September 30, 2015

Week 7 weigh-in (and new undies!)

I was SO sore all day yesterday! It's odd how a two-mile run can make me feel as sore as if I'd run a marathon. We had cross country practice last night, and I was walking around so stiffly. It was raining all day, so we didn't have many kids show up for practice (probably half the team), but it was PERFECT running weather. The rain stopped about 20 minutes before practice, but it was very overcast, nice and cool outside.

The grass was really wet, so instead of doing the hill game, as I'd planned, we just had the kids see how many laps they could run on the paved trail. The kids get pretty competitive when we do that! To try something new, I divided them into groups based on pace, so that they would have other people to run with. I wanted them to help encourage and push each other (and maybe drive up the competition!). They ALL got in 2.5-3.5 miles! Normally, they get about half that distance, so they were pretty proud.

This morning, I was planning to run again--and really looking forward to it--but I was still crazy sore. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be good to try another run, even if I am stiff and awkward ;)

Today was my Wednesday weigh-in, and I had another great week...

I was 142.5, so I lost 2 pounds this week (it's getting so predictable now!). My body fat was 26.3%, which is down 0.2%. My waist was down about half an inch, too (a little less than that, but I rounded it). I am now less than 10 pounds from my goal weight, and I am so close to being back in the 130's!

The only thing that was different this week was that I didn't have my very high calorie day like usual. Normally, I choose one day to eat a high number of calories--about 2,500--but this week, my highest calorie day was only 1,800. On Saturday, we went to Anson's (our favorite pizza place) in order to try their stuffed burgers (my brother said they were awesome). I planned on that being my high calorie day, so I ordered a stuffed burger (it was stuffed with cream cheese, jalapeƱos, and dried Michigan cherries, which sounded fantastic).

When I took a bite of it, I wasn't crazy about it at all. I adore dried cherries, but they just tasted odd with the meat. So, rather than eat the burger anyway, I decided not to. I had that one bite, and then I was done with it (I didn't want to order something else, because Jerry and the kids had their food already, so I just ate when I got home). I had a busy few days, so I didn't have a chance to do another planned high calorie day. But, as you can see, I lost the same amount of weight without the high calorie day as I have been losing with it. This weekend, I definitely plan to do it!

I decided to go weigh in at Weight Watchers this morning, too. I'm still going to count calories, because I really like it, but I miss going to meetings. And, I think that weighing in once a week will help keep me accountable. I was very excited when I got on the WW scale to see that I'm a "free" Lifetime member again (I don't have to pay for meetings or e-Tools anymore! ...As long as I weigh in once a month and I'm not more than two pounds over my WW goal). It was nice to sit in my old meeting, and see all the familiar faces.

After the meeting, I went to Victoria's Secret to use some coupons. I had a coupon for 7 panties for $27.50, a coupon for free panties, and a coupon for $10 off a bra. I'd never bought a bra from Victoria's Secret before, but I wanted to get a cute one for my boudoir photoshoot; and, I felt like treating myself for getting my weight back down to a "normal" range.

I'd also never been measured for a bra, so I had no idea if I was even wearing the correct size. I asked someone to measure me, and I measured at a 36B, which is what I've been wearing (which means I probably should have been wearing a bigger bra a couple of months ago!). I picked out a bunch to try on, and ended up choosing two (I couldn't decide between them). I was surprised at just how much more comfortable the bras were than the cheap ones I usually wear! Considering I wear a bra every day, I am going to start wearing a good one. (And Jerry never complains when I spend money at VS! haha)

It's kind of funny how wearing nice underwear makes me feel so much better about myself. Nobody but Jerry sees them, but something about wearing a cute, matching bra and panty set makes me feel prettier and more confident. If that's all it takes, I really ought to do it every day :)

Paige and Caitlin, both from my Sole Mates Ragnar team, had a trip planned to come visit me tomorrow through Sunday. We've been looking forward to it for a couple of months! Unfortunately, Caitlin's dad is very ill in the hospital, so today, we decided to reschedule the trip. I'm disappointed I won't get to see them this weekend after all, but I totally understand Caitlin wanting to stay with her dad. Hopefully we'll get to do it in the next month or two!

I do have some fun plans this weekend, though. Tomorrow, I'm going to see my friends' old band from high school play a reunion show. They were locally pretty famous back in the day, and hanging out with that group is how Jerry and I got together (Jerry was friends with the band, and so was I). Anyway, I haven't seen them play a gig since high school, so I'm really excited about it! They're playing at a local bar, and I'm sure it'll probably be like a high school reunion in there, which should be fun.


