the Morning', the prequel to 'The Pillars of the Earth' (one of my very favorite books ever!). I even wrote about it recently--how I actually bought it on my Kindle because I didn't want to wait in line to borrow it from the library). I guess I keep waiting for the perfect day to start reading it--nothing else going on, quiet house, no stressors, etc. Hahaha! Yep, I guess I'll start it next year sometime, or hopefully by 2022 ;)

I have a ton of books on my Kindle Paperwhite that I haven't read (I get a free book every month from Amazon First Reads) so I really need to just pick one and read it through to the end.

Before I end this, I have to say, I am SO EXCITED to write my next "What I've Been Reading, Watching, Listening To" post. Today, while I was out for my walk with Joey, I actually exclaimed a few expletives quite loudly when I got to a major twist in the book. I love psychological thrillers, so I'm used to twists, but I did NOT see this one coming! I'll write (a little, so not to spoil it!) about it on my next "What I've Been..." post.

Anyway, I'm going to open up my Kindle now and just pick a damn book already! I hope everyone had a great weekend :)


  1. Oh my goodness - I LOVE "Pillars of the Earth" and in fact, am re-reading it right now! Didn't know about the prequel coming out....intriguing!

  2. I love your Kindle cover! 😻 My go-to December read is always A Christmas Carol. I've been listening to audiobook and YouTube versions (Jon over at Townsends is reading in full Dickensian garb), but I need to find my copy and get to my own reading. It's relatively short and very vivid.

  3. I just finished The Girl Before by JP Delaney and it was so good! It's a psychological thriller and kept my interest the entire time. I highly recommend!


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