December 26, 2020

Oops, He Did It Again

In February of this year, I wrote about how Jerry messed up his hair. He'd decided to cut his hair with the clippers by himself, which he'd never done before (I've always done it for him). I have no idea why he decided to do it, but it actually didn't look too bad. I was impressed.

I noticed that he'd missed a very small spot on the back of his head and I told him I'd fix it, but he wanted to do it. He went into the bathroom and we were talking while he pulled out the clippers. I wasn't watching, but I heard him say, "OH NO!" and then I realized what he did.

He'd forgotten to put the blade guard on the clippers, so it shaved the spot on his head completely bald! We were dying laughing. Eventually, he decided to just shave his whole head, which led to another story--he found a weird spot on his scalp that had to be biopsied, yada yada. Here is the whole story complete with gross biopsy photos.

Anyway, yesterday I was teasing him that he looked like John Ritter because his hair was growing out and it looked very "feathered", hahaha. I told him that I'd cut his hair today if he wanted, and he agreed. Then I worked on my blog post while he went and showered.

Apparently, he thought it would be a nice surprise to me if he cut his hair himself. After he was gone for a while, I started to wonder what was taking him so long to shower. I had been working on my blog post for at least 45 minutes by then. I yelled to him to see what was taking him so long and he burst out of the bathroom and yelled, "I did it again!"

I was startled for a second because I had no idea what he was talking about. I took one look at him and burst out laughing. I have NO IDEA why he would attempt to cut his own hair again, but you would think that he would've been extra careful to make sure that he put the blade guard on. Here is a video of him explaining what happened. AGAIN.

I cannot believe that he made the same mistake! It's always been a fear of mine when I cut the boys' hair that I'll accidentally forget to put the blade guard on (I've come close a couple of times).

He hasn't decided what to do with it yet. At first, he asked me if I thought I could blend it... HAHAHA. Last time, he decided to just shave his entire head--but he really doesn't want to do that. One of my friends suggested that he write his name there so it looks like a tattoo. I thought that would be hilarious! 

All day today I couldn't stop laughing every time I'd look over at him and see his hair. I hope that the next time he needs a haircut, he'll just have me do it. But I can't imagine this happening a third time! At least it's entertaining ;)


  1. We’re not laughing at you Jerry, just laughing at you!

    Maybe he just shaves the sides and leaves some hair on top?

    I started cutting my husband’s hair with quarantine. Thankfully no accidents so far, but I am always worried! As Jerry demonstrates, it is easy to do.

  2. HAHAHA!! My husband is mostly bald with just the hair around the edges. He thinks it's crazy to pay a barber to cut the little bit of hair he has, but I've always been afraid to do it for him in case I mess something up. I did do it once or twice during quarantine and it was okay but he knew I was a little freaked out doing it. In October I won a free session and 14 inch family portrait at a very upscale portrait studio. The night before, he decided to cut his own hair without telling me. I saw he'd put a chair in the middle of the kitchen but I thought it was to change a lightbulb or something. I was in our basement practicing my ukulele when he suddenly rushed down the stairs and said "I did something. You're gonna be mad..." He did the SAME thing and forgot to put a guard on. It was a mess with some pieces still longish so I helped him fix it the best I could, but that pretty much meant just shaving it completely bald. He looked a little like he'd been on chemo. He was right, I was kinda pissed. What is with men?


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