  1. Congrats on getting back to Lifetime! That is a great accomplishment! I am working hard to get to Lifetime. I took the summer off from going to meeting but did continue to follow the plan, to my amazement I wasn't even up a whole pound. I am guessing after almost four years I finally know what I am doing. ;o) Again, great work!

  2. Congratulations! I hear the 130s a-knockin' at your door! :) I admire your determination -- I've totally lost mine and would like to find it again.

  3. This calorie thing is working for me too. Last time I checked in with you I was 150.4. I am 148.4 today! I took your advice about falling between 1400 - 1500 a day and the 1 day of upping my calories. I tried my best to up my calories on Sunday while sticking with the three meals and a snack. It was harder than I thought. I ended up with 1800 calories that day and I felt like I was eating large. I don't have that many big calorie foods that I eat at mealtime. I now think most of my weight gain must have been snacking between meal calories because that has all but gone away over here. Anyway, thanks for helping with all these diet tidbits that you give over here. When you hit maintenance, I will be reading even harder because I do seem to fail at that more often than weight loss.

  4. Congrats on another successful week! You're doing great!

  5. I'm checking in since I said I would every time you post a Wednesday weigh in! Unfortunately, no loss for me this week. I pulled my hamstring and I'm limited on my workouts. Which sucks but I know this just means I need to watch my eating very carefully. Hopefully I'll have a loss to report next week!

  6. Can you clarify a little bit about the 1400-1500 calorie range you're using? In MFP terms, is that 1400-1500 net calories (total calories eaten minus the ones you burn through activity), or just the amount you eat regardless of how much exercise you've done that day? Every time I've tried MFP, it has wanted me to set my net calories in the 1200 range, which just leaves me starving. You are having such great results, so I'd love to understand exactly how you're doing it. Thanks for all of the information and inspiration!

    1. I would like to know this as well!

    2. Basically, I eat an average of 1500 calories for six days during the week (the high calorie day is it's own separate little thing). I don't force myself to stay at 1500... I might have 1700 one day and 1300 the next, etc. It just works out to be an average of 1500-ish per day. (I don't add in extra for exercise, because my exercise isn't anything very strenuous--I would probably do it differently if I was marathon training or something!). On one day each week, I allow myself to go way over that 1500-ish mark (typically about 2500). I don't binge, or treat it like a free-for-all... I just eat meals that are higher in calories, and/or have a couple of drinks, or dessert, or things like that. I still stick with three meals and one snack on my high calorie day.
      But if there is one thing I want to stress, it's that I don't have an exact calorie target. I don't feel bad or consider it cheating if I happen to eat 1600 calories instead of 1500. Hope that makes sense! By allowing some leeway, I feel much better about myself and I'm able to stick with it.
      Hopefully that clears things up? :)

  7. My husband is the same way about VS! Congrats on the weightloss success!

  8. You're doing great! Congrats on being free Lifetime again :)

  9. Yay for another great loss! It's funny, I've gone back and started re-reading your blog from the beginning, since I find reading blogs and "studying" weight loss helps keep my head on track. I had JUST read your post from 6/29/2011 and you weighed in at 142 that day as well, hehe!

    And that's my random thought of the day... lol! ;)

  10. Woohoo! That weight is just dropping off! I overate this weekend, so I was back up again, but it's slowly been coming back down again over the week.STILL not back to last week's weight. Just a few days of overeating have consequences for days! Hardly worth it. Keep it up!

  11. Don't you love it when you are back "In IT!" When the mindset is in it to DO IT. I think its like a flip of a switch ~ either its on or off and yours in definitely ON right now.

  12. Congrats on your loss!! I also feel best if undies are matching...even though no one knows but my husband. :)

  13. Since others are doing it as well I am posting my weight here since I dont have a blog to keep me honest :) I am at 149.6 and going into the weekend I need accountability since the weekends are when I go overboard EVERY TIME. You have been so encouraging and I so appreciate your vulnerability when things are going well and not so well in your life. Here is to a successful weekend!

  14. Way to go on the loss! My loss has been ALL over the place but as long as I'm consistently losing I suppose it is going in the right direction. You really are such a great example of determination and I'm just very inspired by your journey and how you have stayed committed to your health and wellness.

  15. I'm catching up on your blog and I just wanted to say, as far as the VS bra comment (being comfortable), I highly recommend the body by Victoria push up. I love that bra and now I have about 5 or 6 of them in different colors. Definitely worth it! Congrats on the weight loss, too :)


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